Writing.. Random thoughts..

The brightness of the full moon casts a shadow like a halo around it the wind screams. As a child having a tantrum . But in the distance, I can still hear the rumble of the train and it’s whistle that cries out through the cold night like a wounded animal. The scene is eerie sending a chill through my body. But the night is still like an old friend to me. I embrace the darkness. As I walk the window blows my hair against my face tickling my cheeks. I keep walking letting the coldness numb my thoughts. At least hoping it will. These endless thoughts need some answers but there is none to be found so numbness will do. As I walk a stray empy can rolls by me I go to pick it up but the wind is quicker than I am. I hear it hit against something in the darkness. I cannot see what it is. I keep walking. Letting the light of the moon guide my way. To where I do not know I just keep walking letting my thoughts slowly get numb so I do not have to think. Relief from them for a bit is all I can ask for.

Snow Day…

Stayed up late watching Mandalorian, I believe I’m spelling it right. It’s part of Star Wars. I love baby Yoda. He is the cutest little thing. His eye expressions get me every time. Yes, I said eye expressions. I’m on the 6th episode in season 1. After falling asleep halfway through the 6th episode, I decided to get some sleep. Knowing there was snow coming in, I wasn’t too worried about rest. I figured it would be a day spent inside. I woke late and just laid there. I am enjoying the quiet morning then deciding it was time for a shower and my coffee. The thought of coffee motivated me to do so. My poison. I enjoyed both my kid’s company. Such opposite they are, it always amazes me of how our conversations will go.

My daughter an introvert, and my son an extrovert, and I in between. I honestly believe I am a bit of both. I think that is possible. Now it’s evening, and thankfully the snow has stopped, and I am cozied up in my blanket on the couch, thinking I may find something to watch on my Chromebook. A hot cup of hot chocolate sounds delicious and comforting right now. I wonder if this is why I like coffee so much the warm cup in my hands. I guess that isn’t a bad thing. I use to smoke cigarettes to give my hands something to do when I talk. I talk with my hands, so I think coffee is much better than cigarettes. And I do like the taste and aroma of coffee. Tonight I will add some marshmallows in the hot chocolate instead of coffee. It sounds a bit strange, but it’s delicious. My daughter showed this to me. Not tonight though marshmallows win . okay time to start the kettle 😊 I took some photos of the snow I hope you enjoy them .

Feeling under the weather…

unnamedIt’s a cold  dreary Sunday afternoon. It’s okay it basically how I am feeling.  Winter is here and so are the colds and viruses that sadly come along with this season feeling a bit under the weather .My son who is on his way back to his college dorm feeling it too. I may have got this from him . The house was quiet except for the rumbling of the washing machine washing all his blankets .The TV is off and I am stretched out on the couch cozy under a blanket with all my essentials  a hot cup of tea next to me. My recent read And yes my laptop on my lap . The silence is nice It’s my peace since napping is not something I do well. I had this whole post I wanted to write which I may later ,it’s about coincidences . For now I am just enjoying my tea and just writing gibberish to keep me put on this couch to relax. 😊 I know to well I will try to find something to do . I guess I will try reading a bit. And I’ll be back on later with my post I actually wanted to write.


What a day…

Let’s see fell asleep earlier again well early for me 1 instead of 3 then dragged myself to the shower and yes the coffee pot more like ran to it . Nothing like a big hot cup of coffee on a cold morning ..afternoon.. and evening (haha) and yes I do sleep. After some breakfast I was out the door around noon arriving home at 6 . Had an appointment A stop at the grocery store and then met up with a friend. We talked forever . About what I don’t know .. many subjects though she and I can talk forever do that shouldn’t be surprising. Do you ever have a day where ever you go people just strike up a conversation with you ? And it just keeps going through out the day everyone you run into wants to talk. That was my day. Then I get home finally and get online to check my FB and everyone’s messaging me. I had to let them go politely. I know it’s social media what do you expect right? But I’m a bit talked out. Now I’m settled on the couch cozy under my blanket a book near by . And my phone to listen to some music on. Let’s see what will relax me more. Book or music, I’m thinking music I believe once I put the earplugs in and turn on the music I’ll be asleep. And my thought can settle down and take a break . Yes being a thinker it’s hard at times I do not believe for a thinker a clear mind is possible . . Will see though. 🙂

Full moon

  • (Hope you don’t mind the music in the video .. )The moon is full and bright tonight. The light radiating from it has my yard filled with shadows. It’s creepy how the woods look when there’s a full moon. I would doubt the animals are roaming around tonight it’s so cold . I was just talking with a friend tonight on FB who said they were working a 6 to 6 shift tonight making snow at out local ski resort. Soon skiers and snowboarders will be enjoying the slopes. My son loves to snowboard . Did so much of it throughout his elementary and high school yrs . Then the first yr after graduating . Now I think he will be too busy to enjoy. I use to love going and watching him when he was younger flying down the slopes . Yes at time I closed my eyes . ( hahaha) we did have a moment of some snow flakes but then the sun came out nice and bright. Not that I minded. I was even shocked that I enjoyed the cold . I actually found it refreshing. People have laughed at this when I told them this. Just trying to stay positive about it . I need to I dread winter. I’m a fire sign I need the sun. No sun is not good. My friend keeps telling me to go to a tanning salon and It would make me happy . I’m not sure if I dare. I’ve heard so many different things on this .
  • It’s midnight and at the moment I’m wide awake. I’m watching Long Island Medium . My friend thinks I should go onto her website and try to see her. I don’t know . I love Theresa I’m just afraid what she may come up with. I feel deeply . So it scares me a bit. Before my mom had passed she asked for me . I was home taking care of my newborn. She told my sisters who were with her she needed to talk to me then she passed. This has had me wondering for yrs. maybe it was nothing… but what if it was something ..do I want to know or will it just cause me anguish? Once you open that door it will be hard to close. Oh how we wonder. Well time to think of getting some sleep. Goodnight everyone.


It’s been a nice relaxing day in staying warm . Enjoying my daughters company as we went about the house getting things done that needed to be. We laughed and chatted and enjoyed many cups of coffee which is probably why I still up at 1 in the morning . Slowly fading will soon be heading to bed. Just taking in the silence it’s nice . I love night time . I just feel my best. Odd as it seems. As I sit here cozy in a blanket I can see the stars shining Bright in the crisp cold sky. Earlier I could hear the sound of the coyotes running by .. they were close to the house tonight. An eerie sound something you never get use too . All is quiet now as I will be … short post tonight as I call it a day. Have a good night everyone and for those just waking good morning.