A New Day!!

I woke to a new day  sun shining big  blue sky and saw this simple beautiful rose out side my front door and  I just looked at it so bright and peaceful soaking in the sun not bad for  a November cold morning ..it was  just being and I sighed thinking now if this world could be as content as this rose taking in each day as it comes blossoming with not a care in the world just being …sometimes just being is such a beautiful feeling.. so I stood there admiring it as long as possible as  the world around me was  in total chaos over our new elected President , rioting in the streets in the cities and on the media  and people in my town voicing their opinions again and not being very nice I just turned off the sites and started on with my day with a thank you to this rose for showing me  that life is still beautiful and life still goes on and we have the choice to watch or not , to shut everything off and make it into a beautiful positive day . Positive was the direction I went, okay I will warn you  nothing exciting but I enjoyed a peaceful quiet cup of coffee and then did things around my house with my pups by my side happily carrying his toy in his mouth  once things were in there right place I  settled down to watch  my favorite soap opera with a cup of hot chocolate and watched the drama unroll through my show, now this drama I can handle.  Soon the quietness will be replaced with  dinner plates clanging my family chatting about their day and for me I will sit and listen laugh and smile as contentment sets in and that my friends is a good day.


Thurs Throwback Photo



This tattered Swing didn’t  always look this way it has had many summer and fall play ,  my son when he was 5 could swing for hours if I  couldn’t find him right off I knew if I looked down where the swing was there he was swinging as high as he could go and smiling either looking at the big blue sky or straight ahead with a big smile cross his face or my daughter standing on it swaying and giggling while her friends as they twisted  it around and around then let go as she spun holding on tight and enjoying the ride. that simple swing brought so many hours of enjoyment to them.Now it sits  lonely most of the time only swings if the wind blows or if my son sits on  it as he waits for his friends  to show .  It’s a funny thing the kid’s have never questioned why we haven’t taken it down..I am happy for that because when I drive  down my driveway my eyes always focus on it and I think of all those summers and fall days of my children swinging and I can still hear their laughter the beautiful sound of childhood and then the sound of the rope as it rubbed on the tree as it swung back and forth and I hope when my kids drive by they have the same happy thoughts.20160428_160930-1.jpg

Beautiful Day!!!!!

I always try to have all house work done before I post on my blog but today is an exception, it’s 62 out in the middle of March  but on my deck as I sit on my swing it feels like 70..so beautiful ! my pup is enjoying it as well as he basks in the sun next to my feet with his occasional on guard look when he hears the little critters  running around in our woods chasing one another…Spring is in the air even saw a bee flying by me. I hope this weather stays but I  will enjoy this right now. I hope where all Screenshot_2016-03-08-16-30-47of you are it’s just as beautiful. 20160309_110539-1