The shadows are so dark but so inviting. Why am I so drawn to them? I wait for the darkness to come so the shadows cast a magical glow over the darkening trees and freshly fallen snow. The cold is numbing. My feet making their way through it as the shadows around me grow darker. I know I should turn back but I can’t I need to find the end to these darken shadows a reflection possibly of my thoughts. Why so many why do they tempt me to tread through them? The cold chills my face but there is no turning back. I need answers and I know they’re in the shadows or are they?

Tell The Story Challenge!

Thank you John for nominating me for Tell The Story Challenge I will try to do this justice I need to bring one of these critters to life in a story.

I woke up to drops of rain falling upon my eyelids, wetting my lashes and making it hard to open my eyes. I could feel the wet cold ground below me, a rock, I assume, stabbing me in my back. The wind blew in a rage making the rain come down harder. Once opening my eyes I could only see darkness surrounding me. I slowly sat up rubbing the spot on my back where the rock had been stabbing me. I could not make out where I was , or how I even got there. It was of a dream I believe because what my memory started to reflect back on could not be possible otherwise. It had to be a dream. The last I remember was endlessly running as the tree branches hit at my face and arms as I tried to push them out of my way. And then I remember stumbling .. yes, I stumbled loosing my footing and felt myself going down, but instead I was being lifted up by strong arms, no wait they where not arms. No not possible.. I tried to shake the image from my mind. Whoever it was or what it was stopped me from falling. The scale like feeling against my bare arms was startling. The feeling Like a frog or … oh my a lizard. I saw it’s face . No this had to been a dream. I had fallen I touched my head trying to find a bump where I hit it that was the only rational explanation. No bump, not even a pain. But where did it go, where did it come from, my heart started to beat faster .I hear it’s breathing and the warmth of its breath echoing in my mind. Whatever it was it was not out to harm me. It’s eyes oh it’s eyes . Everything is coming back to me . I can see it’s eyes. Staring down at me as he carried me. They showed sadness in them. I must have known this lizard form of a man meant me no harm because that is the last I remember . Why did he leave me here where did he go? he was sad . I could see it in his eyes.

I made my way up onto my feet . A little unsteady but knew I needed to find my way out of these woods or dream? The branches and wet leaves crutching under my feet .As I walked I kept looking over my shoulder . A feeling of eyes seem to be following me. Was it lizard man? The wind began to calm and the rain slowed making it easier to find my way. Then out of no where I heard footsteps . I stopped the sound of footsteps stopped as well. I proceeded again and I heard the footsteps again . I turned quickly and then there in the darkness I could make out a figure but not a normal one ..oh no I whispered to myself struggling to take a silent breath no please do not let it be. I stood there not being able to move . The figure came closer and then there it was the the creature that carried me. His sad eyes upon me once again. I reached for him slowly but he made this noise this low deep sound almost a crying sound. I pulled my hand down and stood there . He tilted his head from one angle to another. . Was he wondering what I was as I wondered about him? I stepped back he moved closer . Chills ran up my arms. I stopped he cried out but no words came out but a deep quiet moan. I reached again and he let me touch his face. It was rough and scaly and cold. I whispered what are you ? Where did you come from ? But it just stared. Into my eyes piercing through me. I felt like he was communicating within our thoughts . He was sad , lonely, confused he didn’t understand who he was as I couldn’t as well. And then as I thought he would speak my eyes woke to sunlight blinding me . I was in my bed the sun warm upon my face. I was sleeping . It was all a dream. Or…. was it? Okay now I need to nominate actually I nominate whoever wants to give this challenge a try.


I wake or I believe I’m awake. Darkness surrounds me. I feel like a child playing hide n seek and I’m grabbing and reaching for walls to guide me through this darkness. It’s so quiet everything is calm too calm. But in my head I’m hearing a faint scream. Is it me? I yell out are you there where are you . But no one answers back. Then I recognize the voice of the scream I hear it’s mine. Why oh why is it so dark why is no one there I begin to yell out again but then I’m awaken the sun is bright blinding .. I’m awake.

The Darkness..

It’s 10:30 at night and as I lay here in the darkness of my room it’s amazing how peaceful it is . My house is quiet but yet it’s not .I can hear my husband next to me softly sleeping , And then the sound of my son and his friends quietly talking and laughing down the hall. Occasionally hearing the door to the refrigerator opening and closing. ..Boys always hungry. Off in the distance I can hear a train on the tracks rumbling along through the night ,surprisingly over the sound of the fan my husband cannot sleep without and now I have now grown accustomed too, off and on I hear the furnace turn on and occasionally the sound of Miss Abigail jumping around downstairs hopefully not keeping my daughter awake . Playing with something she found. Soon we will hear the coyotes has they make their way through our woods at night and the cry of an owl going after it’s prey . The night some times so quiet and peaceful yet active and alive. As I drift off to sleep I am content . And feel blessed of this simple life my husband and I have made.

Night. …

The peepers are out a beautiful  sound after days of Windows closed keeping the heat out .It’s a beautiful comfortable night everyone’s sleeping the house is calm .summer night’s what a wonder. No train whistle yet to echo through the darkness even the wildlife as settled in. So off to sleep I will go …Night everyone