Early Friday Night..

I guess it’s time to get some sleep .The house is so quiet. Except for the air conditioner humming everyone is settled in already early for a Friday summer night. … My kids have to be up and out of the house by 6 for work and National Guards , My other half is just tired from the long work week.., how things have changed .. no loud music pounding through the walls no friends laughing and jumping around. No in and out of kids coming through the door at all hours of the night. My son is growing up ,.. just happened way too fast now I have two grown kids now well I know that’s how it goes … sadly , so I think I will say my prayers and get some sleep. Then conquer early food shopping with my hubby . Get that out of the way. Well good night everyone.

A quick post…

it’s Monday night and  I am actually tired a bit earlier for a change , everyone is home and sleeping so soon I will be as well 🙂 I just wanted to post my lastest adult coloring page I am almost finished with. I love how it’s coming out. So much detail and enjoyment .I will post it again when Its finished . Now time for some sleep. Goodnight everyone🙂img_1651