Movie Night!

It was another scorcher of a day and looking the same for tomorrow… hubby went to work and the kids and I slept in a bit longer then usual .. then dragging ourself out of of bed one by one we proceeded with our day. As the day drifted into evening my daughter at work still and the nightly news depressing as usual .. my son decided he wanted to watch a movie so he found Marvel Guardians of the galaxy . I’m not usually fond of those kind of movies but this one was really good it was funny , suspense, action and it was a good change . This was fun and a different pace . So happy he suggested it . Now it’s late and my hubby and son are sleeping, my daughter is with her boyfriend now and I am thinking I will get some sleep a bit earlier tonight. So goodnight everyone. If you get a chance to watch it. I recommend it.


Holiday Weekend..Photo Monday!

Good Morning ! Enjoying my coffee a bit later slept in this morning , It’s been a long Labor Day weekend afternoons spent taking a ride checking out the leaves that have been changing already ,then late nights spent with good food, drinks , bonfires , family and a lot of laughs today will be a calmer day and once again very warm . I think I will spend some part of it getting back into my book .I couldn’t finish Sharp Objects it’s too much when just finishing I believe the finale of the mini series on TV. I’m now reading the novel Bittersweet by Miranda Beverley -Whittemore so far I am enjoying it. Much of a calmer read. The house is quiet my kids still asleep my hubby outside puttering he can never relax. But that’s fine it gives me a moment to myself and to be able to write. I do not know how he will do with this winter he cannot relax .even kids always say I do not know how you two got together your such opposites. … yes we are I can’t deny that. It’s not always been easy (hahaha) but it works , I’m the one who has to push on the brakes at times . 🙄 well that’s for another day. Time to finish my coffee get a few little things done then some reading on my swing for as long as I can tolerate he heat. Have a good day everyone.

Birthday Saturday !

My daughters birthday was a success ! I’m so happy she had a nice day . The last several yrs her Birthdays were tearful … this was because of her Ex . This yr she has a new guy a happier outlook and her day was how she wanted it simple and pleasant. And her cake came out perfect! The day cleared after the gifts were open and the cake and ice cream was eaten. With some pizza after all ordered .. she decided we needed something a bit more besides cake .Then the younger kids well teenagers (cousins ) wanted to start a bonfire so my hubby and his brother went out and started one we sat around it except for my daughter and her boyfriend and friend they stayed inside where it was cooler and watched one of their favorite shows Ghost hunters…new episodes. My son stayed awhile then had to go to his. Track coach from high school who now is a friend . His Army retirement party at his and his wife’s house. My son a bit nervous because there would be a lot of the coaches army buddies there and the coach was anxious to show him off to the his buddies. . The party has ended bonfire put out everything pretty much cleaned up ,everyone went home my daughter and her boyfriend went down to her place . I think she had a good day. Now it’s 9:30 already doesn’t seem possible … my hubby is watching the baseball game and I’m going to read . Goodnight everyone.

Yes Finished!

The weekend was a balance of busy but relaxing moments. Pretty much another on and off rainy warm weekend. We seem to not be able to catch a break.. At least my other half had a dry race on Saturday then in the afternoon to falling asleep there was rain and a lot. Pleasant for settling in after a busy fun morning to read my book as my other half relaxed as well feeling pretty good after his race but tired. Then Sunday Church services with lunch out after with my in laws and then we decided to get food shopping out of the way . the day was ours after that ,since it was raining it was a good day for throwing in the little bit of laundry that accumulated over the weekend then on Monday I wouldn’t have to worry about laundry and finishing reading my book . Yes a good day for it I’m happy to say I finished the Outsider by Stephen King !!! It was so good but so mind blowing . Now onto another book ,my daughter bought me for my Birthday the book Sharp Objects by. Gillian Flynn I’ve been watching the HBO series of it and it’s intense and I know the book will be even more and after the Outsider I need to mix it up a bit and read a romance novel before starting Sharp Objects (hahaha) so my daughters going to read it while I read To The Moon and Back by Karen Kingsbury. Just finished watching the 5th episode of Sharp Object tonight So yes need a romance storyline for a bit. It”s only 9:30 and I’m already feeling tired I think I may call it a night hoping it doesn’t back fire and I become wide awake. .. Goodnight everyone. .

