Track Meet❤️

This afternoon was my Sons 1st Track and Field meet of the season and his last year of high school Meets so it’s bittersweet.. the day started off with snow showers but we held hope that it would not amount to anything and would stop by 3:30 , happily it did but it was brutally cold and I do not know how these kids did it running in the cold temps tend to stiffen your muscles up they kept their warm clothes on as they did their warm ups then stripped down to their uniforms of tank tops and shorts happy he had an Under armour sport shirt on to keep at least his arms warm . As us parents and family sat on the bleachers or standing by the events watching we where bundled like it was the middle of the winter … 😭he ran 3 races the 200 , 400 4×4 relay and did the shock put he did well winning his races and his friends winning their races coming in 1st place they won their 1st meet . A great start to the season . After it was over you could see the team on the ground stretching because the cold was stiffening them up . So proud of my son and his team they have been training hard. All the kids where amazing! Now my hubby and I are under the electric blanket still warming up finished our favorite Tuesday show and now watching baseball as for my son he is out with his friends celebrating getting food …oh to be young . My daughter is warmed up as well and now out with her boyfriend .so quiet night well as I just wrote this my son has arrived home and is walking a bit slow ,stiff and tired and is off to collapse into his bed . I guess the adrenaline wore off …. he could be lame tomorrow. I know I will be my hip and legs do not do well with the cold but I couldn’t miss his 1st day of his last yr , thankfully it was a Home meet so it was an easy walk and tomorrow I can rest my legs . Just needed to be there for him. ❤️


it’s been raining for two days now and , the snow is melting away with no snowstorms in the forecast well what they say right at the moment. It’s just ugly looking out hahaha yes I know so blunt but it is the snow less ground is so muddy and the snow that there is is all muddy and gross looking. It’s bittersweet because one I’m not a fan of it but at the same time no snow means no work for my son . Working at a ski resort you need snow 😥 hopefully by the weekend it gets cold enough to make some. The squirrels are loving it though Their running all over the place. They look the way my son looked when he woke up to a two hour school delay because the rain caused some icing ,it threw him all off his routine he kept saying ok what am I doing after a little persuading he let me help him with getting him some breakfast . He is not a morning person well a talkative one so I kept the talking to a minimum 🙄 and he made it out the door on time and with everything together and food in him. Thanks mom🙂

Indoor Track first day ..

Tonight it was my Sons first Indoor. Track Meet of the season and his last indoor track season . I didn’t go to this one but my heart was there with him. My hubby went and said he did very well for just coming off a football injury and they won . He came home tired and is off to bed . I think it’s a bittersweet moment due to he loves running but is ready for his senior yr to be done . I’m so proud of him he has done so well over the years in school , sometimes I think he pushes himself a little to much but whatever I say he pushes harder I guess it’s just the way he is built . I love that track has started this is his comfort zone his passion , and I hope to be at his next meet to share it with him.

Saturday … 

Saturday started with sleeping  in ..then enjoyed my coffee with the amazing write up o’my sons and his  football team  in the local paper , so proud !  My son was thrilled but sore all part of the game he went to work and came home and was ready to go hangout with his friends so I think he’s good. My hubby spent the day working on the barn while my daughter and I went to get a few essentials we needed and checked out some books we thought would be a good read , you can never have enough books . Now home settled in bed with my husband watching tv and reading . It’s a quiet night It’s nice . Tomorrow will be food shopping and get ready for the week and my sons last High School  Booster Day week lots of festivities planned for thier school ,each class has a different theme they dress up as each day through out this week showing school spirit by how many participate then on Friday there’s a parade with the floats each class made and a. Bonfire then the big. Football game. Then to finish it off the homecoming dance .  This has been going on forever I enjoyed it so much when I was in Middle and High School I loved it, it was a time we all could share with our friends ahh the memories I hope my son enjoys this week . I know this is all so  bittersweet my son and his friends are ready to graduate but not ready to leave thier friends . Or the way they have lived for yrs . We all remember those days ..yes different for everyone . My daughter was always ready to leave it all behind . My Son like I stated bittersweet.  Okay everyone going to get some more reading in before I call it a night . Have a good night or day wherever you are in your part of the workd.🙂

Beautiful Day for a run!

Today is the first day of my Sons last season of Cross Country Meets . It’s bittersweet because he lovesThe sport but not many on the team one more joined so that helps . I wish I could be there for it and him but it’s an away one he has my car ,hubby can’t get out in time. So my heart ❤️is with him and I hope he knows this . I will be at the next meet that will be at his school. I’m so proud of him he works so hard for all this and his stamina is unbelievable. I wish more kids felt this way ….the kids these days do not want to do much or care about much it’s a scary thing . This generation is I’m sorry a bit lazy or just want do not have the motivation to commit to not just sports but jobs anything well at least where we live. That’s why my heart breaks when my son puts 100 percent into all of this and then some any ways it’s a good day for a run I hope they do well I am thinking of him and his teammates .

Quiet Morning

Quiet Morning , my Son is off to his 1st day of  his Senior yr of Highschool so bittersweet … he and I are ready for his last yr  he is ready to  graduate but where did the time go?  My youngest so it’s just so unbelievable how fast this time  has went. Does it always seem faster  then your oldest child? So I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee and the news and Miss Abigail is sleeping away she looks so comfy and content,  to be a cat hahaha  I Think how I Kaye’s in bed last night thinking I would dread this morning tear up but I didn’tinstead I was to busy  Fighting my way to just get a photo of him and yes I won 🙂 my son does not like his picture taken well especially if it’s his mother because he was saying oh now you will post it on Facebook and say all this sappy stuff ahh no I didn’t well yes I posted it but did not get all sappy so he will be surprised. Now other mothers did when they posted their kid’s  so I think struggling to get a photo helped with not being tesary eye . Well going to enjoy my coffee and start this day .

Sunday Night… 

Hope everyone had a good weekend if it was the  weekend in your part of the globe. Mine was as always pleasant and well spent with my family laughing and chatting untill we all went our separate ways doing our thing .  My hubby and I are noticing the days are getting shorter already each day it gets darker a little earlier and then there’s  the back to school commercials selling all the essentials needed  to have a great year. I’m like really,,, it’s July yes the last week of it but still . I think this is the shortest feeling summer ever . I know it’s been the most layed back summer my hubby and I have had . Okay it’s been a more wondering where my kid is summer hahaha now that it’s his first driving one. . That’s been a bit of a challenge and still is but trying to be better I did state in my last posts to whoever read it I would try to be better with being more lenient with the texting (checking up) I would trust him more. I believe I am getting. better but something’s a mother has a hard time with certain things. Any how happy the humidity breaked  for the moment it’s nice to have the fresh air come in . My hubby and I are relaxing in our bedroom since he has to get up earlier for work this week I’m going to read my book in a bit and yes wonder where my kid is . School will be nice because he will be roaming less with his busy schedule and I’m looking forward to his Last Highschool Cross Country Meets well….that is sad to say actually first time saying it wow nothing like feeling  like you got the wind knocked out of you wow his last yr of Hogh School ..time sure does fly if you blink and then you missed it.😥 well this mama will have a lot of picture taking …I know im some ways he is ready to move on but at the same time it’s going to be a hard one a lot of years put into his sports and his friends yeah isn’t it for a lot of us when we graduated , but for  now will concentrate on the school year and go from there.