The Darkness..

It’s 10:30 at night and as I lay here in the darkness of my room it’s amazing how peaceful it is . My house is quiet but yet it’s not .I can hear my husband next to me softly sleeping , And then the sound of my son and his friends quietly talking and laughing down the hall. Occasionally hearing the door to the refrigerator opening and closing. ..Boys always hungry. Off in the distance I can hear a train on the tracks rumbling along through the night ,surprisingly over the sound of the fan my husband cannot sleep without and now I have now grown accustomed too, off and on I hear the furnace turn on and occasionally the sound of Miss Abigail jumping around downstairs hopefully not keeping my daughter awake . Playing with something she found. Soon we will hear the coyotes has they make their way through our woods at night and the cry of an owl going after it’s prey . The night some times so quiet and peaceful yet active and alive. As I drift off to sleep I am content . And feel blessed of this simple life my husband and I have made.

Country life…

It’s mid afternoon everything around the house is done , errands are done I gad to laugh to myself when I was driving into our driveway , when you explain to someone that’s never been out this way that our driveway looks like a old country road it really does and yes there is a house out beyond the trees and stretch of dirt you need to drive. Some people get so thrown off coming out here but once they are they remark how beautiful and open it is ,So I took a picture . I guess it was a good day for pictures because just as I unlocked the back door put everything down and proceeded to open our slider and our front door to let the fresh air in I saw the most beautiful sight .. well one of them out my many (hahaha) by the bird feeder eating with the birds was a beautiful Doe , I did my best to capture a decent photo of her without her hearing me . I didn’t realize until my son with his bad timing drove in , there was another Doe off to the edge of the woods that went running with her .

Some days it’s just too quiet and feels so out of touch living here . My son wants to get out of here even though this is such his element hiking running biking , fishing shall I go on or do you get the picture🙂 now my daughter I believe who loves her shopping ,restaurants Starbucks seems more to the liking of the city but one problem she has road rage (hahaha) well she could walk yes it’s a girl thing but she can be extreme with all the shopping and I believe it’s boring here to her. . Any how yes it’s quiet but at the same time it’s a blessing ..simple when you want to socialize then go into town . When you do not then this is the perfect place to sit out read a book , watch the stars at night even camp in our woods, yes privacy is really a nice thing plus it’s cooler our way then in the next Towns and cities . As I write this the clouds have moved in the wind is swaying the trees back and forth and the temps that are suppose to be going up seem to have gone down. . .. signs of a storm coming. That being said I guess it’s time to grab my book and go inside ,enjoy my pictures, 🙂

So Proud!

I woke after a very restless night of waking up every hour … my son had to be up for 4:00 this morning to be ready to leave the house by 5 … so I was so worried he would sleep through the alarm that my my mind must of been having me react this way . When the hr I woke up and it was 4 I was on my phone texting him are you up ? when I did not get an answer back .I was nudging my husband to get up and check ..he looked at me half asleep not too happy with waking him and puzzled how I was awake . Oh if he only knew how my night was. Today was the day the Army National Guard Sargent picked him up for his physical exam the last thing to do to make it in was to pass that…and he made it in. So my day was spent keeping myself as busy as possible with cell phone and home phone in hands reach. Let’s say a lot of praying inside and outside as I dodged the sun not knowing if it wanted to come out blazing or hide behind the clouds . When it was tolerable it was spent out side with my book and phones in hand and I looking up to the sky and praying he would be okay and in good shape to join. When 3:00 in the afternoon arrived I prayed even harder that no news was good news. At 4 he arrived home and my son and the Sargent got out of the vehicle and greeted me. Anxiously I waited to hear the news. The Sargent said to me well we have good news and bad I’m like oh no …okay? He said good news he passed and has been sworn in . I just gasped with joy because I knew how much he wanted this ,my son has always wanted this and it’s a good start to a college and army career .. so I said what’s the bad news ? He said well it was a very long day for one .. just waiting around for everything to process and instead of the end of June shipping out for boot camp for 6 months it’s October then back for Christmas for two weeks and then gone till April . So weekend trainings two weekends a month through the summer to stay in shape . We could work with this. So my son is thinking summer classes until boot camp is over them start up in the fall for the rest of his college so it will be college and National Guards on weekends 8 yrs well 4 college 8 National Guards and who knows maybe full time serving after ..knowing my son I may not be surprised. I just know we are so proud of him. He wants to serve so much I thank God for getting him through this day .. I think I prayed all day to get myself through.

Now it’s night time and my son is settled in bed . I would think he would be tired after getting up early and all he had to do plus made it to a part of his track practice . HIs championship meets start tomorrow under the Lights so another long day with School and meets Well time to settle myself and pray one more time with a big thank you. 🙂 good night!


I am a happy  nice  and given  person but hurt me or my family you will feel my wrath .

I am strong  , stubborn person but can have my moments of weakness in most cases you will not see unless I let you. .. do not underestimate me I can put up a good fight for what I believe in.

I am religious I believe..  I pray but I it’s  private and personal for me.

I love to socialize I a can talk to anyone and everyone but my circle is small ..In the past I’ve let in to many and learned so small fits me well.

I live for today and blessed for every new day. I have loved many and lost many too.

I love deeply and hurt easily.

I am simple and live simple I do not ask for much . Drama is not in my vocab.

I only ask or want for happiness and good health for myself and family.

I am ME .