A day of waiting…

Its Sunday night . After a bit of rain during the morning hours the skies cleared . It stayed in the forties but that was doable being that I stayed in and just did things around the house ..chatted on the phone with a friend. She had just adopted a puppy and was telling me all about her in a very enthusiastic manner. I am happy for her since she lost her pup this summer that she adored. She was also trying to warm me up to the idea of adopting one from the place she had . Said there was so many little ones that needed a loving nurturing caring stay at home mom like me . Hmmm. … she is good. ūüėā she has me thinking and looking at them on line . I am thinking maybe it’s just what I need to fill the gap I seem to not be able to fill or even justify.. yes I do love to take care of people , animals , and it’s going on 3 yrs since loosing our pups . Maybe I could give that love to another…. we stayed on the phone for awhile it was nice it help to get through the day as my hubby and I waited and wondered if my son would be able to call home. Well I believe we counted the days wrong since he started Basic trying 4 days later then planned so it brings two week call to Wed the 30th so that will mean next Sunday? Because no calls happened tonight . I read for awhile and we are watching baseball ,if the Red Sox win tonight they won the World Series. People will be cheering around my world tonight! Including my hubby. I’m afraid I may not be able to stay up to finish it . So time to get off here and say some prayers and get some sleep.

Give me strength (rant)

Why is it that the people ¬†who care so much about others are the ones who seem to feel hurt the most?..I always wonder if I was falling who ¬†would be there to catch me ? Anyone …yes I have my doubts .. priorities are ¬†so misplaced . ¬†How does one who care so deeply stop ?Do we eventually stop because we learn it does not matter people just don’t care about people like us.only themselves…is that what I need to do ¬†just care about myself and let people take care of themselves? I’m emotionally exhausted I think I need to step back and just stop trying and just ¬†be , hmm let’s See how that goes. Is life trying to tell me something I can let go or are people just selfish …yes will see I will keep you posted.

life Of a Parent.

My mind feels like its spinning

so many things I’m¬† thinking about

worrying about wondering about…

and  I thought life would be calmer  less complicated

if anything its confusing¬† exhausting …what is my roll ?

either say or care to much or don’t say or care enough

what to do … parenting.





Women are a amazing creation, they love endlessly , they are stronger then they will ever know . women can carry a life in them for 9months and not think twice about doing it all over again.women think beyond¬† their minds but think with their hearts. They can see both sides of a situation and then decide… Women have this built in alarm called there gut instinct that never is in¬† question if something is wrong or right.women, women may fall from life’s¬† mishaps but get right back up.women¬† care deeply and honestly . A¬† women is one of Gods most precious gift