Pleasant Day!

Even though it was was just one of those days during the week that your basically just doing what you do your mind is at ease you get things done easily and it’s just makes for a pleasant day 🙂 I think it helps that today is the last day of January …..not my favorite month . Plus I ran in to my favorite nephew who my son could be his mini me even though my nephew is in his 30’s him and my son resemble one another in just about every way looks their mannerisms …. and girls are attracted to them and they know it but they know what they want . Their hearts are both so big . So that made my day to see him and his lady . After that I came home and started making my homemade chicken and rice soup which happily it’s done and the house smells so good , Perfect on this cold day. . Now just waiting for everyone to come home . Once again I will remind you it really doesn’t take much to make me happy❤️


Winter Ride..

imageimageimageOn Monday it was a holiday so my husband had it off and we decided to take a ride. The sun was shining but the temps where only 19  it was nice and warm in the car . We thought we would check out all the ice that everyone was talking about . The ice as you see was unbelievable, it’s so thick  it’s pretty how it flows down on the ledges of the side of the banks of the mountains . They look like beautiful sculptures . The mountain you see is the mountain my sons track team hiked up as well on the day off for practice , he’s hiked that plenty of times and never  it gets old. The younger new kids on the team loved it. So that was exciting to see where he hikes I had never seen it until that day it looks so amazing with bright blue sky above it . I must sa it was such a nice way to spend a cold winter day away from the house with my husband and what better way to end the ride but a stop at one of our favorite coffee places  for a white chocolate with a swirl of raspberry coffee  so good. ❤️





weekends why do they have to go by so fast.  It was nice not having any set plans just whatever came up or didn’t was nice most of the weekend was pretty much spent inside keeping warm and  for the most part we all where at home,my daughter is sick and has a notice to stay out of work for several days so she laid around and read and watched movies with me and slept my poor daughter winter is not her friend she gets sick so much during this time ,we both believe she should of had her tonsils out but everyone she saw said no there fine and now she gets the worst sore throats   .I think this time around we may have to push it more but now she is older and risk factor is not good . We will  have to talk to the doctors about this more. My son was in and out when he was out he came home earlier and then spent it in his room .life of a teenager. No work for him on saturday  was scheduled for night skiing instructor but they closed due of the wind chill then today he was not schedule , now he is at his girlfriends and I’m trying to not worry and check in with him there is school tomorrow so he will be home at a decent time. It’s just where his girlfriend lives is not an easy drive . But can’t think about it. Nope ….not coloring watching The Golden Globe Awards  with my hubby and my daughter . All in black tonight the actresses and actors for sexual harassment awareness . A topic I won’t get started with but yes applauding them wearing their black. Im hoping he is home soon… Okay I know don’t think about it 😞 One track mind sorry…. .

Long Day….

Today was a very long dreary day . My anxiety was up for once it wasn’t about worrying about my son I knew he was having fun on the slopes with his friends . It was from watching the snow fall endlessly all day and seeing the trees swaying back and forth . I felt  stuck in the house and being dreary out did not help. Boston  sadly is in rough shape over. A Foot of snow and coastal flooding so the schools and some business are closed tomorrow as well as for us too we got the call tonight that school is cancelled tomorrow due o the wind chill road conditions and busses not being able to start so a 3day weekend for us and the surrounding schools . My daughter will go into work tomorrow afternoon and my hubby will find out in the morning if he is to report.This is becoming a scary winter season ……can you say global warming or are we all going to be in denial to admit this. It’s been a very hot  stormy summer and now a very brutaly cold stormy winter. All of this is feeling pretty scary I must admit. This word is changing in so many ways and not all for the best makes me nervous. What can we do?  I’m just hoping for the sun  to come out at least even though it will be too brutal to go out . I just need the sun to shine . Let’s hope .Okay time for me to settle under thes blankets and try to get some sleep. Goodnight !

Snow Day 2

Here we are. a day in together ..going to be a long winter . The temps are only at 19 the wind is blowing the snow all over the place . I think Miss Abigail has the right idea she is nice and comfy on my bed. We are hoping the power stays on . .So for now the heat is up to keep the house warm . So many states are being effected by this storm and there is many delays and cancellations at the airport , my son’s girlfriend is suppose to be flying home from Scotland into Boston with her family today I do not believe that will happen if so I wish for a safe flight and drive home from the airport . The airport to where she lives our way is  a two hour drive but in this weather you would need to add an hour or more . Spring can not come fast enough.




What a day…

lets see after a night of laying awake because the house kept making random banging popping noises because of the cold . Then awakened by my husband”s sudden movement at 5:30 this morning to find out it was my son leaving for the gym ….hmmm can you say why… I finally fell back to sleep when the front door opened at 8:00 to him getting home and I was up  yawning my way to the coffee pot and inhaling the incredible scent of hot steaming coffee . About an hour later everyone was out the door my hubby off to get an oil change on his truck my daughter and son off to work and some moments to myself as Miss Abigail followed me around the house collecting laundry and cleaning up then there was errands to run and then back home to prepare supper and catch my favorite daytime soapy, The sun is settling and I was happy to catch the beautiful sunset .Now I’m sitting ready to color until everyone gets home, I have the tv on and the movie not the animated version but the one with Jonny Depp”s Alice  In Wonderland is on ..ummm let me just say of all the kid moviess, fairytales this was not one of them I do not even own the animated one. This movie just never set well with me it always just seemed  like such a strange movie it was not one I ever introduced my kids to when they where younger it’s funny though because over the yrs my kids did see it and my daughter shares the same feeling of it as I🙂. I laugh with what she says it represents to her now as an adult I hope no one gets offended but I have to agree it’s like some one is on a bad trip if you know what I mean and they need to come out of it …..hahahaha sadly I agree. Thankfully my hubby just arrived home and news will now take its place . coloring will wait till later must go and check on my supper..  My son just arrived home looking tired and cold and it looks like he is ready to settle in …good night to .Soon the house will be making its noises again the house is starting to feel cold another cold night is once again upon us.image

Lazy Sunday…

Slept In late after waking from a horrible dream, actually just really strange , My son stayed at his girlfriends house because her parents didn’t want him driving home past curfew since he stayed so late due to her and her family flying to Ireland for Christmas and the Christmas vacation to see her Grandparents so he wasn’t wanting to leave to early . I as well as my husband was happy  they where kind and understanding to let him stay, sad part he had to be to work early so that was a 5:30 morning drive home to get ready and go. Let’s just say he was a very tired guy when he returned home 7 hrs later from work so he slept the early evening away un till 8 tonight its 11 and he is sleeping now . Today was just one of those lazy cold winter day where everything feels off kilt a bit …. I’m sure the strange dream did not help Christmas is a week away and I still have not been able to get in the spirit I guess that’s not going to happen this year . So many  things have happened that have been sad and life changing for our family and others and it’s just so hard to wrap my mind around buying things …..things that are really do not seem important at the moment my kids just want gift cards and that’s doable because they will even admit they  really do not need anything . Times have changed😥  I believe the toy days where easier and more exciting to shop for.. Trying not to be a humbug but there are some yrs it happens.well I guess I should get some sleep . Everyone’s home and settled in so that is nice .hopefully it helps for a restful night😊