Almost here …

After a emotional , proud Evening the day before at Awards Night. Spent the day cleaning the house up decluttering a bit more getting the house decent for family and friends for a gathering after the graduation. On Sunday . Not fun in the sticky humid house but needed to be done . Then the task of making stuff shells for supper . Thankfully my husband came home from work and put our air conditioners in. Upstairs ,tomorrow my daughters will go in at least she’s in the bottom half so it’s a lot cooler. Settled in bed and the air feels so good . Hopefully this humidity breaks by Sunday or it’s going to be so warm for my son and his class wearing the graduation gowns and us sitting their watching .. bad enough all of them couldn’t wait to take them off while having refreshments in there cafeteria after. Tomorrow my son goes for his final race of his high school career . He heads to the State championships at 4 in the evening .. he’s happy he made it to states for track but ready for it to be over with… it will be a late night then needs to be at the school early for the ceremony , then a week of spending time with friends till everyone starts their summer jobs and for him his first Basic Training weekend .next weekend. For the summer plus work until he leaves for full training in October . Will be a busy summer for him and an emotional one for my hubby and I trying not to think ahead but it’s hard not too.

It’s going to be a much more different summer. I will embrace it the best I can. It’s just so unbelievable that this time is here . It’s feels like it just flew up out of know where how does time pass so quickly , feels like yesterday I was up with the middle of the night feedings the endless trips hopping in the car and going for an ice cream .. which okay my hubby and I still do on occasions but as a family those days will be long gone… the endless days at the public pool my daughter working their as her first summer job checking people in getting the kids whatever they offered for snacks to purchase and I sitting with parents by the pool chatting away until it was time to jump in the pool and finish our conversations in the cool refreshing water. As our kids jumped off the diving board played pool games and snacked ..

Now it’s still watching my kids but in a different way, watching them get ready for work, friends etc and my hubby and I enjoying the evening sitting on the deck with a cool drink .. him a beer and myself with a cup of wine or water. So much more quieter. I guess there will be a definite need for bonfires with the rest of our families to occupy ourselves . Love bonfires . I’m happy my hubby just finished making ours , we had one but he moved it worried it was to close to our back deck and then if the windows were open the smoke went into the house . So have that to look forward too šŸ™‚ hmm ..Once again I manage to hit midnight .. I guess I should get some sleep . Good night everyone.


Monday Track Meet.

It was once again a brutally cold Track Meet.Amazed by these kids who can run in this cold , some of the kids just kept on walking , pacing , stretching to keep warm and not stiffen up before their race. The boys did such a great job . The strength and endurance is such a-remarkable thing. My son did exceptionally well we where tied and he won it for their team winning the relay he ran so hard so fast with everything he had in him . Everyone was cheering him on including me that I think I yelled so loud I may not have a voice tomorrow hahaha after he passed the finish line everyone came up to him and his coach hugged him I think it almost look like my son was going to cry so shaken with emotions of everyone shaking his hands hugging him that it brought tears to my eyes . I know it’s just a race…. but to him it’s everything .. all his hard work , his loyalty to the sport his team, his friends and to his coach . Running is his passion well one of many but it’s at the top of the list. It’s night now and supper was a late one he came home a bit after us and ate , showered and yes was exhausted he is in bed and I’m hoping is asleep . I’m still warming up I have my electric blanket on low . To get the chill out of my bones . So hoping for Friday’s Meet to be warmer. Well the fan is on humming away . As soon as my daughter arrives which should be soon I will say my nightly prayers and get get some sleep as well.

Too much thinking ??

I feel like I am on a roller coaster emotionally in the path months . In the pat year I have felt content peaceful thought I had life figured out ….was I so wrong I guess we never have life figured out at any age.My life feels off kilt and i just want it back up straight. I want my contentment back. I am doubting everything I thought I did was right I am wishing I could go back and redo somethings because now trying to succeed at something again it maybe to late. so I am kicking myself…is this a midlife crisis? or just everything I believed I was doing was just the wrong way , well not everything just one thing or should say a person .Ā  can you guess ? hahahaha my Son this has been what my last two posts have been about. Great kidĀ  great grades has great friends him and his friends do not party like the other kids at school they hate the fact that kids are wasting themselves on drinking and drugs .their on the running team so they care about their bodies which I am so proud of and their so respectful to people butĀ  great with peopleĀ  except… usĀ  his parents comes in the house kills him to speak hmm unless he wants something just not easy to love right now hate to say that do not get me wrong his dad and I love him just he makes it so hard. All I hear yup he is a teenager…ugh!!! so sick of hearing those words I m thinking that is not the case .Afraid we spoiled him and now we created ourselves a handful. My daughter was never this way . I was when I was 16 but I knew how far to push it with my parents. just so tired . and do not have any answers anymore. Help need some advice…