Night …


Its night time now just finished watching Seal Team with my hubby and daughter that I recorded last night.Always so good. Now just sitting here in our living room watching the sky get dark and covered in clouds. Rain is coming in not only can I see the signs of it My body feels it. hubby is in the bedroom now watching the hockey playoff games.My daughter gone down to her place with Miss Abigail. tired from work . My son working till 10 tonight at the pub.  A quiet relaxing a  day.  Has followed into a quiet relaxing night .Did get outside to read on the deck for a bit . and now onto several cool rainy days ahead. Tomorrow thinking I will turn up my favorite music and decluttering   the room my son made into a den before he had left for Basic , how a room can get cluttered up again and so quickly is amazing , nothing heavy to lift or I would not be doing it just paperwork,clothes that kind of clutter.It will keep me occupied for a little bit. anything to keep the rainy day blues away. how do you keep the rainy day blues away?



it’s a bit before noon just finishing a cup of coffee on the deck listening to the sound of our fountain peaceful…. slowly getting a move on to a task that I really do not need to do but want to , my son left early this morning for his first weekend of summer training for the Army National Guards he will be back some time after The Weekend is over. My daughter is heading to work so it’s just the hubby and I he’s doing yard as usual loves it and hasn’t had time lately since the weekends have been so busy or it’s been raining. The task I need to do his tackle the back spare room that is come to be a laundry/junk room. I started it but now my son has dumped all his school things in there books notebooks folders sport bags track shoes things he doesn’t need anymore … ughh why I tell everyone just throw things out. Ok so they do they throw but into the junk room … well I guess enough coffee and stalling looks like it will be a good night to sit out under the stars looking forward to that later🙂

Sunday Night

The day started with dragging my butt out of bed with a struggle after a night of endless dreams I couldn’t even remember when I woke up. I walked tiredly to the shower and then out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee hoping to wake me up and help my mood to get ready to do food shopping that desperately needed to be done and there was no way holding it off for another day. Hubby and I finished that chore and then the rest of the day was quiet puts some laundry in and watched endless episodes of the show Roseanne …. yes the show is coming back for 9 episodes since ending in 1998 . I had it playing as I went around the house decluttering. My son laid around all day hydrating himself after yesterday’s Pentathlon and 1st week of track and field practice his body needed some down time . Hubby went to help a friend and my daughter had to work so it was just my son and I and Miss Abigail who spent the day roaming around the house. The day went by quietly to a beautiful sunset ending the day bringing it into the evening. Now just settled chatting with my daughter for a bit before she goes to settle down in her place hubby’s already settled in bed as well as my son so I will be there shortly as well. 🙂

A productive day…

Hello! so first time I have been on all day 3:00 in the afternoon here and supper is cooking It’s a night before my Sons Track meet so it’s a pasta night he likes pasta the night before so it’s baked Stuff shells and and spinach Ravioli  I did some house decluttering and now I am sitting for a bit before everyone comes home for supper so I must say this day went pretty fast for a rainy one usually rainy days just drag on .Miss Abigail is sleeping it away, a life of a cat.  a nice productive day. The house looks good well right now until everyone gets home 🙂 I feel like I am just rambling so I guess I will get off here for now and check my supper .have a good day everyone.