• Woke early after a good nights sleep surprising ! ( hahaha) I’m not known for a good nights sleep. Or getting to bed around 11 but I believe after the sad news all weekend I was mentally exhausted.. Today was nice I took it in strive. I jumped in the shower then grabbed some coffee and enjoyed while I watched the Wendy Show. House was mine once again everyone out at work and my daughter shopping . I enjoyed . Did the things that needed to be done around the house. When my son arrived home with my car ….( soon my car will be mine ) I left and went and grabbed our mail and yes I turned up the radio and enjoyed my music. Love this moment took a ride before doing what I came to do . It was nice and well needed.. it clears my mind . When I realized after taking the ride and getting what I came for 2 1/2 hrs had passed . My son needed my car for his second job but I had known that so I was back in time but why did I feel guilty ? I do not know why I do this to myself …my son was fine he actually asked if I had a nice drive because he knows I took a drive … he knows me well. I guess just being so busy for so long and constantly thinking of your families needs you tend to forget about your own and then when you get this time the guilt sets in.. a very vicious cycle. I do know if other Mothers feel this way but sadly I do.. still need to work on this. See we always are learning something at any age..


Had to share …this is my Son in mid air Saturday night where he works at the ski resort. Under the nightlights he has decided he loves snowboarding again. This boy of mine loves anything that consists of speed , air ,wheels ,sliding ,flying jumping an snow ,mountains ,and tracks oh and fields ,and challenges , now you see why I’m a over protective mother hahaha this kid is so athletic nothing he can’t do . He’s got a lot of motivation endurance and sadly no fear now if he put half of these qualities and energy into school work it would be great…don’t get me wrong he’s a great student but alway room for improvement .