Nice Day..

It’s 8:00 on a Friday night, My kids are both home and settled in both tired.. My other half and I are also settled in ,the house is quiet and dark … no Tv at the moment ,only the sound that is breaking though the quietness is the rumbling of thunder that feels like it’s going under the house and the closeness of the flashes of lightening that is a bit worry some but also a cozy feeling. It’s nice to have no tv on it’s peaceful.. It’s been a beautiful day despite the storms , my kids bought me a cake for my birthday and with my other half some gift”s and my other have also bought me a beautiful summer bouquet with some of my favorite flowers. roses in it. It was a nice simple birthday. My other have had to work so I spent my day with my two blessings .then we all sat down together and ate dinner and then enjoyed sone cake and laughter after though making a wish and blowing out the candles that is a have to I’ve alway make sure we do. As well as tomorrow when the extended family will come to celebrate my sons 18th birthday. With more cake and pizza that will go home with people after🙂 then on Sunday we may welcome a new edition to our family .. my son found a two yr old cat in need of a home his name is Figaro as in the cats name in the childhood movie Pinocchio , he is a beautiful friendly cat as we are told I hope so I’m already falling in love with him on the computer so we will see how we all relate to one another if all goes well will bring him home .wish us luck . It will be nice to have a friend for Miss Abigail my daughters cat and something for my son to relax with until he leaves for Basic Training and Fir myself to take care of which I do best is taking care of people and animals.

The storm has passed but I believe it’s one of many through out the night. If only it would break this humidity so we can give the air conditioners a break. Well time to read my book , my 500 page one . My daughter bought me the book sharp objects that’s an HBO series it looks so good so I have plenty of books to read, my son and other half are helping to save up money for a new couch we desperately need now that we moved the futon into the new clean spare room where it fits much better. Well time to read , Good night everyone.



It’s Saturday night and my husband and I have settled in for the night ..Watching tv in our bed kids are off doing their thing so Miss Abigail my daughters cat has found her place on our bed for the night . So today was April fool’s day and my husband’s birthday so we ate supper out then had a cake have to have a  cake and candles  need to make a wish. The day was nice Ben though the weather was not 1st day of April and it’s snowing and cold Mother Natures April Fools joke…well not funny. Re at for green grass not white. So did anyone play April fool jokes ?

A day well spent…

I must say this day went by fast… I guess that happens when it’s a great day, So my daughter and her boyfriend and I decided to go to our local candle store, Yankee Candle, love buying these wax melts or some people call them wax tarts for our wax warmers. we knew it was a holiday but oh my it was crazy …..people everywhere and their kids too at least the kids were smiling 🙂 not their parents lol must say I kind of miss those days. my kids would have been running around too . yes I did say I miss those days .I was the mom that when summer vacation came my friends were dreading it trying to think of places to send their kids I embraced it. I loved having my kids home with me .loved bringing them to the outdoor theater, and pitching a tent in the front  yard and see how they actually lasted after  scaring themselves . it was interesting to watch . My  Son didn’t join us he stayed home because he had homework and studying to do for school and wanted to get that done . Don’t blink because you may just miss something that is how it feels for me more and more everyday I am happy that my daughter shares the love of candles and now we can go together and shop picking out all kinds of new scents and then ending the day shopping with a stop at the coffee shop for a nice hot latte. and yes bringing my son home a treat as well …:) you never grow out of that.  well everyone time to cozy up on the couch on this very cold night and catch up on my show.