Rainy Monday..

I woke late after a not so early night. I had hope for since feeling under the weather all Sunday. I settled in bed earlier enough with my book desperate to relax under the warm blankets and read . I really want to start reading my newest book I bought with my son. I read about two chapters mind you the chapters are not very long to the next , my eyes kept closing but my mind kept wondering where my son was he had been gone from early afternoon and said he would be home for supper …well the plate sat wrapped in the oven waiting for him. Time ticked on. My daughter who came home from work was now settled down in her place with Miss Abigail. Around 9 I gave in shut the light off and laid there. A bit into laying there my phone dinged it was my son letting me know he would be home late don’t wait up … what every mother loves to hear but does the opposite. My daughter then rang my phone asking if he was home I told her she said he’s fine go to bed. So once again I settled in. As I closed my eyes I heard through the quietness of the house a barking noice then a yipping noise that turned it to a loud eerie howl . Oh the boys were back or at least one of them …thinking this boy (coyote) is living in our woods. My daughter came up and said do you hear that it’s so loud . I was shocked she could hear it. Well once again wide awake. About midnight my son texted Home in driveway go to sleep now … he knows me too well . I told him about the coyote he texted oh good will tame him. I laughed to myself .. Then he was off and I heard him walk in. Next thing I know it’s 8:30 in the morning . Rain coming down hitting the window. Can you say no let it still be night (hahaha) even though I felt a bit better I laid there in bed taking in the quietness of the rain . Soon after my kids were banging around in the kitchen and the sound of coffee cups being set on the counter had me up and showered and heading for one of those cups. Ahh coffee always helps. So that was my night hoping for a earlier night tonight. afternoon was nice my daughter and I took a ride it was a perfect rainy cold day for a drive thru Starbucks for my first pumpkin spiced latte for the season …So good. Now it’s night time my sons home reading in his bedroom my daughters with her boyfriend catching up on American horror stories down in her place. I will read a bit while hubby is laying here next to me watching Monday Night football. Then I will get some sleep it’s still raining so hopefully the boys are sheltering themselves deep in our wood and staying quiet tonight. We will see.


Just the two of us…

It a rainy Friday night the house couldn’t be anymore quieter .. my daughters out off and on through out the weekend celebrating her friends birthday .My son will not be home until Sunday . ..out on an outdoor hiking trip and sadly is out of cellphone range . I hope both kids stay safe . My hubby and I just watched a movie we found , it was a comedy how can it not be funny love Jack Black …now settled in bed . The house just seems more quiet tonight Miss Abigail has been anti social all day sleeping behind our couches or sleeping downstairs when my daughter was not home this afternoon because of work and now settled on the couch in our living room instead of with hubby and I in bed I think the dreary rainy day put her in a mood .. I know I need to get use to this it’s just Winter is not the time to get use to new things and quietness is not my friend. I would even welcome the noise of the boys ( coyotes) running and howling through our woods to stir up some noise … 😥 sadly the outdoors is just as quiet as the night before. Hopefully soon my daughter will be home and my son is settled in with his buddies in the cabin they said they would be sleeping at and their laughing and having a good night . My hubby and I are watching the Winter Olympics now on its last weekend. Sunday will be the closing ceremony . Then our tv shows will be back on. Soon I hope sleep will settle in I think my hubby is hoping for the same . I know he’s thinking of the kids too. Doesn’t matter how old they get once you become a parent your always a parent and your heart is always with them❤️


Sitting on our deck with my daughter a bit of a chill in the air but it’s not keeping the peepers  from Making there beautiful music. The moon is a crescent shape but very bright..The first star is out so I must make a wish……. it’s a beautiful  night  after last night’s hail storm …Yes the weather is crazy Mother Nature at her best. Well going to enjoy have a goodnight everyone ..hopefully the boy’s (coyotes)  do not decided  to appear  will see who makes it inside 1st hahaha.