Dreams , shopping , house decor.. weekend

It’s Saturday night after a day of just whatever … woke after a night of the most strangest dreams ..I will need to look them up to see if there is some kind of meaning to them . Back when I was in high school my best friend and still to this day , we always loved to analyze our dreams ..she had a dream book . For example if the dream or dreams kept having certain sights objects , etc you name it this book had it we could look it up. Well I wish I had that book now. I know I could google it and I’m sure I would find a lot of reasons .. but oh that book was interesting. If these dreams keep up may have to see if the book still exists to order one or something close to it. Today was food shopping day which happily it went smoothly . No crowed isles or long checkout lines ,after went to our local well one of our local coffee faves and enjoyed it on the drive home . Not much after to do once the groceries were put away and supper would be an easy task.. my hubby decided to finish up and put in the new vanity mirror and shower curtain for the newly painted bathroom . The color is growing on me … it came out a bit lighter then we originally thought but with the color of the shower curtain and mirror it’s coming together …now to find a couple of wall decor and it will be finished . Sent some photos to my son he liked it . And my daughter now wants her bathroom in her place redone. So that is on the to do list now.

The kitchen will be next .This scares me a bit more Being a bigger room , more detail ..the color we are thinking .. right now it’s a yellow a calm yellow but not and after having it for so long it’s time for a change. It’s going to be a red but a dark red not bright but a much calmer cozier red and I think it will make the kitchen feel more warm.. that’s what we a going for. I love my kitchen I have always had the best late night talks and laughs and whispers with my kids in that part of our house. And enjoy the morning coffee in the summer with our glass slider open and the sound of the birds . Echoing in. Will see it will be a try and error when your trying for the right color red. Here is our bathroom.. yes needs wall decor… well time for some sleep going on midnight my son had me sending him College info he has back home on our computer he need more of so through the internet it goes .. while on base and it being his down time he Figured he could send out more applications . So that was time consuming so now settled and ready for some sleep. Have a good night everyone.