Once again another storm….u

It was a beautiful sunny day .Cold but beautiful. Once again calm before the storm….. looking at anotherNor’Eastern on it’s way here again ,the 3rd weekend in a row Monday looks like it will be cloudy then looking at it coming Monday night well after midnight and into Tuesday evening so we have a weather watch for 6to 12inches 18 inches in the higher elevations so tomorrow cancellations will or should start popping up at the bottom of the tv screens. So I was feeling a bit better so I saw the sun was out and felt I needed to absorb some of its warmth okay well it wasn’t too warm but I did capture a photo of it I loved how blue the sky was as how big the sun seem shining down. . Really do not want this snow ready for green grass , flowers my deck swing , and the stars at night could go on but you have the idea 🙂 but for now it’s the snow and this storm so have to deal with this first . I will go with my daughter tomorrow grab the items we need at the store and then settle in and let it do its thing …. happy my son didn’t have to work tonight so everyone’s home and can get some decent sleep as well as even tho I am so thrown off with this time change , I’m wide awake I think my son is as well I can see his bedroom light still on . usually he takes advantage of getting extra sleep when he’s home,’ well going to read for a bit and hope it tires me . Goodnight everyone in my part of the world🙂


Thursday after the storm…

Good Morning !! This is what it looks like my way…we are buried in snow. A lot of schools closed today as well ,except for ours ughhh … my hubby is out plowing our driveway been out since 6 this morning . My daughter got out and is at work already had to be there for 8 This snow is getting a bit much and their talking more storms next week …can we just get through this one.my son and his friend have only two classes after all this being that they had a 2hr delay , then their heading up to the ski resort to snowboard and ski .. nothing like fresh powder to ski and board through.. watching the news and enjoying my coffee as I look at this snow sadly I must admit it is beautiful .

Calm before the storm…

it’s 10 at night just finished catching up on my daytime soap I missed today while out running errands with my daughter . Love on demand the best.. you never have to miss your favorite show. So the full moon is out nice and bright shining through our bedroom window it’s not phasing my snoring hubby🙂 he likes it when it’s bright to sleep I like it a bit darker… calm before the storm forecasters are saying that we could get a Nor’Eastern a monstrous one well on the coast of us but we will see some of the effects but their not sure how much by Friday their saying the full moon is not going to help because it brings in the high wave surge which could be historic. I guess I can blame the full moon on the noises I heard last night down in my daughters place you will understand if you read my last post hahah I thought she was home I heard banging around and she wasn’t well she is not home to night as well and I hear nothing downstairs .Miss Abigail who was down there last night is up here with us on our couch sleeping so I think Miss Abigail was banging around down there restless from the moon . Plus the fact I’m learning she probably doesn’t like to be alone . So Im going to go with that for the reason of the noises downstairs . I told my hubby and he said at 2 he was awaken by a weird noise outside he said had to been an animal but couldn’t place what kind not the boys ( coyotes) so he said I didn’t want to wake you too because you where sleeping really good . So I guess we both heard strange noises last night …. all is quiet tonight. ..so much for my daughter being home early like she said … well she is the one who has to get up early tomorrow and I guess I’m going to try to get some sleep . Goodnight everyone 🙂

Photo Monday!

imageA bit late but was waiting for a good photo for Photo Monday! I was getting doubtful as the day went on not finding a worthy photo ,Then this happened this full moon came out . It’s so bright ! I wonder if it will bring the boys out howling tonight (coyotes) I think it may keep me awake…that’s okay because I do not have to worry about getting up and making sure my son is up on time for school , house sitting tonight with a friend then going to school from there . So bring on the howling boys 😀 I just love how this photo came out love the bright shadow around it the amazing thing when it came out around 5 it was still light out it wasn’t looking like  it was going to be a fall moon. So I am so happy that it is so I could keep up with my photo Monday hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Halloween sillyness 

It’s the night before Halloween , in my childhood days we called it cabbage night . Some kids would actually trick or treat not I , my mom would have nothing good to say to the parents who let their kids do this ,she thought it was just being greedy for  extra candy and not all houses where lit up for you to go up to I think they thought the same way  that Halloween night was enough . Then there was the eggs smashing. And toiletpaoer hung through random trees in our teenage yrs when we where  to big to get candy which if I did and got caught my parents would ground me ,  they didn’t think it was funny, The moon earlier looked errie There was clouds around it but I  missed the shot because now it’s just  the moon getting bigger and brighter.  This evening my 17 yr old son and I where driving in his car to our destination  and on the side of the road and a busy one at that , this house put up these three 10ft tall or more like blow up glowing florscent blue ghosts that where swaying back and forth and my son is driving and he is like what the heck ,that’s annoying and distracting for drivers too close to the road.  I couldn’t have agreed more.. then he was like wait it’s Halloween tomorrow I’m like yes it is I said jokingly do you feel old he laughed and said yes no fun anymore we don’t even get to hand candy out . True …where we live off the main road no one comes out that far. So being funny I said I could throw a sheet over me with eye holes and he joined in yeah I can say your my little sister and I’m taking you out trick or treating  it’s funny because I’m 4’11 he said I bet it would work and we started laughing then he said you wouldn’t ? I said it would be fun trying and he laughed and said it’s so possible but your crazy As he said in a nice way we just started laughing again I said to him I could get you some candy he just shook his head with a smirk on his face and then we got quiet and moments later he say again it could work we just laughed all over again. Then after we got to our destination he wanted a coffee so we drove to the famous Dunkin Doughnuts  that is in our part of the globe and he got a coffee I asked for a box of munchkins which are little doughnut balls of assorted flavors pumpkin chocolate, blueberry really good with coffee or milk.and kids love them. When my kuds where in elementary school  for their Halloween parties  they brought them for a treat a big hit. so when I ordered them he laughed I think my son was thinking of our silly conversation earlier of being short oh what timing 🙂 but it was a nice silly moment though❤️