What a day.,.

Woke early for a Dr’s appointment which I do not enjoy . I’m not a very good patient I’ve been told.. I jumped in the shower , grabbed a cup of coffee that I only took 3 sips out of , choked down some eggs.. and out the door I went without thinking if I had a house key on the set of keys I use , since sharing my car with my son at the moment. Well no I didn’t and didn’t realize this until after I locked the door and shut it behind me..ūüôĄ I had no time to stress over it and the last thing I needed was my blood pressure being sky high. I get to my appointment and take two seconds to breath and calm down before walking in. With Dr’s orders I was off to the market to grab food that had more protein in it. I guess I need more protein. I had to go their anyways since I needed to grab my daughters house key. Chatted with her for a bit and then grabbed what I needed . My patience was not with me today , people walking in front of me and then looking at me like I cut them off. Yes this day was not starting off well. After rushing to get out of there . I came home turned up the music on my birthday present and did what needed to be done around the house. All seemed to be getting better as the afternoon went smooth. My son had some errands to run so he asked if I wanted to go so I did . We were having a great time laughing and talking and ready to go through the car wash when my phone went off notifying me that my daughter was texting me . Well…. going into the car wash did something must have darkened my face that the Face ID wouldn’t identify me . So it told me to put in my password . Okay… I am horrible with passwords . I typed in what I thought was right and it said try again . I did I was locked out for 2mins. To make a long story short it’s 7 in the evening and now I’ve been adding minutes to my lockout since 4 in the afternoon. I’m now up to an hour wait and calling the Apple store ..Oh you NEVER want to do this . They said either they disable the phone and I start over or I keep going until I can’t try anymore. and hope I figure it out until the time was up that they give you till they shut it down and then you drive an hour way to an Apple store for them to restart it. Well I was about to give up when I just stopped cleared my head for a bit and then it came to me. BINGO ! I was unlocked. Yes I did write it down this time. Oh that was just way to close . And why do we like cell phones? Because sadly this is what our life has come to. Our life being on this little device. What a day locked myself out of my house and my phone. Now I am finally calm and just relaxing watching the show practical jokes , (it is getting earlier and earlier with the sun setting and darkness settling in. ). Need to laugh. And this is the show that will do it. I should read but I really do not think I can focus on it right now. So I will sit here and enjoy the show with the nice company of my son .


Quiet house…

It’s Saturday and having this house so quiet is just not right. I am missing the chaos of a active strong will son razzing me , the sound of the back door opening and closing .. even the sound of the blender waking me in the early morning while he made his healthy smoothies. Sadly it’s been only 3 days and it feels like he left weeks ago. Yes can you tell I’m not embracing this new change well? I’m hoping when he can start to call home once a week and we get his address and we can send letters I’ll adjust better. It’s just so hard when I’ve been a stay at home mom and this is what I’ve done for so long take care of my family. The funny thing , well not funny a bit frustrating I think our dryer is gave in and decided to retire ughh … now the funny thing is this would have been a catastrophe on any other day or time but tonight when I realized it and I had to hang the clothes that were not fully dry and know that it could take until Friday to get a new one by the time their open on Monday and then deliver and take away the old one it could be Friday and going to the laundry mat I may then loose it….I think my husband was shocked that I did not loose it when I realize it wasn’t working. I guess there so much more to worry about then this bit of a inconvenience but what can you do . I guess another funny thing I’m yawning .. yes a good thing I will get some sleep then letting everything keep me up worrying .. thinking . I guess it would be a good thing to get off here and get some sleep. Good night everyone.

What a day…..

Today was the day we thought we would would welcome a new addition to our family .since our pup passed .. its been too quiet and my son wanted an animal he could take care of I was looking forward to it as well the companionship it would of been nice to have something to cuddle with. We went and looked at the cat my son made an appointment with to see and we got to the shelter and met Figaro and he was adorable calm but playful came to us by calling his name was so lovable we were hooked , we explained once again how my daughter lives downstairs with her female but she has access to the whole house . The lady said well this guy will not bother her it’s if Miss Abigail can live with another cat .. well let’s just say we brought the boy home and two hours later we were calling the shelter returning him . With two very heavy hearts my son and myself … it was a complete mess , chaos my daughters cat hissed .. growled then hissed at her owner my daughter when she try to grab her to comfort her. When that happened my daughter who is sensitive but strong willed got mad started crying yelling it wasn’t going to work .. I called the lady she said bring him in your sons room and let them get away from one another . Well he did the cat got comfortable on his bed my son was laying with him . Well Miss Abigail would not calm down kept doing this growling sound and my son and I kept wondering …thinking this is not healthy for either cat , but wanted to try a bit longer well with in an hour my son started sneezing is nose started to run and his eyes well one that he rubbed and the cat had shed .. his eyes got red and itchy and we thought oh no as it started to swell .. then my son was like oh great I’m allergic why .. well we come to find out he’s okay with Miss Abigail and my sisters cats but when he goes to this one friends house their cats bother him and now this new guy does so that added to the choice of having to bring him back .. so now it’s evening the house feels quiet again and my daughters cat Miss Abigail is still searching the house looking for the cat that is not here . I’m watching an HBO series that is a bit creepy but good in the living room , my son is in his room on his Xbox . I think him and I are feeling a bit resentful towards Miss Abigail I know it’s wrong to feel this way towards her because this his her home she was here first but it worries me she is too dominate that even a new dog would be chaos if we brought one in and I’m upset that Figaro is sitting Sleeping back in a shelter again .. and I feel bad for my son .. so it’s been a long day .. and I’m just sad…

