No matter how old we get ,we are always learning . I must say I’m finding that even though my Son has graduated ..the drama with my sons friends parents…not all but most still can’t let go of the drama. I could blame social media but I can’t say it’s to blame … I have met some wonderful people and am happy to call them friends it’s just what you choose to do ,for instance Facebook I have many family members from out of State many local friends and many from a afar from other parts of the world that I love to connect with on Facebook , there’s just a few (locally ) that are a thorn in my side and make me want to shut my account down , these few act like we are still dealing with high school kids and have to get involved okay become nosey and start trouble … my son and I have always had a complicated relationship he never liked me to be that mom who was involved in every school activity , or his friends this was his world and I’m his mom not his friend now we get along much better since his graduation, do we have our moments oh yeah but we are both learning , but a few are so in their kids business it’s horrible , when I get on fb just to catch up with people I enjoy ,this one lady just has 20 questions of course about my son my life what she has what she’s doing what she’s getting I want to write in all upper case I DO NOT CARE! I know karma will bite me… but come on I do not need this . But I am learning , and letting it be okay to ignore change the subject when I get a message from her . So many people have said well just get off of Facebook , no I do not believe that is the answer well not for me. I’m learning just how I want to use it . If that was the case then I would drop every social media site … I love my Twitter all my soap fans are on there and we chat about our soap.I love my instagram because I can share special moment in pictures on it and see other parts of the world with my distant friends. I love my blogging because I can share my feeling my life and I have met some wonderful people that I also would like to call friends. So yes I’m learning how to now be on these sites with no more high school track pics .. no more coffee pics since I do not buy coffee out anymore. šŸ˜„ yes a learning experience and new chapter begin and please no dramašŸ™‚

Quietness …

It’s been a serene kind of day … woke to a beautiful sunny morning enjoyed my coffee on the deck . Then went about doing what needed to be done. Same ol …. but today something felt different actually this whole week has felt different , usually I am occupied with what needs to be done with my son, schedules to be made things to get for him but this week since Graduation it’s been just what I needed to do for my hubby and I ,my son has taken care of his things and it feels like over night he has grown up even more go figure , he’s still 17 but I’m trying to stay out of his business ..long story .. let’s say no school drama on his end but mom got herself in a bit of a drama with one of his friends mom.. I should of known ..this lady has been a thorn in my side since the kids where in preschool together. Who would of thought I couldn’t have trusted her when she started gabbing and asking things about my son and I knowing what not to say still got me involved because she twisted things and her daughter screened shot her mother’s phone conversation…and my son saw it really why . Yes high school drama so I’m done .. my son would never touch my phone well even if he tried I’m smart ..called lock with a password and thumb print and other securities ,yes I am as private has my kids can be .. .. so now when she messages me and tries to ask things about my son even if she means well in which case I do not know and I ignore because sadly I really don’t know if she knows what her daughter did . Any how I am now out of that circle of his life shouldn’t have been in it to begin with . He knows I’m here if he needs me ..The days have been pretty quiet and for the most part it’s been nice . I’ve had time to connect with friends more , do projects that I love, I’m liking the change . It may change hahaha but at the moment it’s nice. Now if my husband would get on board it would be great .. everyday he comes home from work and asks so what are the kids doing ? hmm well let’s see their thing and when thier not home he questions when will they be here of course he puts that in my head and I’m the one who can’t sleep, thank god I’m a night person so I’m up for awhile but he’s sleeping good ,šŸ™„ yeah change is not his thing , it isn’t for me as well but I tend to adjust to it better then him. Oh this is all going to be interesting ..

Good Afternoon..

