Quiet house…

It’s Saturday and having this house so quiet is just not right. I am missing the chaos of a active strong will son razzing me , the sound of the back door opening and closing .. even the sound of the blender waking me in the early morning while he made his healthy smoothies. Sadly it’s been only 3 days and it feels like he left weeks ago. Yes can you tell I’m not embracing this new change well? I’m hoping when he can start to call home once a week and we get his address and we can send letters I’ll adjust better. It’s just so hard when I’ve been a stay at home mom and this is what I’ve done for so long take care of my family. The funny thing , well not funny a bit frustrating I think our dryer is gave in and decided to retire ughh … now the funny thing is this would have been a catastrophe on any other day or time but tonight when I realized it and I had to hang the clothes that were not fully dry and know that it could take until Friday to get a new one by the time their open on Monday and then deliver and take away the old one it could be Friday and going to the laundry mat I may then loose it….I think my husband was shocked that I did not loose it when I realize it wasn’t working. I guess there so much more to worry about then this bit of a inconvenience but what can you do . I guess another funny thing I’m yawning .. yes a good thing I will get some sleep then letting everything keep me up worrying .. thinking . I guess it would be a good thing to get off here and get some sleep. Good night everyone.



It’s a cold quiet Friday night… except for the occasional cheer my husband yells out towards the TV when our baseball team hits a home run . It’s the playoffs so he’s anxious for our team to win. Miss Abigail is sleeping away how I do not know .. she is upstairs with my husband and I a lot lately … my daughter has been occupied by a friend of hers that broke up with her boyfriend so now every free moment my daughter has when she isn’t working or with her boyfriend she is out. My son took my husband for a hike this morning till mid afternoon so that made my husband happy , now my son is out with friends off and on until tomorrow night to see them while their back from college for the holiday weekend and my son wanting to see them before he ships out for Basic Training Wed . Sunday We will have a family party for him so all the family can come and see him enjoy some food , then Monday and Tues will be him getting ready for leaving. Now I’m starting to get more anxious with him leaving .. ugh I do not want to start this feeling I was doing good . Now I’m thinking and feeling how quiet it will be .. the days shouldn’t be too bad he’s not usually home during the day but the nights he is or has been a bit more lately and knowing he’s not in his room is making me feel anxious .. I keep saying just think he will be fine when I’m sleeping he will be he will have to be, and after two weeks he can call home on Sunday nights . I’m trying to sink this into my head sadly it’s not working. I’m hoping it’s just my mood tonight and tomorrow will seem better with this . I hope .

Reading would be good but I do not know if I could concentrate on it .. I know I should try it’s only 8:30 too early for bed. I know I need to try . I guess I will see if this helps.wish me luck. 😞

Thinking … all good

It’s 11:00 at night lately been sleeping at this time but stayed up to read a bit after chatting with my daughter as we watched some of the tv show The Voice. Now laying here in the darkness with the sound of the fan humming away . .. everyone’s settled in . It’s October already , unbelievable. The trees are starting to change a bit more each day . Some places it’s so beautiful. Over the weekend I went with my son to grab a coffee and then on our way home he took me for a ride on his favorite back roads.. dirt roads ,endless fields of green . Mountains off in the distance and with the foliage amazing and so serene. He loves the back roads like his mom🙂 it was nice being with him calm ,small chats he’s not much of a talker well maybe a bit more with his friends. We just drove along as he pointed out certain things that he liked as we went by certain sites . Time is flying by so it was nice to spend some time with him outside of the house on Friday he will take his dad on a hike my husband took the day off so they would have a day to spend together going on a hike. On Sunday we will have family over to see him . Sat is his day with his friends that will be back for from College being it’s a three day weekend ,to see him and they have several activities planned in just a nweek away and he will be off to Missouri for his Basic Training . He’s ready and I guess I am too well at least as much as a mom is when your child is ready to spread their wings know this is what he wants and I know he is a bit nervous but he’s ready. The holidays are coming and I know it will be different . Quieter … but we will do what we do with the rest of our family and will celebrate when he gets back as well .I will keep myself busy . Along with my hubby and daughters company . Plus I will get a chance to write letters to him which will be a nice change of pace . Love writing letters , with texting and messaging good ol writing with a pen and paper seems like a distant memory. Now I will get some time to do this again . He wants us to , to keep him posted on things going on I know he may not write back as much because in his spare time knowing him he will take advantage of getting some sleep , he says he will write I think one or two letters will come our way but will see . It’s okay if he doesn’t it will be nice for me to enjoy writing letters to him I’m looking at this with a different mind set . Well trying. (Hahaha) and I hope my husband follows. Will see .. I have plenty of books and my blog to do and read. Plus there is some movies my husband and I want to go and see . Also the occasional coffee moments with my daughter and chats. Hopefully some lunch dates too but I know she is busy with work and her boyfriend and friends . I understand that my daughter hasher life to live too . My husband and I will just need to do more activities out. .

