Reading time…

I went to the library and checked out 3 books and two movies ,the movies will watch over the weekend. So tonight I am thinking is a good night to cozy up with a blanket hot chocolate and one of the books . Since the temperatures have dropped . The last couple of nights it’s been chatting with a friend online , I think we chatted till well after midnight. So tonight I think I will read. Even though I enjoyed our talk, I think it will be good to balance it out now with some reading and my friend can settle as well. Out of the three books I have starting with the smaller one to get myself back into reading . My minds been so occupied with things I needed the friendly chat . I’m hoping I can concentrate. . I guess I will give it a try.


Books..more books and movies..

I woke pretty early which is unusual for me since not having to wake and get kids going in the morning for school . So I tend to stay up late and sleep in. After a day of dreary wet cold weather . I gave in early and went to bed at a decent time . I woke to a nice sunny crisp fall morning. Enjoyed coffee with my daughter and some conversation then we headed in different directions to start our day.I left went to the post box ..hmm… nothing from my son. I know it’s early. But I can at lest hope..then headed to the library FINALLY ! I did it I was still in their system just needed. to renew my expired card but not having it still . The librarian issued me a new one . I Lucked out ..thinking I would have to order the books I wanted ,she had had them plus I picked out a book that looked really interesting and the Author was local ..even better. I found two movies . Chatted with people I hadn’t seen in awhile and walked out about an hr later with three books and two movies. I guess I’ll be reading after my hubby and I watch hour favorite shows and he goes to bed early for work . As well as a day when no errands need to be run and house is cleaned up . I can curl up with a nice hot cup of tea and a book on these cold days. Happy I finally went . It was nice and everyone there was pleasant. This way it’s cheaper too then buying the books I guess it’s time to see about supper hubby will be home soon and hungry . The Conners are on tonight the premier since they took Roseanne Barr off her own show . Don’t know if I’ll watch it or not tonight I’m recording it just Incase but that subject is for another day …. ๐Ÿ™„ I’m thinking of watching The Voice ,then start one of the books .I’m thinking that reading before bed helps me sleep better too. Okay time to take care of supper.

Easy day…

Its rained all day and it’s been a cool one couldn’t get enough hot cups of coffee or tea in my hands to warm them up . Happy I was out the day before getting everything done that needed to be . Then I could just worry about things around the house. An easy day ,laundry was all set ,house was not bad and supper was breakfast for supper …hot and delicious comport food ! So that being send after catching up on a tv show I recorded I started going through my books deciding on what to keep and what to send to the local church tag sale. There is only so much space to keep my favorites.. before looking like a book hoarder ( hahaha) I really need to renew my library card . I have books at the moment but do have a list of books I want so I will then get them at the library it’s cheaper too. Plus you can rent movies there as well. My hubby and I can enjoy some movies on the weekends cold winter nights . When football isn’t playing ..

I will say I love the DVR that works so great ! Used it finally today so yes the show I caught up on today was the first time I used this feature since we updated our tv dish . Love it . My daughter has just texted me to say she is on her way home soon from work so I could make some pancakes for her with the home fries I made earlier and saved for her and my son. I think my son will be all set he’s out with friends and they always grab food out and one never knows when he will be home . In a week I will know where he is every night . Even though he will be away in another State I will know he will be in one place every night ..bed sleeping ๐Ÿ™‚ that part is comforting , right now it feels like he’s just wondering …during the day he’s working out staying in shape at night he’s out well not every night but it’s a guessing game and it’s hard to get sleep when my mind starts to wonder where he is . I know I’m such a mom(hahaha) after I make my daughters food I will settle in with the hubby’s and watch the new tv show FBI , it’s really interesting. Well she will be home soon so I guess it’s time to get off here for the night.

