I’m feeling a bit confused but most of all sad…. I’ve written 4 letters to my son more then anyone else in the family… yesterday my hubby and daughter each received a letter in the mail from my son .. my daughter said he sounded good but missed home and question that it seem that we were doing ok without him away it enlighten him . My husband s letter was good as well and he told him he was happy finally get letters from everyone but what about mom ? Is she sending any. Or is friends… I wanted to cry .. where are my letters … they never were sent back to me , so is someone else’s receiving them and holding my words from my heart that iso desperately for my son …. I hope he soon realizes I wrote and he just didn’t get them and that I wasn’t just too busy and free. I am never busy enough to not be there for my kids. If I have any luck at all it’s bad luck… I hope he can call this weekend . . I’m so confused I used the same envelopes address and there was no way you couldn’t read my handwriting the post office could… I just don’t know.. I guess it’s time to start this day . Even though there’s not much to do.. at least its Friday and now three days to hope he can call home.

Saturday’s ….

This day is going by fast … woke to the sound of the wind doing havoc outside to the trees . It’s making for a cold day. So good day for food shopping and grabbing a coffee . Happy that is done nothing I hate more is food shopping. People are so rude in a grocery store have you ever notice that? I guess it’s probably because they hate it as much as I do 🙂 but I am nice until you hit my carriage … yes this has happened many times. People trying to get around you and you do not notice so instead of saying excuse me they hit my carriage with theirs . Hmm then that’s when I’m done and I want out of there .

Thankfully Home until I walk into complete kitchen mayhem ..I know I had clean when my hubby and I left… dishes everywhere . My son can cook and cook good but lacks the ambition to cleanup after ughh . My daughter just sitting at the table on her phone just getting up .. oh my what have we created🙄 kitchen”s clean groceries put away and now enjoying my coffee, hubby laying down feeling a bit under the weather. So it’s most likely going to be a quiet day ,my son is at the gym and happy for the moment we are so confused ..the friend my hubby and daughter and i thought was dating his ex was over last night hanging with several other boys that where hanging with my son . And my son was getting along great with him … Teenagers …. sadly I can’t ask because my resource comes from a mother of a girl my son is good friends with and I only talk to her on Facebook . So when we are talking Facebook ughh it’s the drama I so try to stay clear of you know the warning signs when the chat starts with so I heard .. yeah that’s when you know it’s time you write back saying oh someone’s at my door gotta go. No I got suckered in heard all these things then she ends it with don’t say anything to your son I’m not sure if he knows or if that’s going on… why! Social media sometimes can be so troubling and now we are all trying to figure it out by the way he acts or what he says this should not be like a puzzle but at the same time I can’t ask him by going off of hear say. Thanks social media . My gut instinct says do not ask so I’m going to go with that , it’s usually is right , I will keep an eye on him. If my instinct tells me to ask then I will…parenting…. well time to get some other things done and hope for a quiet happy day and no tree’s coming down from this wind. 🙂