It’s me !

Hi everyone ! Haven’t blogged for days or maybe it just feels this way ( hahaha) been busy during the morning ,enjoying my coffee outside in the cooler temps and spending here and there time with my kids then evenings spent on the deck with my other half enjoying the stars and the cool refreshing night air. Been trying to learn the knack of meditating and let’s just say it’s not going very well, I am such a thinker so clearing my mind is not going to be easy. I’ve heard how meditating is such a good release . Now to to just be able to do it,I will keep trying . Also I have now started another book . So I’m happy to say I’m back into enjoying reading like I use to. It’s been a very different kind of summer. Learning new things about myself , and learning that change isn’t always a bad thing. and .., yes I do think that way . I’m happy to be connecting more with my older sister as well we have had a past of rough patches for many many years but this summer we have turned a corner and we have been able to get close again . I happy to say this is one of my many changes that have taken place that is so precious to me. I think the timing is perfect , we need each other and it’s great to have her in my kids life and I’m in theirs Life’s a funny twist of events . Some are easy and some so not . When you push through the not so easy it’s so rewarding . It makes anything possible. Well hate to cut this short but it’s getting late and I want to read a bit before getting some sleep , just wanted to let all of you know I’m still posting just it’s been a bit less lately . I’ll be posting more often once I get into my new routine of all my changes . Have a good night everyone!

Fireworks ..cooler temps .. nice weekend!

Ahh woke to a cool actually cold morning. Thankfully the temps have stayed cool. Friday night was spent with family watching the Town fireworks . Where we sit you have to get there at least two hours before and just get comfortable and enjoy good conversations and laughs …or you will not find a place to park. For several years now my kids have not gone with us they do their own things with their friends sitting down where they have a festival as well .. no rides just food and shop venues , music, which mind my language but hell to get out of after it’s over . You could be sitting there for hours or praying your vehicle didn’t get scratched by someone who is squeezing in to make room for their vehicle ..

The dark slowly approached while waiting for the fireworks and the colder and windy it became my hubby and his brother had shorts on and well they were freezing, after 6 days of temps in the 100 the 60″s with wind is an adjustment. The fireworks were amazing and once they started they last longer then other Towns I had heard that had them on the 4th , well worth the chill and the wait. Today will be spent with my sister celebrating her daughters birthday sitting around her pool which I believe is too cold for me today.. yes I’m am wimpy (haha) and enjoying some drinks well my hubby will be ..I think I’ll be the designated driver he’s had a long rough week at work in the heat paving highways so he could use some drinks ( hahaha) give me coffee or ice tea and good conversation and I will be good. I hoping tonight we can come home sit out on the deck for a bit . Suppose to be a cool night again so tiki lights a blanket and the stars sound like a perfect night. Okay time to finish my coffee and do some things before we go . Have a great day everyone 🙂

Independence Day!

Today is Independence Day . It was a different one this year .. I think with it falling in the middle of the week didn’t help plus no fireworks until Friday night .. well there was some in other towns that my son went to tonight . My hubby and daughter have to work early tomorrow so staying up late plus the heat does not help so we will go Friday night. That being said with the weather so hot we spent it at my brother in-laws they have a decent size pool so we sat around it and yes there was a lot of swimming but no grilling out to hot to stand over it cooking so brought snacking foods . The day just felt so different like everything does this yr . It doesn’t feel like the 4th . Some States with the heat index their not doing fireworks instead lighting the sky up with drones , seems interesting . All in all it’s just a different kind of summer yes thinks change . Nothing stays the same. Each season is a bit different ,I guess it’s time to get use to it. I can’t wait until this heat cools a bit so I can feel that peacefulness sitting on my deck at night again. Love that .. but for now it’s me myself and I watching the fireworks on tv as a special from New York ,hubby is in bed and my daughter is settling downstairs. So I’m sitting in the living room enjoying the tv and will soon read a bit . To settle myself. 🙄