Some long Days…

  1. Hi friends it’s been some long days this week and the hardest last couple of days where the hardest .no matter how many times you been through it …. passings …it just doesn’t get easier I almost think it gets harder. Sadly it changes your life it just gives to just one more moment,  thought , day holiday just a bit different  a new mindset and shows us  that things will never be the same .  Yes another change … We move forword in a new  way we keep going  because that’s what we need to do and we do it We remember what they taught us brought to our life, the good times and we hold them close to our heart we laugh we cry but we we never loose sight of the good times   so that’s what my family I will do the rest of this long day . So friends hug your love ones and alway let them know how much you love them. 

Friday Night……

It’s Friday night, whats that mean to you? well for me let’s see we are all home My daughter is down in her apartment my son in his room with his bedroom walls rocking from his music. and my husband and I are in our bedroom he is watching television while I am on my laptop. oh can’t forget my pup is at the foot of the bed sleeping, yes sound boring I am  sure to some… to me it’s contentment I you told simple is what I like I will take any moment we are all home together  and safe .At the beginning  of the week when school started back a young married couple in their middle 20’s I would say a local couple two towns over from where we live was in a horrible car accident I can’t say if horrible even defines how bad.. they were headed I believe to work at 5 in the morning and some how hit a tractor trailer truck…nothing was left of their poor car .. I believe they died on site, sad thing is they left 3 children all under the age of five. the whole situation is devastating , for whatever reason this happened doesn’t matter it just shows how short life is and how fast it can be taken away . So hug your love ones tonight and if your spending a Friday night like I am be thankful you are able to.


Settled in on this very cold night cozy under the blankets on my couch watching The Notebook…..LOVE … this is one of my favorite movies and all time favorite romance .It explains life ,endless love devotion what  this couple had to conquer to be able to be together till the end of life… I’m amazed how many marriages do not last anymore how people give up to easily   how we forget love till death do us part. I am not saying all marriages are meant to be together people change circumstances happen but we just do not try like we should, love should be fought for Instead we let it go to easily we let life get to busy with thinking about ourselves and forget about an us.  this why I love this movie it gives you something to still believe is possible even if it’s a movie….If you haven’t watch it you need to,you wont be disappointed it’s pure joy.Screenshot_2016-02-11-21-15-44-1