Early Friday Night..

I guess it’s time to get some sleep .The house is so quiet. Except for the air conditioner humming everyone is settled in already early for a Friday summer night. … My kids have to be up and out of the house by 6 for work and National Guards , My other half is just tired from the long work week.., how things have changed .. no loud music pounding through the walls no friends laughing and jumping around. No in and out of kids coming through the door at all hours of the night. My son is growing up ,.. just happened way too fast now I have two grown kids now well I know that’s how it goes … sadly , so I think I will say my prayers and get some sleep. Then conquer early food shopping with my hubby . Get that out of the way. Well good night everyone.


Independence Day!

Today is Independence Day . It was a different one this year .. I think with it falling in the middle of the week didn’t help plus no fireworks until Friday night .. well there was some in other towns that my son went to tonight . My hubby and daughter have to work early tomorrow so staying up late plus the heat does not help so we will go Friday night. That being said with the weather so hot we spent it at my brother in-laws they have a decent size pool so we sat around it and yes there was a lot of swimming but no grilling out to hot to stand over it cooking so brought snacking foods . The day just felt so different like everything does this yr . It doesn’t feel like the 4th . Some States with the heat index their not doing fireworks instead lighting the sky up with drones , seems interesting . All in all it’s just a different kind of summer yes thinks change . Nothing stays the same. Each season is a bit different ,I guess it’s time to get use to it. I can’t wait until this heat cools a bit so I can feel that peacefulness sitting on my deck at night again. Love that .. but for now it’s me myself and I watching the fireworks on tv as a special from New York ,hubby is in bed and my daughter is settling downstairs. So I’m sitting in the living room enjoying the tv and will soon read a bit . To settle myself. 🙄

Quietness …

It’s been a serene kind of day … woke to a beautiful sunny morning enjoyed my coffee on the deck . Then went about doing what needed to be done. Same ol …. but today something felt different actually this whole week has felt different , usually I am occupied with what needs to be done with my son, schedules to be made things to get for him but this week since Graduation it’s been just what I needed to do for my hubby and I ,my son has taken care of his things and it feels like over night he has grown up even more go figure , he’s still 17 but I’m trying to stay out of his business ..long story .. let’s say no school drama on his end but mom got herself in a bit of a drama with one of his friends mom.. I should of known ..this lady has been a thorn in my side since the kids where in preschool together. Who would of thought I couldn’t have trusted her when she started gabbing and asking things about my son and I knowing what not to say still got me involved because she twisted things and her daughter screened shot her mother’s phone conversation…and my son saw it really why . Yes high school drama so I’m done .. my son would never touch my phone well even if he tried I’m smart ..called lock with a password and thumb print and other securities ,yes I am as private has my kids can be .. .. so now when she messages me and tries to ask things about my son even if she means well in which case I do not know and I ignore because sadly I really don’t know if she knows what her daughter did . Any how I am now out of that circle of his life shouldn’t have been in it to begin with . He knows I’m here if he needs me ..The days have been pretty quiet and for the most part it’s been nice . I’ve had time to connect with friends more , do projects that I love, I’m liking the change . It may change hahaha but at the moment it’s nice. Now if my husband would get on board it would be great .. everyday he comes home from work and asks so what are the kids doing ? hmm well let’s see their thing and when thier not home he questions when will they be here of course he puts that in my head and I’m the one who can’t sleep, thank god I’m a night person so I’m up for awhile but he’s sleeping good ,🙄 yeah change is not his thing , it isn’t for me as well but I tend to adjust to it better then him. Oh this is all going to be interesting ..

Oh Mother Nature!

It’s Saturday started off warm sunny birds where singing it was so beautiful slept with the window open all night falling to sleep to the sound of peepers . It felt like Spring had finally arrived .. hmm I guess Mother Nature didn’t think so as the day went on the winds started to blow the birds stopped singing and the temperatures started falling and did they fall ..its now evening we went from 70 yesterday to 30’s right now and freezing rain coming in and predicted for Sunday as well . My son went hiking with his track team on one of the many big mountains in our area this afternoon curious to hear how cold it was on top when he arrives home. Feels like winter is back for the moment. The peepers are defiantly not peeping tonight😂 poor Miss Abigail was loving the windows open and laying in the window sills now their closed and she is roaming around the house going room to room.. she’s not liking it as well. Soon I keep saying Spring will come and stay .

The weather is as changeable as everything else lately …starting or adjusting to all the new changes and I’m haven’t even begun to feel the changes . Less then a month my son will graduate high school and I will then feel the change more then ever . Give me strength 🙄

Just the two of us…

It a rainy Friday night the house couldn’t be anymore quieter .. my daughters out off and on through out the weekend celebrating her friends birthday .My son will not be home until Sunday . ..out on an outdoor hiking trip and sadly is out of cellphone range . I hope both kids stay safe . My hubby and I just watched a movie we found , it was a comedy how can it not be funny love Jack Black …now settled in bed . The house just seems more quiet tonight Miss Abigail has been anti social all day sleeping behind our couches or sleeping downstairs when my daughter was not home this afternoon because of work and now settled on the couch in our living room instead of with hubby and I in bed I think the dreary rainy day put her in a mood .. I know I need to get use to this it’s just Winter is not the time to get use to new things and quietness is not my friend. I would even welcome the noise of the boys ( coyotes) running and howling through our woods to stir up some noise … 😥 sadly the outdoors is just as quiet as the night before. Hopefully soon my daughter will be home and my son is settled in with his buddies in the cabin they said they would be sleeping at and their laughing and having a good night . My hubby and I are watching the Winter Olympics now on its last weekend. Sunday will be the closing ceremony . Then our tv shows will be back on. Soon I hope sleep will settle in I think my hubby is hoping for the same . I know he’s thinking of the kids too. Doesn’t matter how old they get once you become a parent your always a parent and your heart is always with them❤️