Sister Adventures..

Saturday woke to my sister calling and telling me not asking telling me we were going on an adventure I’ve how she calls a road trip an adventure. It was in the ’60s here so how could I say no. The first stop was for coffee and then off the tree of us went oh my niece was with us too she never misses out on these. And the road trip began. We headed towards Vermont. Let me just say we were very surprised there was no snow. I’m sure the skiers were more surprised. I will show you in photos too much to write. The country store was the cutest place they had everything and then some that you could imagine in it. I believe we spent over an hour in it. And then we had to drive across the covered bridge. Many of them are now just walk throughs So that was so much fun. You can see some snow on the mountain that is a ski resort but it did not look busy. We did get lost a couple of times the GPS was a bit confused had us turning around a couple of times and backtracking. But that was fun we just laughed and kept driving. We did stop to eat at a diner that was an old train cart but my phone at that point lost battery so till next time on that one. I’m sure we will go back. Then the day ended with me staying over and the three of us watching movies till 3 in the movies. So much fun. And as you see my weekend ended with a beautiful sunset.

Snow Day…

Stayed up late watching Mandalorian, I believe I’m spelling it right. It’s part of Star Wars. I love baby Yoda. He is the cutest little thing. His eye expressions get me every time. Yes, I said eye expressions. I’m on the 6th episode in season 1. After falling asleep halfway through the 6th episode, I decided to get some sleep. Knowing there was snow coming in, I wasn’t too worried about rest. I figured it would be a day spent inside. I woke late and just laid there. I am enjoying the quiet morning then deciding it was time for a shower and my coffee. The thought of coffee motivated me to do so. My poison. I enjoyed both my kid’s company. Such opposite they are, it always amazes me of how our conversations will go.

My daughter an introvert, and my son an extrovert, and I in between. I honestly believe I am a bit of both. I think that is possible. Now it’s evening, and thankfully the snow has stopped, and I am cozied up in my blanket on the couch, thinking I may find something to watch on my Chromebook. A hot cup of hot chocolate sounds delicious and comforting right now. I wonder if this is why I like coffee so much the warm cup in my hands. I guess that isn’t a bad thing. I use to smoke cigarettes to give my hands something to do when I talk. I talk with my hands, so I think coffee is much better than cigarettes. And I do like the taste and aroma of coffee. Tonight I will add some marshmallows in the hot chocolate instead of coffee. It sounds a bit strange, but it’s delicious. My daughter showed this to me. Not tonight though marshmallows win . okay time to start the kettle 😊 I took some photos of the snow I hope you enjoy them .

Moments ,memories..

It was a rainy day, and a good day for a hot cup of tea and listen to @Dr.andrea Dinardo’ video on her beautiful blog. and now an icy night. So dislike these days in the winter. Happy though that the day before was spent out and about with the sun shining bright. And a night out with my sister and her friend’s watching my niece sing at her high school winter concert. and then grabbing a bite out and many laughs and good conversation. I always have such a good time with my sister. I must say signs are still upon me. While I was looking out the window from my bedroom, enjoying the sun shining in taking in its warmth, a cardinal landed on the tree branch facing the window. It seemed to be looking in my direction but in not positive it was looking at me. Then as fast as it appeared it was gone. It did make me smile.and wonder what more surprises would arise throughout the day . I did get a message from a friend of my dad that I had been waiting for for weeks a reply back. So that was interesting. I haven’t talked In yrs with this person but hope he had some answers to some questions I had. So the timing of the cardinal and message was something. Coincidence no, no such thing. After that day I fell asleep at 10:30 so not typical of me. And it wasn’t due to a lack of coffee . I must be getting a high tolerance . So tonight on this icy night I’m cozied up on the couch and watching my favorite Friday night show Long Island Medium. I love that women. I find her fascinating . My friend and I want to go see her .. I know it sounds strange but it’s something we want to do . Tickets are actually not a bad price. We would really love to go to her house. But there is a long waiting list. Any way at least I can enjoy her show on Friday nights . The rain is still coming down but the temps are rising so the icing should stop soon . That’s a good thing. Will be headed out in the morning with my sister to get some Christmas shopping done and yes enjoy some coffee. For now going to sit back and enjoy my show. πŸ™‚

It begins..

It’s a quiet Sunday woke late that it was lunchtime, but I was eating breakfast yes when I should have been eating lunch. And I am enjoying my mug of coffee. The ridiculousness of should of. It’s a word I feel. We use at times when we regret. And I do not regret sleeping in or the very late night staying up and watching Hulu. The night is the best time for me. I am trying hard to let go of things. Let go of my overthinking mind that usually, for some reason, seems to escalate more on Sunday. And with this snowstorm coming my mood is fading. I know I should be used to this by now, but like everything in life, things change. I am happy my daughter is safely home from work and now waiting for my son to arrive back as well from work. He has already received the call. He has no school tomorrow. He will head back to school Monday night. Hopefully, the roads will be clear It’s 4 in the afternoon, and I’m on my second mug of coffee, and I’m sure there will be a couple more to follow. Oh, how I dread this snow. I think before my next mug of coffee, I will do a few this gs around the house and move a bit before I find something on Hulu. πŸ™„

What a day…

Let’s see fell asleep earlier again well early for me 1 instead of 3 then dragged myself to the shower and yes the coffee pot more like ran to it . Nothing like a big hot cup of coffee on a cold morning ..afternoon.. and evening (haha) and yes I do sleep. After some breakfast I was out the door around noon arriving home at 6 . Had an appointment A stop at the grocery store and then met up with a friend. We talked forever . About what I don’t know .. many subjects though she and I can talk forever do that shouldn’t be surprising. Do you ever have a day where ever you go people just strike up a conversation with you ? And it just keeps going through out the day everyone you run into wants to talk. That was my day. Then I get home finally and get online to check my FB and everyone’s messaging me. I had to let them go politely. I know it’s social media what do you expect right? But I’m a bit talked out. Now I’m settled on the couch cozy under my blanket a book near by . And my phone to listen to some music on. Let’s see what will relax me more. Book or music, I’m thinking music I believe once I put the earplugs in and turn on the music I’ll be asleep. And my thought can settle down and take a break . Yes being a thinker it’s hard at times I do not believe for a thinker a clear mind is possible . . Will see though. πŸ™‚


It’s a quiet Sunday night darkness is already upon us has been for hours now. I’m wrapped in a blanket cozy upon my couch with a warm cup of coffee in hand. The silence is deafening making the the thoughts in my head a bit noisier . Im trying to embrace this moment but there is too many should of’s going through my thoughts. I know pointless.. or are they? Can we find answers from should of’s or only regrets? I do not like regrets . But my mind does wander there as well . I’m always telling my kids never regret . But then here I am . Oh we can be our own worse enemy at times . Off and on I hear the sound of the heat click on or a distant sound of the train near by .I wonder how many times a train goes by without even knowing until it’s silent then I hear it every time. The sound of it whistle echoing through the cold dark night. It’s silly but I always find it comforting. For a minute it’s sound takes me away from my thoughts. Yes a Moment of peace. I close my eyes and I take a deep breath in then out . And I do it all over again . My thoughts are so close to the surface with every beat of my heart. It’s the thought that touch your heart that are a bit more complicated ..For another day I think I will visit those thoughts for now I will just sip on my coffee feel its warmth and listen for another train to roll on by.