Oh Mother Nature!

It’s Saturday started off warm sunny birds where singing it was so beautiful slept with the window open all night falling to sleep to the sound of peepers . It felt like Spring had finally arrived .. hmm I guess Mother Nature didn’t think so as the day went on the winds started to blow the birds stopped singing and the temperatures started falling and did they fall ..its now evening we went from 70 yesterday to 30’s right now and freezing rain coming in and predicted for Sunday as well . My son went hiking with his track team on one of the many big mountains in our area this afternoon curious to hear how cold it was on top when he arrives home. Feels like winter is back for the moment. The peepers are defiantly not peeping tonight😂 poor Miss Abigail was loving the windows open and laying in the window sills now their closed and she is roaming around the house going room to room.. she’s not liking it as well. Soon I keep saying Spring will come and stay .

The weather is as changeable as everything else lately …starting or adjusting to all the new changes and I’m haven’t even begun to feel the changes . Less then a month my son will graduate high school and I will then feel the change more then ever . Give me strength 🙄



Quietness is such a lonely feeling .. it make the nights even darker . The house is not even making its creaking noises . Everything seems settle except for my mind . My thought are scattered like a puzzle my emotions feel like there twirling like a tornado …so strange this newness .. is change ever easy !

Just the two of us…

It a rainy Friday night the house couldn’t be anymore quieter .. my daughters out off and on through out the weekend celebrating her friends birthday .My son will not be home until Sunday . ..out on an outdoor hiking trip and sadly is out of cellphone range . I hope both kids stay safe . My hubby and I just watched a movie we found , it was a comedy how can it not be funny love Jack Black …now settled in bed . The house just seems more quiet tonight Miss Abigail has been anti social all day sleeping behind our couches or sleeping downstairs when my daughter was not home this afternoon because of work and now settled on the couch in our living room instead of with hubby and I in bed I think the dreary rainy day put her in a mood .. I know I need to get use to this it’s just Winter is not the time to get use to new things and quietness is not my friend. I would even welcome the noise of the boys ( coyotes) running and howling through our woods to stir up some noise … 😥 sadly the outdoors is just as quiet as the night before. Hopefully soon my daughter will be home and my son is settled in with his buddies in the cabin they said they would be sleeping at and their laughing and having a good night . My hubby and I are watching the Winter Olympics now on its last weekend. Sunday will be the closing ceremony . Then our tv shows will be back on. Soon I hope sleep will settle in I think my hubby is hoping for the same . I know he’s thinking of the kids too. Doesn’t matter how old they get once you become a parent your always a parent and your heart is always with them❤️


I’m trying I really am but the mother in me and my mouth opens and once again I’ve failed…. on New Years I didn’t make a resolution but a try to do better kind of thing, I was going to try to worry less try to not be the overprotective mother and well I failed that more then once this weekend and it’s only Saturday night. Uggg … Friday he went to the gym and it was getting past the time they close I texted him ….(my son) I should know by now that when he is warming his car up he is checking his messages if I waited just a bit longer he would of been home and that would of been that . Instead I got why are you texting me it’s not late … and attitude it was. Then just now because he is actually home tonight I drilled him where all his friends where and what they where doing and he looked at me like I had three eyes🙄 he said you question when I go out and now you question when I’m home ? I know I was that roll eye pout face teenager so why can’t I learn. I need to shut my mouth 😫

Lazy Sunday…

Slept In late after waking from a horrible dream, actually just really strange , My son stayed at his girlfriends house because her parents didn’t want him driving home past curfew since he stayed so late due to her and her family flying to Ireland for Christmas and the Christmas vacation to see her Grandparents so he wasn’t wanting to leave to early . I as well as my husband was happy  they where kind and understanding to let him stay, sad part he had to be to work early so that was a 5:30 morning drive home to get ready and go. Let’s just say he was a very tired guy when he returned home 7 hrs later from work so he slept the early evening away un till 8 tonight its 11 and he is sleeping now . Today was just one of those lazy cold winter day where everything feels off kilt a bit …. I’m sure the strange dream did not help Christmas is a week away and I still have not been able to get in the spirit I guess that’s not going to happen this year . So many  things have happened that have been sad and life changing for our family and others and it’s just so hard to wrap my mind around buying things …..things that are really do not seem important at the moment my kids just want gift cards and that’s doable because they will even admit they  really do not need anything . Times have changed😥  I believe the toy days where easier and more exciting to shop for.. Trying not to be a humbug but there are some yrs it happens.well I guess I should get some sleep . Everyone’s home and settled in so that is nice .hopefully it helps for a restful night😊


MTV The 80’s ….

My hubby was doing what he does best and flicking through channels on the TV and he came upon the 80’s music flashback …yes our era. Oh my do I feel old hahaha I can sing every word and I thought it would make me feel sad looking back but honestly I am very surprised …. I’m not I feel yes older but mature and not as young in my mind as much as I thought but younger then I should feel for my age that I have to admit…but content . A couple yrs back watching this would of sadden me hahaha if anything yes I miss the good times of my youth my friends ..dancing to this, crying over lost boyfriends over these songs but that’s what we did and now listening is like hmm ok this song I like this song no . I believe I finally got past my 80″s fetish except for my hair yes I still have long curly puffy hair but that’s me love my hair yes there’s some grey in it that needs to go 🙂 but honestly I think what saddens and makes me feel older is my kids growing up and not needing me like they use to . Makes since right?? I think so..