Lovely Night!

My daughters friend came over to hang around the house with her as they put it. So my daughter caught up on her laundry and cleaned up her downstairs. As I was making supper their laughter and bings of their phones was a nice change of pace from a quiet house these days. After my hubby came home from work and did some raking in the yard the girls left to get some hot chocolate. Soon they were back with one for me ,my hubby had his coffee so he was all set πŸ™‚and they enjoyed my Shepard’s pie I had made for supper. It was nice feeding others then just my hubby and I . After my hubby caught some of the Red Sox game we turned to one of our many favorite shows ..Seal Team . My hubby is amazed how hooked I am with it. I do love it , it’s real … intense, emotional , but yes most of all real. I like that in a show . Now it’s going on midnight and I should get some sleep after I say my nightly prayers especially one for my son while he’s away. But the moon is so Full and bright it’s going to make for a rough night of falling to sleep. The house is so quiet except for the fan my husband loves to hear at night..anyone else’s sleep with a sound of a fan all yr around? Even Miss Abigail has decided to go down and sleep with her mama (my daughter) so no paw sounds walking around tonight. It was a lovely night. Even if it was only having my daughters friend here she filled the house with one more person . It’s about the simple things that mean the most or should. Just as my son wrote in his letters while missing us stating it is really about the simple things…. hmm it’s something when you realize it when you leave home for the first time and are miles and miles across the States and you learn that fact. ❀️ time for some prayers and sleep.


Books..more books and movies..

I woke pretty early which is unusual for me since not having to wake and get kids going in the morning for school . So I tend to stay up late and sleep in. After a day of dreary wet cold weather . I gave in early and went to bed at a decent time . I woke to a nice sunny crisp fall morning. Enjoyed coffee with my daughter and some conversation then we headed in different directions to start our day.I left went to the post box ..hmm… nothing from my son. I know it’s early. But I can at lest hope..then headed to the library FINALLY ! I did it I was still in their system just needed. to renew my expired card but not having it still . The librarian issued me a new one . I Lucked out ..thinking I would have to order the books I wanted ,she had had them plus I picked out a book that looked really interesting and the Author was local ..even better. I found two movies . Chatted with people I hadn’t seen in awhile and walked out about an hr later with three books and two movies. I guess I’ll be reading after my hubby and I watch hour favorite shows and he goes to bed early for work . As well as a day when no errands need to be run and house is cleaned up . I can curl up with a nice hot cup of tea and a book on these cold days. Happy I finally went . It was nice and everyone there was pleasant. This way it’s cheaper too then buying the books I guess it’s time to see about supper hubby will be home soon and hungry . The Conners are on tonight the premier since they took Roseanne Barr off her own show . Don’t know if I’ll watch it or not tonight I’m recording it just Incase but that subject is for another day …. πŸ™„ I’m thinking of watching The Voice ,then start one of the books .I’m thinking that reading before bed helps me sleep better too. Okay time to take care of supper.

Opinions ..

As I did things around the house ..the little bit of laundry I decided I should do , start the dishwasher , my daughter asked if I would like to go with her and grab Starbucks as I stated in my post this morning. Her car had its oil change it needed and then we enjoyed Starbuck lattes a perfect crisp cold fall day for a pumpkin spiced latte and some special time spent with my daughter it was nice hadn’t done this in awhile with her. Even though my daughter lives at home in the furnished basement she has her life to live too . So spending time with her ,moments I take advantage of whenever possible. So about the title of this post .. Opinions well I posted it on Facebook I haven’t been posting much on there lately plus I usually only post when something new or a special .. or a serious moment .. I posted about my son heading off to Basic Training if you read my recent posts .. I wrote about it on my blog , so I posted how my daughter and I enjoyed our day and enjoyed Starbucks and fine people have their opinions and Everyday people voice them whether on Facebook or many other social networks but for sometime I have had issues with Facebook friends … followers whatever you want to call them, I say it this way because I can’t say FB followers are all my friends I’ve had moments of some not nice opinions stated on my posts ” opinions “πŸ™„ if you want to call it that I believe just plain rude people who are not happy with their own lives so they like to state rude sarcastic remarks . Call it freedom of speech if you may.. but I call it just plain immature and mean I said I posted about Starbucks with my daughter and this follower had to comment something mean and sarcastic because they didn’t like Starbucks but why not just keep your opinion to yourself if you didn’t like it ..ignore it move on read something else .. no couldn’t do that . I could of commented back but knew this would only give this person what they wanted start something I’m going to just delete their comment and eventually delete them. Tired of people who are just mean, I know the world is made up of all kinds of people .. sadly … but doesn’t mean we have to listen to them. Deal with them .I wonder why our younger generation has become what they have when the adults in their life are acting like rude despiteful animals. What have we become ? I believe it getting worse everyday the hate in this so unbelievable. I will not let anyone stop me from posting things that I find and know respectful and cherish moments with my family I will just delete them . To me it’s not about how many followers . It’s about writing .. writing about what is important to me . And the people that respect me and follow me and those who do not like what I write or post respect me enough not to like my posts or comment rude remarks I respect . Not everyone has to like or agree what all of us do on social media but we can be mature and respectful . I do not think that is too much to ask. Sad a beautiful moment post with my daughter had to be tarnished by a rude comment for everyone to see .