It’s Tuesday but feels like a Monday hmmm ..always feels that way when Monday ends up being a holiday. It sometimes tends to throw the whole week off. It’s April vacation if that means anything to me hahaha my son is still not around but doing good things, helping a family member with some outside cleanup then to the gym and his track practice . So busy. A good busy . My hubby and daughter are back to work . I doing my usual cleaning up the house a bit.. prepping supper and now settled for a bit watching my daytime soap soon . Then out the door to run some errands . One thing at a time šŸ™‚

What is with this new generation… oh my gosh the drama is beyond the normal If drama is normal… my daughter too busy taking care of her friends that are causing their own stupidity sadly yes it’s stupidity things…. and my daughter feels she needs to help them okay their in their 20’s their adults yes but they really need to get a grip and yes parents need to help them at this point friends are not doing it…and my daughter needs to take care of herself and get her things together. So crazy. Where did we go wrong?these kids do not want to grow up.so frustrating and I just shake my head because no matter what I say she isn’t going to take the advice well she will take it but follow it hmmm no I do not believe so . šŸ™„well time for my show then after errands to run . have a great day evening , what ever time a day it is in your part of the world.


This is what our Friday afternoon became …yes snow April 6th ..crazy then by evening the sun came shining in and now it’s night and it raining and cool out. The kids are out so hubby and I are watching tv and chatting .. it was a day of decluttering the house as I watched my soapys yes have a 2nd one I’m getting into . Gives my mind a break from thinking about all the college things and it’s nice to take a break from it. My daughter was off today but was busy cleaning her place and doing laundry. . I’m finding that my Facebook days are limiting more and more everyday I just can’t take all the drama and that’s not because of the kids on it but adults … šŸ™„ I feel like I’m back in high school again and I just can’t.

I’m happy I reached out and chatted with a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile on the phone . Our kids grew up together she lives with her family in another town about an hr away if that . Her youngest is also graduating as well this yr so we talked about her daughter and my son . Then just talked about whatever , it was nice it’s hard when you get older and your friends are busy with their family things too so I will take what time I can get with my FRIENDS yes I’m emphasizing t hat because we are friends not just because our kids went to school with theirs because they didn’t . In this town I live in half the people are friends just because their kids are friends so sadly the parents form a clique even more if the kids are in the same sport together and sadly some of theses parents are not nice not trustworthy and the drama is crazy so when I’m on Facebook this is what I see and I like and need to stay out of it and my son likes it as well . This is his world I do not remember my parents in my friend world they had their own separate friends and so I could just be with my friends . Yes I do keep in touch with the parents my kids hung out for safety reasons but their not the people I would share private things with or it would be spread throughout this town šŸ™„ my hubby and I are private we are nice but we mind our own business . I must say everyday of your life your still learning something hahaha and I’m learning this new chapter one day at a time and trying to keep my sanity intact šŸ™‚ I guess I will finish a show with my hubby , my son is home now and my daughter should be sometime soon . Good night everyone.

Right or wrong?

In my post last night I had mentioned I had a conversation with my son. and I had said it didn’t go as well as planned well I have decided my son is a teenager and definitely does notĀ  or is in defiance, does not have a clue about life okay yes he is 16 maybe very social has a lot of drive… focus but maturity not. Okay yes we have all been 16 and we lived in our own worldsĀ  and we thought life was so great and fun and we thought we knew everything and our parents we looked at them like they where aliens ….well that was theĀ  look I didĀ  towards my son. Nothing I said clicked nothing I said was right ,he contradicted himself through out the conversation. I wasĀ  dumbfounded and knew our talk was going in circles and I didn’t know who was chasing who. I stopped talking just let it go and he went in his room . I pondered the thought over and over in my head the one thing he said that kept slapping me in the face was I qouteĀ  “You ask so much of me” “your always telling me to get a better job”Ā  it’s always about money I need to concentrate on schoolĀ  and sports ,okay one his father and I only ask for respect when he walks into the house and good grades . and yes we want him to do good with his sports and get into a good college so he can run for them and he is so good at it but its hard to take him after he gets so tired heĀ  is exhausting after because he is ugly that I cannot take.who doesn’t want that and we only say things about his job because he his always complaining about money and his father and I feel he wants to hang out with his friends every night and eat outĀ  in which case he contradicted himself when he said we do not do that as much now and I only need enough money for gas. yeah okay that’s why when this weeks Spring vacation is here he will be going out and why should we have to pay for that when we pay for everything else and he is able to work. hmm is he thinking of other parents…what is it with these kids and their drama they do not have a clue about life I know my son does not. where did we go wrong or his this just the teenage hormones and friends talking ? so I think as much as I do not want to it’s time toĀ  back ofĀ  and let him eat his words and fail a bit. This is going to be very painful to watch.

