Saturday Morning!

Good Morning … I could of slept in all morning .I wanted to but thought best to get up and see what the laughing girls where up to and see them before they where once again off and running through my daughters friends Birthday weekend . It was sunny when I woke but the clouds have come in quick and the rain and snow will be coming in tonight. My hubby and I will be celebrating at a nice restaurant that is one of our favorite places to celebrate our 22nd Wedding Anniversary tonight . Looking forward to that. For now it will be a lazy day ūüôā I hope the boys are listening to the Sunday forecast freezing rain is coming in tonight worse where they are …. of course but I’m not going to worry the guys my son is with do this kind of thing all the time . So I just hope their having fun. I guess I will go see what kind of project my hubby is doing outside . ūüôā


Friday !

Its Friday ! bills are paid house is clean laundry’s done and put away and stuff shells baking for dinner..a well productive day and I even fit in an hr to watch my favorite soap opera. Now I just relax and wait for whoever comes home for dinner oh I know my husband will it’s my kids that I’m thinking of, our  front door swings open so many times a day now with their comings and goings I stop counting.  Ahh the life with grown kids.   I think being a Friday  night it will be a quiet one for my husband and I  no sitting out under the stars the rain came in has they predicted so I think will settle in and watch a movie , movies we have that we have been wanting to watch. Okay everyone have a great  rest of the day in my part of the globe.

A New Day!!

I woke to a new day¬† sun shining big¬† blue sky and saw this simple beautiful rose out side my front door and¬† I just looked at it so bright and peaceful soaking in the sun not bad for¬† a November cold morning was¬† just being and I sighed thinking now if this world could be as content as this rose taking in each day as it comes blossoming with not a care in the world just being …sometimes just being is such a beautiful feeling.. so I stood there admiring it as long as possible as¬† the world around me was¬† in total chaos over our new elected President , rioting in the streets in the cities and on the media¬† and people in my town voicing their opinions again and not being very nice I just turned off the sites and started on with my day with a thank you to this rose for showing me¬† that life is still beautiful and life still goes on and we have the choice to watch or not , to shut everything off and make it into a beautiful positive day . Positive was the direction I went, okay I will warn you¬† nothing exciting but I enjoyed a peaceful quiet cup of coffee and then did things around my house with my pups by my side happily carrying his toy in his mouth¬† once things were in there right place I¬† settled down to watch¬† my favorite soap opera with a cup of hot chocolate and watched the drama unroll through my show, now this drama I can handle.¬† Soon the quietness will be replaced with¬† dinner plates clanging my family chatting about their day and for me I will sit and listen laugh and smile as contentment sets in and that my friends is a good day.


Good Morning!


Good Morning on this cloudy warm morning, siting enjoying my cup of coffee before I start my day of some laundry¬† ,dusting and then setting up my faithful crock pot¬† up with some stuff shells for dinner tonight . The weatherman says there will be some rain coming in so after I finish what¬† needs to be done it will be a quiet day of¬† an hr of my favorite soapy and some adult coloring then some time of reflection if you read my last posts you will understand¬† if¬† you haven’t then I will just say a lot of very sad unfair losses in my community.and this is a good day to reflect.. well friends time to get started have a great day everyone.


So it’s Saturday …hmmm that night went by fast I guess I actually slept good this week after all ..with all the crazy weather and my daughter getting home late at night from work…yes even at 20 you worry that’s what us moms do and sadly are very good at it. Then it was quick cup of coffee a quick shower and the off to the post office my son and I went¬† before it closes at noon..When my son orders things on line he is very good at keeping track of when things¬† come of course it was a Saturday morning….ughhh so now that’s all set everyone is off and doing there thing and I my took care of a few things around¬† the house around .Tonight my husband and I are going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary it’s the cutest¬† little place in our town so relaxing and quaint the lighting is set low there is soft music its just such a perfect little place ,The West End Pub it’s called and the food is so amazing. I will try to get some pictures. Enjoy your Saturday everyone.