Long Day….

A very long mentally exhausting day… moments on the phone dealing with financial aide and figuring out life that isn’t talking about my life but my sons …. yes defiantly something wrong with this picture …. be 17 and you think the world is yours hmm ..and things will just magically happened ….. NOT! ..Oh to be 17 and have your head in the clouds ….help! So yeah it got better towards night time when I’m trying to fix supper and my son in his mood comes home and throws a pkg of Hamburg on the stove to open and cook but the problem is the burner is still on because I’m still using it yeah the house filled with smoke I grabbed it but not fast enough the fire alarms are touchy but yeah there was smoke so they went off screaming through the house having Miss Abigail run for cover, my hubby running around and opening windows as my son stood there doing the blame game with me …oh boy let’s just say that didn’t last long I shut down and just glared when I do.not speak you know I’m done .. he just kept staring at me while we all finally sat at the table eating.. I have still said nothing even in his return from the gym.. I’m in my bed settling my mind or trying .. and flying the defeat flag tonight . Just tonight …

A New Day!!

I woke to a new day¬† sun shining big¬† blue sky and saw this simple beautiful rose out side my front door and¬† I just looked at it so bright and peaceful soaking in the sun not bad for¬† a November cold morning ..it was¬† just being and I sighed thinking now if this world could be as content as this rose taking in each day as it comes blossoming with not a care in the world just being …sometimes just being is such a beautiful feeling.. so I stood there admiring it as long as possible as¬† the world around me was¬† in total chaos over our new elected President , rioting in the streets in the cities and on the media¬† and people in my town voicing their opinions again and not being very nice I just turned off the sites and started on with my day with a thank you to this rose for showing me¬† that life is still beautiful and life still goes on and we have the choice to watch or not , to shut everything off and make it into a beautiful positive day . Positive was the direction I went, okay I will warn you¬† nothing exciting but I enjoyed a peaceful quiet cup of coffee and then did things around my house with my pups by my side happily carrying his toy in his mouth¬† once things were in there right place I¬† settled down to watch¬† my favorite soap opera with a cup of hot chocolate and watched the drama unroll through my show, now this drama I can handle.¬† Soon the quietness will be replaced with¬† dinner plates clanging my family chatting about their day and for me I will sit and listen laugh and smile as contentment sets in and that my friends is a good day.


Too much thinking ??

I feel like I am on a roller coaster emotionally in the path months . In the pat year I have felt content peaceful thought I had life figured out ….was I so wrong I guess we never have life figured out at any age.My life feels off kilt and i just want it back up straight. I want my contentment back. I am doubting everything I thought I did was right I am wishing I could go back and redo somethings because now trying to succeed at something again it maybe to late. so I am kicking myself…is this a midlife crisis? or just everything I believed I was doing was just the wrong way , well not everything just one thing or should say a person .¬† can you guess ? hahahaha my Son this has been what my last two posts have been about. Great kid¬† great grades has great friends him and his friends do not party like the other kids at school they hate the fact that kids are wasting themselves on drinking and drugs .their on the running team so they care about their bodies which I am so proud of and their so respectful to people but¬† great with people¬† except… us¬† his parents comes in the house kills him to speak hmm unless he wants something just not easy to love right now hate to say that do not get me wrong his dad and I love him just he makes it so hard. All I hear yup he is a teenager…ugh!!! so sick of hearing those words I m thinking that is not the case .Afraid we spoiled him and now we created ourselves a handful. My daughter was never this way . I was when I was 16 but I knew how far to push it with my parents. just so tired . and do not have any answers anymore. Help need some advice…