Life.. teenagers ..changes it’s enough to make a parent crazy. I know all have been through it and survive but my day we worked for what we wanted we asked for nothing and we got it we where grateful .this generation just seems so arrogant and my Son tries to make it be that itĀ  is me …oh no it is not and I am going to show him. wow that was a rant..hahaha okay guess I needed to get that out . Sorry Everyone. Just been a crazy ride on this new journey of being a teenager .Yes have an adult daughter but never went through any of this with her but they are 5yrs apart and so different from one another. Does anyone have any advice to give ? would love some.

Are we coming or going……

It’s been a long week and a half. everything seems so upside down what are we doing as a society with teaching our kid’s right and wrong…it just seems like whats right is wrong whats wrong is right….who wins who learns it’s just so frustrating . A situation in our town has turned into such a confusing mess yes a mess is what it is just by one person’s bad choice and wrong doing effecting innocent kid’s . everyone is confused if we could just say it like it is, if we didn’t have to add drama to it or sweep it under the rug, but be a friend believe in the personĀ  stand by your friends help each otherĀ  then to go against them it would not be so confusing but the sad thing is kid’s do not know what is right or wrongĀ  or are afraid to stand up because you will be judged society has taught this because they see how people clearly can turn on each other okayĀ  I am not meaning everyone but a big majorityĀ  do. everyday our kid’s witness people being mean and making bad choicesĀ  a for example in a line at a store the person in front of you being nasty because the cashier did something wrong.. well in their mind so they belittle them in front of a wholeĀ  storeĀ  your kids see thisĀ  or you let someone go first in line or on the road driving and can you get a thank you..hmmm no. then again they see this so how do you instill do the right thing be the better person stop the blame game open our ears listen which yes is still possible but in this world lately you need to be a strong person enough to do this. Instead our younger kids just clam up and say well better to say nothing at all, not in all cases. so this is what I am dealing with we need to learn what our actions teach our next generation. it’s scary thinking what this generation will be like when they become adults . will they be okay that’sĀ  the big question.

Memories….(80’s my time)

I was laying in bed and thinking back to my era I grew up in ..80’s when life seemed less complicated the digital world wasn’t ruling our lives we studiedĀ  shorthand and typing in school. we had sewing class cooking babysitting electives .Ā  at night on the weekends we looked forward to Delilah request love songs on the radio to someone . Delilah still does this but it’s not the sameĀ  When would be in class and we had a moment ot not for ourselvesĀ  we would write notes to our friends then pass them to the friend in the hallway between class and they would write back during their class such things we looked forward to. I had this one friend she was one of my besties and we took the note writingĀ  a little farther , it was my friends idea to write in a notebookĀ  and we could scribble and design it any away we wanted to and she named it do not mind my language but it was called BullshI**t Book 1 yes that is what it was called we would write any thing we wanted how things were going..our crushes.. our feelings just anything from serious to silliness subjects. we would each have the book for 3 days and just write draw pictures etc . it was such a fun Idea at the time that we ended up with a 2nd book. I think we did this for a yr until it started to get known and everyone wanted to read it and it was then just hard keeping it between us I laugh now because when I think back we thought this was such a big thing and problem..you know the whole drama thing so we decided ok lets stop so my friend burned them in her fireplace and that was that and it stayed our thing and private today nothing is private and that is so scary to me in this digital social media world. I m glad I had the opportunity to enjoy my teenage yrs before all the texting FB snapchat was discovered I wish my kids could have experienced the simple parts of the 80’s era being a teenager now is so much harder and complicated and I would not want to be a teenager at this time, so much more drama, dangers tempting our kids …much more peer pressure. and it’s really hard to be your own individual in a world that people feel they should or have to follow or you do not fit in . You really have to have tough skin to be your own person.