Friday morning woke from a dream that felt so real. I know we all have had that kind of dream. This though, was a dream like I have never had. It was so peaceful. Comforting. And felt so much love. I would say the rest, but you wouldn’t believe it. I’ll leave it at that . It was something so spiritual if that even describes it. And the rest of the day seems to follow suit in signs oh so many signs. A cardinal was appearing right in front of where my sister and I where parked on a bush while we’re talking about our parents that had passed many yrs ago. And then as fast as it appeared, it disappeared just wanting to show it’s presence. The day as I stated still followed with more signs. We went into a store that my sister had been In more than I could count, and I had never been in. It was like an indoor tag sale and antiques shop. This place was wall to wall stocked with everything you could ever imagine. I chuckled and stated that I would love to come upon an old fashioned stainless steel made meat grinder that back in the day you would clamp onto your counter and put whatever meat in it to hand spin the meat for sandwiches. I believe it’s could possibly be an antique. As a kid, I loved watching my mother use it. My sister agreed it would be something to find. As we browsed, I happened to look down at the same time as she did at this tin pail holding random items, and there was where we spotted the meat grinder And the look on our face. well, you could imagine was priceless. she reached down and grabbed it and said of all the things there was no price tag on it everything in the place has a tag on it and some things were so expensive I could only imagine. I asked the lady working, and she was like oh well that’s different and throughout a random amount. 5.00 dollars, all I could say was okay. Thinking though this was worth so much more. We left after that quickly.. She invited me to stay over her house and bake with her and her daughter and yes, drink coffee. She loved her coffee as well it’s a family thing. We stopped by my house so I could grab my things and off we went to her house that is our family homstead. So always going to her house is like going home again. She has redone it, and it looks beautiful, but it’s still home always will be. The three of us had a bunch of laughs and enjoyed homemade m&m cookies and coffee. Yes, I cheated on my diet, but so worth it. We stayed up way past midnight chatting . The day was absolutely amazing. There was many more signs and moments of discoveries . That proofed that our parents were still around us watching over us. Another time for that . When I post my meat grinder. I will say a lot I have discovered about my family and this thing called life and death . and even though someone has passed and we cannot see them . We can at least feel them if you open your heart and mind to it . Your heart is the easy part their your love ones . Wrapping your mind around it is another thing. For me both is easy for I feel very sensitive to this. It’s unbelievable but beautiful.


I see you in my dreams I see your deep blue eyes staring at me through this dream they pull me to you you a connection binding us as one That I feel you in my soul , my heart feels you with every beat it takes . My body feels your energy all around me . I feel your strength and it makes me feel stronger. I long for your touch but when I reach for you ..your deep blue eyes fade they get farther and farther away .. no don’t go way , come back … I need you . Please do not let this connection break . Please come back… I wake and your gone.. as dreams fades but I know your real. You have to be real..

Ahh signs of Spring.

Yes their predicting snow our way tonight … the good thing is they have lowered the amounts we are getting oh I hope their right . 3 to 5 inches …okay doable .. then the time it was suppose to start snowing keeps being pushed forward it was first 5 pm then 7 now it’s 8 pm. Okay this is not the sign of Spring … it’s these guys the top photo there is 4 turkeys their a bit camouflagedand their not little anymore. I believe their bigger then Miss Abigail and she knows it. She was watching them walk all around the back yard through the window . Her eyes so big. I was in my bedroom putting a few things away when out of the corner of my eye I saw out the window these guys walking by. Such a nice sign . Now they will be here in the mornings then the evenings until Fall. Love that their back, love seeing them. They have been doing this routine for the last two yrs . Last year there was babies which I believe these are the babies hopefully we will see some babies. . Will see. Supper is done and cleaned upI made Homemade Mac and cheese didn’t think I would like the orange sharp cheddar ,that’s all our local store had that wasn’t outrageously priced. I figured I would try it. Not bad, hubby liked it . Now I’m going to settle in read my book and get to bed hopefully earlier tonight . Miss Abigail kept us up jumping on my hubby scratching the bed then our window shade until my hubby brought her downstairs to her and my daughters place .My daughter out with her boyfriend texting me back at 1 when I texted her at ll:00 that she was downstairs watch when she came in. 😭 after that I had a hard time settling in with a good sleep with strange dreams .. so tonights goal is to read now then bed at 9 .🙂

Dreams , shopping , house decor.. weekend

It’s Saturday night after a day of just whatever … woke after a night of the most strangest dreams ..I will need to look them up to see if there is some kind of meaning to them . Back when I was in high school my best friend and still to this day , we always loved to analyze our dreams ..she had a dream book . For example if the dream or dreams kept having certain sights objects , etc you name it this book had it we could look it up. Well I wish I had that book now. I know I could google it and I’m sure I would find a lot of reasons .. but oh that book was interesting. If these dreams keep up may have to see if the book still exists to order one or something close to it. Today was food shopping day which happily it went smoothly . No crowed isles or long checkout lines ,after went to our local well one of our local coffee faves and enjoyed it on the drive home . Not much after to do once the groceries were put away and supper would be an easy task.. my hubby decided to finish up and put in the new vanity mirror and shower curtain for the newly painted bathroom . The color is growing on me … it came out a bit lighter then we originally thought but with the color of the shower curtain and mirror it’s coming together …now to find a couple of wall decor and it will be finished . Sent some photos to my son he liked it . And my daughter now wants her bathroom in her place redone. So that is on the to do list now.