Change is never easy but it’s a part of life and I need to embrace it , no fighting it. It’s time to move forward even if it means taking it at baby steps . Speaking of time I guess it’s time to say my prayers and get some sleep it’s getting past midnight . Good night everyone

Good Morning ..yawn

Good Morning .. crazy how Morning comes so quick.. ughh my son and I having such issue with sleep it doesn’t help for myself watching that show my daughter gets into ( read my last post it explains) and of course I did have a dream with the people from it , thankfully not a nightmare. I see my son is sleeping I wonder what time he fell asleep.?

Another day of grey clouds and humidity gave in and turn the air on when I woke . It got so unbearable last night . This weather is as crazy as my son and I’s sleepless nights . Last week it was so humid then the weekend came and it was only in the 50″s which felt so nice. Then Monday it just kept getting warmer and now humid. Mother Nature is in her own nasty pattern. Miss Abigail doesn’t seem to mind she just sleeps the day away. Oh to be a cat. Thankfully the house is pretty clean . Leftovers for supper tonight. One load of laundry going now so easy day and no more episodes of my daughters show she is all caught up (hahah) something pleasant before bed or I will read . I watched because she wanted me to and was upstairs so I said okay and warned her I would probably close my eyes a lot … I did. Well the washing machine is still humming so I guess until it stops I will catch up on The hurricane status . Hope all stay safe that are in her path.

Early Friday Night..

I guess it’s time to get some sleep .The house is so quiet. Except for the air conditioner humming everyone is settled in already early for a Friday summer night. … My kids have to be up and out of the house by 6 for work and National Guards , My other half is just tired from the long work week.., how things have changed .. no loud music pounding through the walls no friends laughing and jumping around. No in and out of kids coming through the door at all hours of the night. My son is growing up ,.. just happened way too fast now I have two grown kids now well I know that’s how it goes … sadly , so I think I will say my prayers and get some sleep. Then conquer early food shopping with my hubby . Get that out of the way. Well good night everyone.

Independence Day!

Today is Independence Day . It was a different one this year .. I think with it falling in the middle of the week didn’t help plus no fireworks until Friday night .. well there was some in other towns that my son went to tonight . My hubby and daughter have to work early tomorrow so staying up late plus the heat does not help so we will go Friday night. That being said with the weather so hot we spent it at my brother in-laws they have a decent size pool so we sat around it and yes there was a lot of swimming but no grilling out to hot to stand over it cooking so brought snacking foods . The day just felt so different like everything does this yr . It doesn’t feel like the 4th . Some States with the heat index their not doing fireworks instead lighting the sky up with drones , seems interesting . All in all it’s just a different kind of summer yes thinks change . Nothing stays the same. Each season is a bit different ,I guess it’s time to get use to it. I can’t wait until this heat cools a bit so I can feel that peacefulness sitting on my deck at night again. Love that .. but for now it’s me myself and I watching the fireworks on tv as a special from New York ,hubby is in bed and my daughter is settling downstairs. So I’m sitting in the living room enjoying the tv and will soon read a bit . To settle myself. 🙄

Quietness …

It’s been a serene kind of day … woke to a beautiful sunny morning enjoyed my coffee on the deck . Then went about doing what needed to be done. Same ol …. but today something felt different actually this whole week has felt different , usually I am occupied with what needs to be done with my son, schedules to be made things to get for him but this week since Graduation it’s been just what I needed to do for my hubby and I ,my son has taken care of his things and it feels like over night he has grown up even more go figure , he’s still 17 but I’m trying to stay out of his business ..long story .. let’s say no school drama on his end but mom got herself in a bit of a drama with one of his friends mom.. I should of known ..this lady has been a thorn in my side since the kids where in preschool together. Who would of thought I couldn’t have trusted her when she started gabbing and asking things about my son and I knowing what not to say still got me involved because she twisted things and her daughter screened shot her mother’s phone conversation…and my son saw it really why . Yes high school drama so I’m done .. my son would never touch my phone well even if he tried I’m smart ..called lock with a password and thumb print and other securities ,yes I am as private has my kids can be .. .. so now when she messages me and tries to ask things about my son even if she means well in which case I do not know and I ignore because sadly I really don’t know if she knows what her daughter did . Any how I am now out of that circle of his life shouldn’t have been in it to begin with . He knows I’m here if he needs me ..The days have been pretty quiet and for the most part it’s been nice . I’ve had time to connect with friends more , do projects that I love, I’m liking the change . It may change hahaha but at the moment it’s nice. Now if my husband would get on board it would be great .. everyday he comes home from work and asks so what are the kids doing ? hmm well let’s see their thing and when thier not home he questions when will they be here of course he puts that in my head and I’m the one who can’t sleep, thank god I’m a night person so I’m up for awhile but he’s sleeping good ,🙄 yeah change is not his thing , it isn’t for me as well but I tend to adjust to it better then him. Oh this is all going to be interesting ..