Laying low no choice..

It’s Thursday night . The last 3 days it’s been the bare minimum of cleaning and cooking luckily the house is good and it’s been light suppers , hubby making his own meals a couple of nights. Still down .. so it’s been a lot of watching tv shows drinking lots of tea which seems to be the one thing that taste good. Tried to read but couldn’t focus. So gave that up. And hubby and I have been in bed watching tv for hours now . As Miss Abigail is wanting to drive us crazy .. my daughter is home still recuperating herself but her cat seems to want to bother my hubby and I . In the pic you can see she is sitting on our bed rail in front of our tv view I think she is trying to tell us something… when she finally jumped down she was going after the shades ughh . I know it’s not a fool moon tonight. I swear she just loves to bother us. Well I guess I will try to get some sleep in a bit my son has been chatting off and on through texting . So as soon as he is off in 5mins I’ll try. Have a good night everyone.