woke to a thunking sound and I just laid in bed trying to ignore it haha my daughter who was up early getting ready for work came in to my bedroom to tell me that the bluebird was back again hitting against our living room window and clinging to the screen ….yes again over the weekend it was doing this and it was so creepy it wouldn’t stop .Miss Abigail was going crazy jumping in the window and making cat noises it finally stopped and went away when I pounded on the window . There is a bird house below the deck railing so it could have babies in it she’s protecting …..I hope hahaha you can see it in the photo peeping in as well as the crazy squirrel that has been hanging from the feeder since I finally rolled out of bed and dragged myself to the kitchen for coffee. Their it was just hanging there . Crazy morning out my window . The bird is gone once again but Miss Abigail is still unsettled she is hiding . Well my coffee is finished and now time to get some things done around the house. I hope everyone has a great day .



it’s been a quiet easy going day after the errands were done supper was ready to be prepared and then our favorite tv show was on . Everyone’s home , 2 nights in a row … I said to my hubby do not get too use to it 🙂 he agreed . They have just been busy and now tired out. Our shows are over early and we have settled in for the night as have the kids . I may actually get to sleep earlier for a change . Need to get In a better sleeping pattern. When I do not sleep well mornings are not good. No amount of coffee will work, hmm my hubby just shut the tv down and yes the fan is on humming away. I guess it’s time to settle . I hope everyone has a good night . Wish me luck 🙂

Three day weekend rides!

Three day weekend rides are so relaxing. My hubby had a three day weekend also it’s the start of April vacation week for my son. The first photo was taken today (Monday )we woke to this hitting the windows it’s really not snow more like sleet and now it’s being washed away from the buckets of rain that has been coming down all day. The next photos are of our weekend ride before all the sleet arrived . We went on a back road and yes indeed a back road no guardrails to protect you if you veered off some parts along the river where pretty steep that I couldn’t take a photo of because I hate heights 😂this river is called the Green river if you notice yes it’s Green color because of the clay in it , a lot of people find it refreshing in the summer if your daring’s so cold…it’s also a perfect river to fish in. It was a nice ride even though the temps where only in the 30’s but nice and warm in the truck. Spring is just not wanting to come.. now their saying we are looking at a cool Month of May …. oh I hope their wrong. My son was happy to be inside today after his hike /run with his track team well the ones who where daring enough to do so with the coach. Where they ended up standing in a foot of snow and extremely cold . Which sadly found out running /hiking up in a T-shirt and jogging pants.. he wasn’t lazy inside today tho just inside at the gym working out.. any how this weather is crazy but the ride was nice ..would like to see some flowers tho…. especially my roses would be a beautiful sight 🙂

Good Morning!

imageGood Morning ! It’s a  quiet morning and going to be a quiet day as well with Miss. Abigail and I wherever she is roaming around the house some where. Everyones off to work and school early .i was looking forward to the first day off Track and Field for my Son but because of the rain and Thunderstorms coming in ….yes thunderstorms possibly ,strange after having snow showers the day before. Well anyways the meet got cancelled. Enjoying my coffee and catching up on the news of course the washing machine is always a noise echoing through my house that or the dishwasher … Always something …today I will not be pushing myself too much with the warmer temps and rain my hip is a bit lame . Rain always makes me a bit more lame. So do what I can and then it will be laying low with my soapy and adult coloring I should do some , in he summer I seem to do it less unless it’s a rainy indoor day.. Worked on a page the day before I’m not sure if I like it I messed up with the green not making sure I had the right green and started coloring and now I. can’t go back hahaha  time for one more cup of coffee then do a bit .have a great day everyone 🙂

April Snow…

Good morning it’s April 2nd and we wake to this , the photo doesn’t show it but it’s still snowing a bit luckily it’s not staying on the roads but sadly my bare greening yard is now white again… oh Mother Nature why? Wednesday is my sons first track and field meet so hopefully this melts and we do not get anymore .

The weekend was nice I hope everyone had a nice Easter Now onwards to a new week and back to routine a bit, days of total routine have become instinct well for myself it’s just my usual what needs to be done if you know what I mean. .. The kids have their own routine . My time is becoming just my time more and more these days. Coffee taste good watching the morning news and the snow coming down .

Sunday Night

The day started with dragging my butt out of bed with a struggle after a night of endless dreams I couldn’t even remember when I woke up. I walked tiredly to the shower and then out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee hoping to wake me up and help my mood to get ready to do food shopping that desperately needed to be done and there was no way holding it off for another day. Hubby and I finished that chore and then the rest of the day was quiet puts some laundry in and watched endless episodes of the show Roseanne …. yes the show is coming back for 9 episodes since ending in 1998 . I had it playing as I went around the house decluttering. My son laid around all day hydrating himself after yesterday’s Pentathlon and 1st week of track and field practice his body needed some down time . Hubby went to help a friend and my daughter had to work so it was just my son and I and Miss Abigail who spent the day roaming around the house. The day went by quietly to a beautiful sunset ending the day bringing it into the evening. Now just settled chatting with my daughter for a bit before she goes to settle down in her place hubby’s already settled in bed as well as my son so I will be there shortly as well. 🙂

Once again Friday!

Good Morning once again it’s Friday. The weeks feel like they are flying by as quick as the weekends… can it slow down just a bit ? I know I stated in my last posts how I wanted them to to get to my sons graduation , BUT I want time with him before this summer as well 🙄 once summer comes he will be off and running … working friends more gym I won’t see him even as much as I do now but so much less . My daughter will be running just as much … it’s what it should be I know no stopping it.

Last night I tried reading and I think I waited too late my eyes got heavy I couldn’t get into it and my hubby had the 80″s channel on so all the 80″s hits where playing and the videos oh my …. well the book was put down and we just sat their in our bed just singing away okay I know how foolish it sounds hahaha you should of saw my son when he walks in to the house returning from the gym and it’s 10 at night and your parents are singing away to each other and laughing this was his face 🙄 hahaha yep he just kept on walking to his room. Hey we love our 80″s 🙂 my daughter as well came home and just laughed at us and then went to her place … well except she left Miss Abigail who kept scratching at our bed so I had to text her to come get her or my hubby wouldn’t have been sleeping last night . She so loves to bother him . Time to finish my coffee and get things done errands to run fun stuff … no .