The Quietness….

I lay here in the warmth of my bed , darkness all around me except for a shadow of light from the moon above.  The sounds  of a trains whistle  in  the distance breaks the quietness  that  is comforting but almost unsettling…. The quietness comes back my eyes are feeling heavy soon sleep will be upon me . So I say my prayers to the heavens above thanking God for all the blessings he has given me…then I turn gently to my side trying to not awake my husband who is sleeping softly next to me, has I lay there. sleep takes over me and I fall gently to sleep…..


The quietness….

I wasn’t going to write again today after my long one this morning. I had a quiet evening at home with my pups and daughters kitty. and my husband was with my son and my daughter worked so I took the alone time and colored and finished another page …must say it’s a comforting and relaxing and before I knew it my daughter was home with pizza yum!!! here is the picture I finished  will post it and now say good night hope everyone has a pleasant night..20160122_180554-1coloring 3