Evening Reading..

  • Another evening inside keeping cool.. this humidity is getting old , ready for it to break and at least stay away longer then two days. Well that means another evening inside reading . On page 216 of 560 pages it’s really good but long and so many twists that you go back and read over a page to connect the dots so to speak. This book kept me up one night until 2:00 in the morning because I just wanted to keep reading . The morning came quick so trying not to make a habit of that unless it’s a day that is rainy and nothing is going on that day ūüôĄ I guess I’m going to get off here and chat with my other half for a bit then do some more reading .

Occupying the mind..

I’m settled in bed my daughter lend me a book she was given for Christmas to read . She wasn’t sure if it was something she would like and has others to read . I’ve started it probably will not get to far into it tonight I m feeling like I could go to sleep at any moment. It’s good so far and will keep me busy being that it’s 460 pages long . I will keep you posted how I do with it and when I finish . It’s nice to have a book especially a thick one to get into . Well going to read a bit more then off to bed goodnight everyone.

Can you say crazy….

House clean Check

laundry done Check

Bills paid        Check

school issues Check

supper cooking Check

Myself Crazy…… ughh¬† how I feel this week¬† I do not think one day warm and sunny then 3 days cold and raining does not help . It was one of those weeks when I feel¬† like I’m running in two different directions.¬† Thankfully it’s Friday.¬† So now everything is done and the house is quiet Miss Abigail is doing what she does best on quiet rainy days snuggled up and sleeping it away… until everyone gets home . I think I am going to check out that new series that is based on a book. that is on Netflix it actually a book that my daughter read back when she was in 7th grade and now she is 21¬† and is reading it¬† again its called 13 Reasons Why .. there is a big controversy in my part of the globe I do not know how far this controversy stretches¬† to the rest of the globe but society is saying it glamorizes teenage suicide and gives the teenager the idea that if they have a problem this is an easy way out. my daughter said she believes people are getting the wrong message that what she gets out of it is that the main character was so bullied¬† mistreated and had know one¬† who she felt she could tell who could¬† help her friend wise and¬† other kids went along with the abusing and that more teenagers¬† and adults should learn more about bullying and issues teenagers go through and more now in this society from this book/series how to see the signs of bulling or abuse to help someone if you witness this to stop being so hateful to others you never know what someone is going through. Okay I can agree with that so I decided I will watch it and see what I see being that I do have a daughter who suffered from bulling … when she was in High School yes my now 21 yr old and thankfully was strong enough to tell me and now she is doing well and is a very stronger person that I am so proud of.

Now my Son is in High School a Junior and the pressures and the games girls or should say a girl that is playing ,the¬† mind games with my son who is not into drama like his sister says it like it is doesn’t like to be lied to okay yes who does right…¬† is heart is so big he respects girls he will be nice to anyone so there are days he is in the slumps yes he gets tired from sports school work but the kids and girls play a big part of those slumps so I like to keep a close eye on him¬† He does¬† know his dad and I and sister are here at anytime¬† time to talk to. Sadly this day in age these kids do not have it easy peer pressure is at a all time high and they will not talk to someone and will take it upon them self to handle it I quote… so this when you have to become a detective not easy but its possible.¬† so will see when I watch this I will let you know in between reading the book I showed you in my past post ..its good but so far its going by the movie which usually does not happen which I was hoping would be more detailed but I will see and get back to you on that as well.

Calm strange kinda day….

It’s been one of those days where there is no hurry to get up but you do. there is no plans just the usual up keep of house work. weather up and down sunny then cloudy chilly then warm.¬† So went and grabbed a coffee with my daughter . Then just relaxed outside till supper so yes just a whatever kinda day. Actually nice for a change. now waiting for my son to get home okay that never changes…. so I guess I will grab my book and do some reading.

Flashback Thursday!!!

This¬† is a flashback personally from my photo’s . It’s a book I made for a school project¬† back in 6th grade we had to design¬† the¬† cover , come up with a story¬† do the illustrations with just a little help from the teacher . My story was about a lost or stray dog in the big city which I believe was NY and how a little boy found the dog and so on… I am shocked that I saved it all these yrs ,found it in my hope chest….the one I have remarked on in several post that will never get cleaned out. it’s funny what I saved ,if you noticed the years have taken its toll on it . my kids are creeped¬† out by it ūüė¶¬† but I do wonder of all the things I saved why this? the illustrations are horrible I could not still cannot¬† draw whatsoever. when I think back to all the notebooks I had filled with poems thoughts stories¬† my diaries¬† that I wrote why not those…..It puzzles me why this crazy book .hmmm what was I thinking?¬† well the things we do …there must of been a reason God for bid I will ever know ūüôāScreenshot_2016-03-18-08-53-25-1.png