Night …


Its night time now just finished watching Seal Team with my hubby and daughter that I recorded last night.Always so good. Now just sitting here in our living room watching the sky get dark and covered in clouds. Rain is coming in not only can I see the signs of it My body feels it. hubby is in the bedroom now watching the hockey playoff games.My daughter gone down to her place with Miss Abigail. tired from work . My son working till 10 tonight at the pub.  A quiet relaxing a  day.  Has followed into a quiet relaxing night .Did get outside to read on the deck for a bit . and now onto several cool rainy days ahead. Tomorrow thinking I will turn up my favorite music and decluttering   the room my son made into a den before he had left for Basic , how a room can get cluttered up again and so quickly is amazing , nothing heavy to lift or I would not be doing it just paperwork,clothes that kind of clutter.It will keep me occupied for a little bit. anything to keep the rainy day blues away. how do you keep the rainy day blues away?