Low Key Sunday…

The weekend started off nice , on Saturday my Son and I took a ride to the mall he wanted to go to the bookstore to buy a few books that interested him and he asked if I would like to go , of course I would not to often I pass up going to a book store … even though I felt like I had a cold coming on but it was quick he found his books and I found one . Then we headed home . By night time yeah I was getting sick …ughh the cold weather that came in after being so warm and humid the past week didn’t help . Sadly illnesses are beginning to go around.too .My hubby and I settled in with a good movie The Greatest Showman basically a musical we found out but so enjoyed it . Today was a low key day so did a few tiny things around the house as my hubby was telling me to relax finish my book I’m reading now so you can start your new one. He knows me well. So as Football season has started he settled in this afternoon and watched the games as I read more of my book and yes watched some football. Now supper is done and I will stay put in my chair with some hot chocolate, wish I had a warm cup of tea but need to stock up for winter. It sounds so good right now with my blanket and book. So it’s on my list of things to grab this week. My daughter is working and my son is visiting a friend. So Miss Abigail is settled in with us curled up in her chair .. she’s not spoiled๐Ÿ™„ another cold night ahead .Fall is upon us for now. The middle of the week will warm up for a couple days ,summer is trying to hang on. Well time to get off here and read some more of my book. Then an early night for sleep.

Nightly reading..

It’s been such a rainy and hot humid summer that it hasn’t been too pleasant to sit outside . We really haven’t cooked out as much as well. Thankfully we were able to tolerate some bonfires this past weekend. This summer has brought me back into the reading mode. I’m thankful for that. I’m enjoying my nights during the week when there’s nothing planned and it’s just settling in so I can relax and read. I’ve managed to finish three books since the middle of summer which doesn’t seem like a lot but they have been big book,s especially Stephen Kings The Outsider was a good size book. I’m half way through the book I am reading right now . Will see when the TV shows come back on in a couple of weeks from summer break how it goes , there is a couple of new shows coming out that I’m interested in. Then there’s my favorites too. I’m thinking between my shows it will be a good balance so I’ll still be reading just as much. Well I think I’ll read a couple of more chapters then call it a night.

Days getting shorter..

The days are getting shorter , the sun is settling earlier everyday by 8 it’s dark , schools around here will be starting up in a couple of weeks kids will be going back to College or just starting their first yr… in less then 2months my son will be leaving for Army Nation Guard Basic Training for 6 months and then who knows after that college or full time Army time will tell. My new chapter has begun with the fact that now both my kids are adults and no getting ready for back to school shopping etc , it will seem very strange , I’m sure it will especially for him. Happy I have my stack of books (hahaha) to keep my mind occupied. I’ve also been thinking a lot about starting a prayer journal .. been reading about them and how to begin , I’ve meant to by a journal but have not found one that feels right to me if that makes sense? I do know I will have no problem filling it , it’s just getting started I want it to be right , even though there’s no wrong or right in how you start one . So still looking and reading up in it . Well time to read a bit of my book then get some sleep . Good night.

What to do..

Another day of extreme heat.. heat advisories popping up on every local TV channel . Cell phones buzzing with alerts . Air conditioners running but are sounding tired. Miss Abigail in my picture has the right idea..As I woke to my son pounding on the door around 7 this morning. Yes I was still in bed … after reading late into the night . Let’s say until 2 , 7 comes quickly. My son stayed at a friends and they drove so he forgot his house key and my fault for not putting a key out in our hidden place , when he messaged he was staying over I was reading and yeah time went by.. when I read I can for a awhile. So dragging myself to the door unlocking it I was greeted with a good morning late night ? He told me go back to bed but no hope In that so to the shower I went then to the coffee. A bit after my daughter came up and had some coffee with me and chatted a bit before she started something’s around her place before shower and work . I started doing things around here before the air conditioners felt like they were not doing much. Now everything’s done and I’ve been going through my emails and Goodreads keeps sending me messages sadly I can’t remember my password let alone figure out how to use it again since it’s been so long that I’ve been on it. I do not want to start a new one because I have so many books posted on their that I read in the past I want to stay in there . I need to go on the desktop or laptop to get a new password . Since I’ve been reading so much again I want to log in the books I’ve been reading and to catch up with my followers if their still there…. waiting for the nice new study my son cleaned up to cool down a bit . Wish me luck to getting this account running again ….