Staying on routine …my routine.

After a day out running errands with my daughter on Monday. I came home to a tired hubby coming back from a run .My son just arriving home after being with a friend after his Dr.’s appointment . Not out very long which is unusual for him but this chest cold is a doozy and had him wanting his bed . Thankfully he was given an antibiotic and does a follow up appointment with the Dr. next week to make sure he doesn’t need another round of meds since he had this so long. I had a veggie lasagna I placed into the oven to bake . Then busied myself with things around the house while chatting with my hubby after coming out of the shower and settling in on the couch with his evening coffee. My daughter with her boyfriend , my son ate dinner with us and then went back to bed . By the time hubby and I cleaned up the kitchen we settled into bed. I pulled out the book I’ve been reading well been trying but couldn’t totally put my focus on . Last night I couldn’t put it down I read until after midnight and gave in to getting some sleep… book is almost finished! I woke to dishes banging around in the kitchen and the scent of eggs , oh so strange when you are so use to waking to a quiet house for months. I know .. I know .. do not get use to it. BUT I am enjoying the sound it’s made the house feel a bit alive again .. sadly I’m admitting it.

My son is feeling better well a bit but good enough to run to the market to get some food he wanted after checking in with his Sergeant this morning. My daughter is getting ready to now head to her Appointment hopefully they give her an antibiotic as well. The house is filled with the sound of the washing machine rumbling throughout the house and delicious scent of meatloaf cooking for dinner ..well I hope it’s delicious. And as the washer rumbles and the meatloaf cooks I am enjoying my favorite soap General Hospital . So hooked … yrs ago I use to watch it then stopped but now I’m back to enjoying it and loving the storylines. The house is clean . And hopefully tonight I will finish my book . And…. finish it earlier to get to bed at a decent time. For now I’m going to finish my show , finish the laundry and check on the meatloaf. Have a great day everyone .


There’s two things in my kitchen I love the most well 3 one  my kitchen table because that’s where we have the best family chats and laughs . Two  our coffee maker because I’m a coffee lover and three my crockpot love this  item more then words can say…. It’s  one of the best things invented , I use this thing all the time it’s a no fail for  tender potroasts and the tasty soups especially chicken and dumplings . I love how you can just let it cook away and within hours supper is done . How many of you use one ? I know it was a big thing back in the 70’s 80’s not as much now . …..but that’s okay as long as they make them I’m using them . The potroasts is almost done and the house smells delicious.🙂

All is quiet ….

My hubby is back to work after some days off to get our barn done before winter,, rushed morning with my son to get out of houses to go to town with him. Now back home and he is back to school my daughter at work and even Miss Abigail is not here well she is but sleeping downstairs in her and my daughters place , not on my couch that I have grown accustom to seeing her there. Another dreary day but to busy to let it phase me hahaha stuff shells baking for supper so house smells yummy . Happy I was able to watch my favorite show love my soapy! Now just sitting here taking a break while laundry , supper finishes up and soon hubby will be home . Nice for some quiet time for a moment🙂

Good Morning!


It’s a crisp windy  sunny  fall Sunday morning the sun just shining on the fading beautiful foliage is stunning . Everyone is  busy as usual..  my son went home coming  dress shopping with his girlfriend my daughter off with her boyfriend and my husband doing some outside cleanup then there is me I am  thinking of making a nice homemade soup for supper  feels like a soup kind of day when everyone settles in for the night.. I had hear  some towns  around our area got a dusting of snow and people were so happy I would not have been one of the happy ones ..not a fan of it and sadly I live where we get it. isn’t that always the way? well must start my day  I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday, off to make my soup have a great day everyone.