The longest Day…

It’s been a long week, a lot of mishaps. If I want to even call it that. Let’s see I finally ventured out Thurs afternot wanting to wait. On dealing with the icy get to an appt and just get out as well. I do not know if that was a mistake to get out that day or the lack of staying in too long.on my way home on Thurs night, I happened to get hit by a truck that I believe was driving. A bit. too fast because I honestly looked as I left the parking lot and ventured out on to the busy road. It was clear until I heard a loud crunch and realized I had been hit. I am okay as the guy that collided with me is. Also, my driver’s side door has minor damage. I manage to get back out with my son on Friday for a long drive four hours later 😊 he estimated wrong how far it was the truck he wanted to look at. I was okay with it him, and I had a great day together. Today it’s Saturday evening, and it’s the longest day literally. Getting dark around 4 is horrible and my thoughts are reflecting back to this last week and it’s not good. I do not do well with sitting around. And that’s what it’s been today. I am hoping I can settle in a bit cozy in on the couch with some hot tea and my chrome book and watch a movie peacefully. And settle my thoughts. I am anxiously waiting for this holiday to go by and get some kind of normalcy back. If that. I just need a week to get back and do my appts and me time. and stop thinking about everything and just do and stop worrying if I did enough for this Christmas. Oh, what it’s become. My kids are adults, and I need to let go of the should of and have to’s, which I am so good at. And wishing someone could get on board with switching it up a bit now. Sadly things do change. And I am good with it .its healthy to change.but my partner hmm not.. And it’s frustrating. Like I said long yr long day and too much thinking ng and not doing.

Home …

It’s Tuesday the sun is shining the temps are mild . I’m sitting here thinking it’s a home kind of day… I’ll make my homemade chicken and rice soup. For dinner. Catch up on my daytime shows while cooking.. The day will be quiet ,hubby at work my kids out and about. And that is fine . I’m embracing the quietness today . It’s odd how lately when there is a full moon I can’t sleep well at night well not that part that is odd it’s the feeling of content, some people when there is a full moon feel anxious or no different . I’m going to embrace this feeling . Why not. After soup and shows are done I will tackle my reading I’ve been wanting to do.. and just let the day just be . I think we need times like this . I know I spend a lot of time at home but I’m usually doing what needs to be done within my limits. And thinking A LOT ! Right now enjoying my coffee and catching up on the morning news.

Loving our new used leather sectional but I m looking desperately for a cover for it . Leather is not easy to keep safe with a cat around .. it worries me a bit the family who had it before at dogs but were not allowed on furniture . And let’s just say it’s not easy with sizing and the fact they come in sections the cover so $ adds up but I figure being free I can splurge a bit on a cover. I may need my son to search the internet for this . He’s pretty good at researching things and finding a good price … too good at times . πŸ˜‚ okay it’s time to finish my coffee. Enjoy your day!


Today was a quiet day hubby at work . My daughter home but with her boyfriend down in her place as she came up off and on doing laundry . Miss Abigail enjoyed the sun in her chair while the winds had calmed. Cold but the sun was nice and bright. That was nice to see. Thankfully the power stayed on throughout the night . Sadly for some their power was out. I believe for the most part power is back on . Tomorrow more snow coming our way . Grr… I think we are all ready for Spring . … even though my son does want some when he gets home so he can go snowboarding. I believe will have some .

My son has been quiet the last few nights even tho he can be on his phone at 5 in the evening. I’m sure he is .. chatting with friends , listening to music , on all is social media sites. Soon he will be home and he will be able to see him’s fine if he’s quiet are way. I’ve been reading my daughters book she let me borrow. at night and my hubby watching the news .. so it’s fine . The temps have dropped so the house is making cracking noises .. it could be bit of a noisy night. πŸ™‚I quest I’ll settle in bed and read my book . Goodnight everyone.

Feels like Fall again πŸ™„

Today it felt like Fall the air was fresh crisp and cool .. the sun was out but it was just perfect after finishing things around the house and pulling myself away from the news or I would get more disgusted then I already was .. what’s going on lately in politics is a bit too much . I do not talk politics on social media sites I follow or to anyone but my family my husband , kids , the rest of the family no. So not here on my blog as well …with that said it was a beautiful day my kids off doing their own thing so it was a quiet afternoon I took advantage of the nice weather and enjoyed sometime outside. . Tonight enjoying a hot cup of hot chocolate since it’s a cool night and I’m feeling cold . I enjoyed some adult coloring also while chatting with my husband since the night was as quiet as the afternoon was. Just Miss Abigail roaming around the house making noice. Now hubby is watching some football and I think iI will watch with him and my son who just happened to walk through the door and sat now .. I will take the moment when I can .good night everyone.

First day of Fall!

Today is the first day of Fall and it feels it . As Winnie The Pooh would say it’s a blustery day… the temps cool and crisp clean air coming through the open windows, making a hot cup of morning coffee taste so good. Not much to report the usual.Tomorrow I think we may go for a ride towards Vermont and see how the leaves are changing there .It was a food shopping day so my husband and I tackled the distaste task as quickly as possible. (Hahaha) yes that bad.. people in grocery stores are not one to mess with …people want their food. (hahaha) we went towards the middle of the day so my husband could work on the barn some more trying to get electricity out there. By the time we arrived home it was supper time . So that’s all done and cleaned up and it has just hit 7:00 in the evening and it’s just about dark outside. last week it was 7:30 . Soon it will be 5:30 , Also a cool night. My daughter is home down in her place resting with some hot tea nursing a cold . My sons out at a football game with a friend my husband is watching the baseball game . I think I will try finishing the book I’ve been reading on the last two chapters . Then I can start the book I bought when I was with my son. So time to put on the kettle for some hot water and make some tea and enjoy my book . Have a goodnight everyone.

He did it❀️

It’s been a good proud, happy, fun laughter filled day and now everything is picked up everyone’s gone home my son has gone to be with his friends to look back on this memorable day last day of being together as a class .. hubby is sleeping and I’m with Miss Abigail curled up in the living room chair for once .. needing some down time for myself before I settle in bed.. hmm so many things going through my mind. With in just hrs I now look at my son and I am finally able to face that he is a young man now .. no going back to high school in the fall no Booster Days no Football game … track meets .. no class color day ..etc. its pretty mind blowing. Big thing … what do I do now? All I have ever known is to be a mom , to do play dates with them , Halloween trick orc treat go to meets, bottom line take care of them , now both my kids have graduated and I will be in a different roll now . It’s scary actually , I will need to figure this out some how .. I will have plenty of spare time .. I guess my son and I will both be on a new journey …