Another rainy Saturday…

It was long cold day of nothing… well if you want to call it that. I did go food shopping. So that got done but after that it was just Miss Abigail and I . Watching endless movies on HBO as the rain and wind echoed from the outside hitting against the living room window having Miss Abigail And I to look outside. time and time again.And for some reason on this gloomy day HBO seemed to play a lot of heartfelt movies well the ones that I happened to come upon. My husband went to an old childhood friends 50th birthday . I didn’t want to go let’s say the crowd his friend and wife connect with are not ones I want or would connect with .. easily stab you in the back figure of speech , and just can spend the whole day drinking .. okay my day day wasn’t anything special but I didn’t feel like sitting there for 7 hours and just drinking.. My husband came home fine said there was a lot of drinking and he just couldn’t had a few but that was about it.

Now he’s fast asleep and I’m laying here in the dark once again alone with my thoughts…. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong ? I question it. Because there were so many people there drinking having a good time . And I stayed home and yes after awhile I was bored and angry that my husband was having a good time or thinking he was .. but when he came home he said their was just so much drinking and people he couldn’t believe were actually his friends friends because his friend mostly stuck by my husband and two others the whole time. While his wife entertained them basically so I don’t know. I just do not like a crowed especially if I do not connect with them. My friend I talked to while my husband was gone for so long wasn’t thrilled that he was gone the amount of time . Said he should stay home all day and evening and see how it feels. See this is type ofmy friend group people who think that way .. so I don’t know. Maybe I’ve changed now that I’m older and drinking a hole day away is not in me. Hmm I just can’t figure out all this new way of being. Now tomorrow I’ll be home because my son should be able to finally call us from Basic . That I will not want to miss. . If I say he is given that chance . You never know with the Army. Or my son… I guess since it’s going on midnight I should try to get some sleep . Good night everyone.