Warm Fall day now…

Can’t win with this weather just get adapted to the cold and it feels good and Fall feels like it’s here…then wake up this morning and the air is so sticky and thick ughh … the humidity snuck back in during the night . So now air conditioner is on and it feels like July again . My daughter and I took a ride she wanted to see if any leaves had changed , in some places but not much or pretty . I’m thinking this isn’t going to be a good foliage year . The ride was nice though on the back country roads it was a pleasant peaceful ride enjoying some good chatting and laughing time with my daughter . Now it’s the evening we were watching Friends episodes which are always funny but a storm is coming in and we lost tv for now. I guess it’s time to read my book as my daughter gets ready to settle down in her place for her show American horror stories to come on , hopefully the storm will stop soon so the tv works. Ok time for my book.

Can you say Nightmares..

Tonight my daughter wanted to catchup on the last 3 or so episodes I stopped counting.. of American horror stories in the living room while making cookies . The new seasoned started tonight . So she is watching that now down in her place. For the most part my eyes where closed .. I couldn’t do it (hahaha) I do not mind horror stories but this goes just a bit further to insanity in my opinion .. it’s gross . She would tell me when to open my eyes πŸ™„ then when my eyes were open I was strolling through Instagram , Twitter, word press . So yes partly watching it as well. My son who is having a hard time sleeping lately , I believe thinking .. sleeping pattern is off , nerves , has decided to try an all nighter to get tired so he can get some earlier sleep patterns tomorrow. Hopefully this works. I told him if you hear me yelling or screaming in my sleep tonight it’s only me having nightmares (hahaha) he shook his head in agreement because he saw how I was watching it and shook his head.. Oh what I do for my kids. Well time to get some sleep wish me luck .

Birthday Saturday !

My daughters birthday was a success ! I’m so happy she had a nice day . The last several yrs her Birthdays were tearful … this was because of her Ex . This yr she has a new guy a happier outlook and her day was how she wanted it simple and pleasant. And her cake came out perfect! The day cleared after the gifts were open and the cake and ice cream was eaten. With some pizza after all ordered .. she decided we needed something a bit more besides cake .Then the younger kids well teenagers (cousins ) wanted to start a bonfire so my hubby and his brother went out and started one we sat around it except for my daughter and her boyfriend and friend they stayed inside where it was cooler and watched one of their favorite shows Ghost hunters…new episodes. My son stayed awhile then had to go to his. Track coach from high school who now is a friend . His Army retirement party at his and his wife’s house. My son a bit nervous because there would be a lot of the coaches army buddies there and the coach was anxious to show him off to the his buddies. . The party has ended bonfire put out everything pretty much cleaned up ,everyone went home my daughter and her boyfriend went down to her place . I think she had a good day. Now it’s 9:30 already doesn’t seem possible … my hubby is watching the baseball game and I’m going to read . Goodnight everyone.

August already …

Good morning! It’s unbelievable that it’s August already … not that lI’m to sad it’s been a very humid and rainy one which has been a summer of many days spent indoors somewhere . Not as many bonfires as we thought we would have. I always say I love August for one reason .. it’s the month my first born was born and shocking that she is going to be 23 . Time sure does fly by. So the middle of the month we will celebrate her Birthday in any way she wants . πŸ™‚ I must say it’s been a summer of reading hat has been nice . My book is Getting pretty creepy (hahaha) but so good.. the better of the day before was spent at the Dr.s for physicals and then errands it did help the rainy day move along much easier then it was Home and relaxing in the air conditioning . My other half laying watching tv my son relaxing in his room my daughter and I reading.-a calm quiet night once again.

August use to be buckling down getting back in gear for the school routine .. this year will be so different … my son will be getting back in a routine but it will be for getting ready to leave in 2 months for Basic Training .. Oct until March. While his friends will be leaving at the end of this month for college so it will be bitter sweet for him instead of all going back to school together it will be them all going in different directions some will stay local so he will see them until Oct. for myself I will keep thinking positive and know my son is doing what makes him happy .. now my husband is going to be the one who will have a hard time adjusting .. my daughter and I are close but she has her life to lead even if she still lives here in the furnished basement . Will see as I said before … one step , one day at a time even if my mind still wanders back to thinking of all of this..