Ready … I think!

So I think I’m ready…. well let’s see the food is bought the cake has been picked up , the grill is ready House is ready to be set up , balloons are bought . So yes all set …. except one thing …… ME ! I may have to bring some tissues … when I see my Son march in his cap and gown once again but for the Graduation. It’s just so unbelievable just can’t believe how fast he grew into a young man it feels like yesterday he was as small as the picture I posted .. yessss I took a photo of this at the store tonight … I went looking for a table cloth passed by the little kid outfits couldn’t resist … thank god my daughter was two isles over hahahs she would of been so embarrassed . ūüėā I know crazy.. I’m not denying it hahaha Well waiting for him to get home from his race anxious to hear how he did. It’s looking like once again another late night .. some day I will get to bed earlier. …


Easter/ Birthday Weekend..

Sitting here in the quietness well except for the clothes dryer humming ..hubby went for a run my kids are actually sleeping at the moment my daughter busy working through the Easter madness and my son back from a run with his track team . I’m just taking in the quietness until supper is to be made and another trip back to the grocery store after being there for food and Easter shopping ,now to go back to pick my hubby Birthday cake up from their bakery that I ordered. Then to my Mother in laws house it go so my hubby doesn’t see it and where will be spending Easter tomorrow. Friday was nice same ok during the day the usual errands and cores to be done ,hubby went out with his brother and work friends for some beers since he’s turning 50 which he is not looking forward to . My son hung out with some friends and my daughter and I grabbed supper out then came home and cozy up with a movie she wanted me to watch with her. So that was nice . Now Easter / Birthday tomorrow . Long but lazy tired weekendūüôā

Football! Super Bowl ūüŹą

It’s Game day and the teams are headed to the stadium the sport spokesmen are telling us on the TV my hubby is excited as he is himself planted on the couch nice and comfy and ready hahahaha yeah he will be yelling at the tv in about 3hrs as I will be putting the wings in for cooking as the chili is cooking at the moment along with a cake that is baking in the oven . Then I will settle in and watch , I love the commercials there the best on this day. The snow has started coming down a bit happy we decided to stay home so then if my hubby wants to have some beers I do not have to drive us home from relatives in it . My daughter works a baby shift as she calls it 4hrs so she will be home at 6:30 . Now to keep my son home or planted at someones house for the night. Oh the challenge. I think I rather be on the football field then that challenge ūüôā who will win?


As the sound on tain falls steadily ¬†on the roof my daughter and I enjoy a late night ¬†talk of laughter and just lfe as we ¬†enjoy the sweet taste of cake and glasses of milk it’s after midnight the rest of our family are fast asleep we just keep talking ¬†endlessly ¬†its nice not done this in a while this is the moment I cherish about motherhood these spontaneous moments of simpleness ¬†with my kids . My daughtmer ¬†and I have always been the ones to have a good conversation and moments of plain silllyness.whether its ¬†over cake a meal or a cup of coffee.Yes motherhood ¬†is a beautiful thing and as we decide its time to settle ¬†I realize its 1 in the morning ¬†its Mother ‘sDay beautiful ¬†start to it. Happy Mothers Day Moms.


May Day!

Screenshot_2017-05-01-19-30-45-1 I was reminded this afternoon with my daughter ¬†that it was May Day when¬† we took a ride ¬† into town this morning and saw the local Elementary¬†¬† kids with their teachers pushing a wagon filled with May Day baskets. May Day basket you ask well that was a basket or a cup designed with fresh beautiful spring flowers and notes or pictures…a celebration¬† of Spring. in other cultures theirs music bright color pole with ribbons that you dance around. .. a may pole , you ate cake. What I remember was making the¬† baskets¬† and going to neighborhood houses and giving a basket to an older or shut in person¬† and then random houses. I did it as a child as well as my kids I always thought it was a fun time my kids thought so too. It was nice to see the smiles on peoples faces when they found them at their doors.


It’s Saturday night and my husband and I have settled in for the night ..Watching tv in our bed kids are off doing their thing so Miss Abigail my daughters cat has found her place on our bed for the night . So today was April fool’s day and my husband’s birthday so we ate supper out then had a cake have to have a ¬†cake and candles ¬†need to make a wish. The day was nice Ben though the weather was not 1st day of April and it’s snowing and cold Mother Natures April Fools joke…well not funny. Re at for green grass not white. So did anyone play April fool jokes ?