Always something…

It was a rainy muddy dreary Sunday.. the mud mixed in with the snow has now made it ugly looking out and makes for wanting Spring to come quicker. I know in due time… today went by slowly , I made a chicken soup for my daughter and I because we needed to eat , while my hubby just sipped broth and ate jello . He can’t wait to get the colonoscopy done tomorrow. So I ll be going to bed soon since I need to bring him , my daughter is going to come to keep me company while we wait for him. ,after supper he settled on the couch watching racing and dozing .. we thought we would watch a movie but he didn’t think he would be able to focus on it so I let him sleep and I did some coloring and giving my mind a break from my wandering thoughts.

I’m now laying in bed and was I say WAS ready to settle in for some sleep but my son texted me with I’m so ready to come home , crazy things happening here. I’m like oh no I don’t know if I like the sound of that . There’s been a lot of fights there lately and he now just told me the barracks next to his is on fire . Ughh !!! He said there is so many fire trucks and you can see the flames coming through the doors .. he said luckily their barrack is far enough away . and he is safe He didn’t say much else and I didn’t ask just Incase he had already told me too much .. all he said Was goodnight to me and said his barracks are being told to settle so I guess they want them off their phones . Oh being a mother is hard no matter how old they are and yes he’s in the Army but that doesn’t mean I can’t worry a bit or won’t.,… how I wish he could just get on a plane and come home now! lol I actually told him that he had texted back , wish it was that easy🙄 well he said he was safe and getting some sleep or going to try and I guess I will do the same . Morning will be here soon enough.


The snow is coming . The warmth in the house is a bit chillier soon need to turn the heat up … it’s been a day of I don’t know … nothing (hahaha) I really do not know what I’ve done with this day . It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I’ve find myself thinking where did the time go? Yes I did clean what needed to be done around the house and supper is ready to go . It’s the other things. I find myself at night reading, journaling and finding then that there is just not enough time to my day ….I’m trying to fit everything in it’s crazy that I’m trying to fit everything in ,in the evening. Then I wonder why I am up until after midnight. Need to find my balance. For now it’s time to think about preparing supper . Maybe being snowed in this weekend I can get into a routine of some sort to do all that I enjoy.

Friday rainy day nothings…

Rainy day . ..a calm quiet day , temps are cool, things are done around the house just supper has to be made but that’s in a bit . Enjoying some hot chocolate while talking with my daughter. My son left at 6 this morning and arrived home around 2 he has showered and is laying down now . He took a hike up on Mt Greylock an elevation of 3,491 I dislike when he does this hiking alone but he prefers it then he can go at his own pace . The day before I started on another adult coloring page. It’s coming along pretty good. After supper is made and cleaned up and the evening turns into night I think I will work on some more of the page . I guess it’s time to get supper going

Good Morning!

imageGood Morning ! It’s a  quiet morning and going to be a quiet day as well with Miss. Abigail and I wherever she is roaming around the house some where. Everyones off to work and school early .i was looking forward to the first day off Track and Field for my Son but because of the rain and Thunderstorms coming in ….yes thunderstorms possibly ,strange after having snow showers the day before. Well anyways the meet got cancelled. Enjoying my coffee and catching up on the news of course the washing machine is always a noise echoing through my house that or the dishwasher … Always something …today I will not be pushing myself too much with the warmer temps and rain my hip is a bit lame . Rain always makes me a bit more lame. So do what I can and then it will be laying low with my soapy and adult coloring I should do some , in he summer I seem to do it less unless it’s a rainy indoor day.. Worked on a page the day before I’m not sure if I like it I messed up with the green not making sure I had the right green and started coloring and now I. can’t go back hahaha  time for one more cup of coffee then do a bit .have a great day everyone 🙂


Oh this time change is not going to be easy …. let’s see my hubby and I settled in bed around 9 and I can’t even tell you how many live PD episodes my hubby was watching as I adult colored . My daughter and her friend came home around 10:30 my son was snowboarding with his friends till closing … then I get a text that he was staying after with the ski school department he works for saying they where going to have pizza , play pool , then would be home . Well lets Just say this was around 10 and it’s 11:30 and he’s still out live PD is not what you watch over and over … I put my coloring away told my hubby to go to bed I would text him if it got close to his driving curfew 12:30 … oh lets just say I was hoping my son didn’t make me feel I had to text him I wanted him to know I trust him . So I laid there dozing off and on looking at my my bedroom window hoping above the shade would light up , when someone drives in at night it lights up the yard and my window.. hmm so it got to 12:10 no light , I closed my eyes begging don’t make me call hahaha when I open my eyes saw no light heard no door opening I grabbed my phone I lit it up to text what’s up when ahh.Saw Lights ….yes ! I quickly shut the screen to darkness and put it on my night stand and got comfortable and acted like I was settled he came in I could see him come walking down peaked in to my room I said oh did you lock up ? he said yup all set goodnight. I said goodnight with a smile on my face looked up and said thank you for getting him home safe and on time and for my patience. 🙂

Morning came and yes time change had kicked my butt hahaha and it was going on 8 ughh when I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower even though by rights it was 7 … and my son is back up on that mountain already his third home well he’s working but it’s his third home second is the gym . My hubby and I are just sitting here enjoying our coffee in a daze .. my hubby will be going to a friends this afternoon to play some cribbage with a friend a thing he does with an old friend of his twice a month I will stay back do some more adult coloring on the page I was working on last night that I’m really enjoying. Still feel a bit under the weather. .

Coloring … thinking😔

It’s Monday night and it’s been a day of too much thinking.. I think I’m as anxious as my son waiting to see if his letter comes in the mail ..hopefully an acceptance letter . I’m anxious for him but whatever happens I will be happy I just want him to be happy safe and healthy he wants to do the ROTC so the colleges he applied to will help him with that . The time is going so fast …too fast in 3 months he will graduate from High School and he’s in his last season of track and field and I know he’s sad because I saw his post on his Instagram that showed it.😔 so my thoughts got going and decided to color , happy now as I was coloring because my son came home and was happy … nooo no letter remember I checked already today 🙂he told us how he was going to do the pentathlon for our town he will be doing the biking part I’m sooo happy he has not done this in several years and him and the team did so good , I believe they where second place and he has a good team this time too. It’s so much fun to watch. Something to look forward too.

Thankfully I have this I love to do to occupy my mind. Its coming along good. This is so detailed and challenging and what I need right now ..To help keep my thoughts from swirling..well back to it I go 🙂

Can we just stay home……

Ahh finished …and I like how it looks. Simple one but fun . With this flu epidemic I’m okay with staying home . I can Color away and feel no guilt hahaha . I hate how we have this flu going around so bad this yr and everyone cannot just stay home. I understand if you have work and School but after can we all just wash our hands and occupy ourselves at home ? That’s why it was take out on the weekend my hubby said let’s eat out I was like let’s not will order it out and we can watch a movie at home. You know sometimes it’s just has to be …. can we please just put our running around aside .. in trying to stress this to my kids and no they are not listening ughhh … I’ll keep trying . For now it’s reading coloring Movies at home.