Hi everyone , I think the last time I posted was hmm .. Fri thats a bit for me . Was a outside weekend and finishing some school things . The high school yrs is coming to an end , my son has been setting up his path for his new journey for after high school so a busy week but slowing down , if all works out in the next 2weeks what he plans for his path the chaos will calm down. He is off to pick his tux up with his friends I have not posted lately I have been enjoying a book . My wondering thinking mind has calmed down so I have been able to get back into a book. It’s been really serene, the last couple of days the weathers been perfect to sit out on the deck and read . Love reading outside . It’s one of those things you can just occupy your mind and soul. Nothing like the sound of birds chirping while you read.well time to get ready and settle so hubby and I can enjoy our favorite Tuesday night show.🙂

Night Times…

I do not know what it is about night time that I find myself writing …maybe the calmness, or  the quietness through out the house that brings my thoughts together. Or maybe the sound of my husband snoring keeping me awake hahaha , hmm is that  is possible 🙂 I know it’s not the eerie sound of the nightly train that roars by with its sad cry of the whistle blowing through  the nights darkness . Always sends a chill up my spine  even since I was a child, when I was a child we lived next to the train tracks and every night I’d hear the train go by and that whistle blow Something’s just never change as you get older what scares you. I haven’t heard the boys for awhile (coyotes) they been quiet. Sometimes I can hear the owl that’s a sound that can be chilling as well. The evening  are getting darker earlier and the feeling of sitting outside at night are becoming quickly replaced with settling in earlier and reading or watching tv . Soon our favorite shows will be back on and will watch them with football of course too. This summer was a very short one so it seemed . Not one of the best ones ….. so Fall will be nice and a change of pace.which is well needed. Well my eyes are getting heavy so I think I will get some sleep .. night everyone.