The kitchen will be next .This scares me a bit more Being a bigger room , more detail ..the color we are thinking .. right now it’s a yellow a calm yellow but not and after having it for so long it’s time for a change. It’s going to be a red but a dark red not bright but a much calmer cozier red and I think it will make the kitchen feel more warm.. that’s what we a going for. I love my kitchen I have always had the best late night talks and laughs and whispers with my kids in that part of our house. And enjoy the morning coffee in the summer with our glass slider open and the sound of the birds . Echoing in. Will see it will be a try and error when your trying for the right color red. Here is our bathroom.. yes needs wall decor… well time for some sleep going on midnight my son had me sending him College info he has back home on our computer he need more of so through the internet it goes .. while on base and it being his down time he Figured he could send out more applications . So that was time consuming so now settled and ready for some sleep. Have a good night everyone.

Early Friday Night..

It’s about 8:20 on another stormy Friday night. Pitch black out already actually has been since 7:45… humid still …it feels like it will never break. Woke a bit early to catch a ride with my son who had a massage appointment .. his shoulders have been very tight so the Dr. suggested this . Plus I think he enjoys it …who wouldn’t .. I love going in with him even tho I do not need to sit in the waiting room for him now that he’s 18 it’s much better then waiting for him with the car running you walk in and this lady is such a beautiful person , there this energy of calm and peacefulness ,the lights are low, candles here and there , soft comforting music playing. Plus the seats are like big reading leather recliners but they don’t recline .. you get the picture. So when my son went in for his massage the lady at the desk came over and we chatted about the energy around us and then I told her about the last couple of dreams I had that were so strange to me and anyone else I’ve tried or would tell . .. but she was so amazing trying to figure out what they could mean. Yes I love all this kind of things. It’s intriguing to me. When she had more customers come in I started reading my book. Just so relaxing their she had offered me tea it sounded so good but if it had been cooler out I would of said yes. After my son was finish we went to the shopping place I wanted to go to I had a gift card so I bought a lamp that my son had bought for the den that I just loved and I also bought a bean bag chair need more seating in my living room if we all want to watch tv together . Since the futon couch has ended up in the den and my other couch is my hubbies spot and the recliner is mine (hahaha) so we are saving up for another big couch. So for now I bought this bean bag chair let’s say it’s ugly the only color they had was blue so it doesn’t go well in the living room with our color scheme but my daughter loves it. It is very comfortable. They ran out of black which is what I wanted . Well I will cover it with a black seat cover. That should work for now. Any ways my son just came home with a friend, my daughters birthday tomorrow so she is and will be out off and on through out her weekend …tomorrow we will have family over for cake and ice cream and then she will be back out with her boyfriend and friends, 23 it still so unbelievable. .. so my hubby and I are in bed with the baseball game on and I have my book on my lap . We can hear the thunder rolling in and flash of lightening here and there. I think I will get back to my book before it gets late and getting some sleep🙂

Sunday Night

The day started with dragging my butt out of bed with a struggle after a night of endless dreams I couldn’t even remember when I woke up. I walked tiredly to the shower and then out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee hoping to wake me up and help my mood to get ready to do food shopping that desperately needed to be done and there was no way holding it off for another day. Hubby and I finished that chore and then the rest of the day was quiet puts some laundry in and watched endless episodes of the show Roseanne …. yes the show is coming back for 9 episodes since ending in 1998 . I had it playing as I went around the house decluttering. My son laid around all day hydrating himself after yesterday’s Pentathlon and 1st week of track and field practice his body needed some down time . Hubby went to help a friend and my daughter had to work so it was just my son and I and Miss Abigail who spent the day roaming around the house. The day went by quietly to a beautiful sunset ending the day bringing it into the evening. Now just settled chatting with my daughter for a bit before she goes to settle down in her place hubby’s already settled in bed as well as my son so I will be there shortly as well. 🙂

My Son!!

When I look at you I see a young man standing before me so strong and ready to conquer the world , but  then when I look in those  blue eyes I see that little boy that could melt my heart with just a tug on my leg looking up at  me to pick him  up and hold him and that smile you gave when I did just broke me I just never wanted to let you go , but I need to it’s time  now , your grown and you are letting go you crave for that freedom to be you … all the dreams you hold in  your heart there ready to explore. I must and I will let go but in my eyes you will always be that littlle boy  with the big smile looking up at me I will hold  that memory close to my heart forever.