Another day..

A rainy snowy cold day again school was cancelled , but thankfully just in case it was not going to be my son slept over a friends so  we wouldn’t have to worry about getting out of our driveway …..One of the downfalls of country living  for the  most part our driveways are basically a road and unfortunately we have a slight hill that my car loves so much. …not 🙂 so it was a quiet night with my son not home with his music playing as loud a as he can get it. I missed him but was happy he was safe and we wouldn’t have to deal with this weather.  Now just waiting for him to get home….thankfully my Daughter  had the day off so we stayed up a bit later last night and enjoyed some shows my husband went to bed …  so today was quiet day with my daughter doing things in her basement and so I did my things around the house and as I was I saw the most beautiful Cardinal at my feeder it  was so red. It was even better then seeing the sun at the moment . It really brighten this day up even if it was only for a moment.  I love when even on a dark day there is something that can brighten it up and make you smile.