Comings and going weekend..

Good. Morning ! It’s a brutally hot Monday morning. When some schools cancel school for the day because of the heat , I believe we hit a new era…. thankfully the kids in my world are on their last week of school . It’s such a habit when you wait to see if your school comes up on the bottom of the TV screen saying canceled.. very strange feeling when you don’t have to worry about that now . My son will when he gets to college but only if he decides not to dorm , he will start the following yr tho. If you read my past posts he’s heading to Basic Training in Missouri in October for Army National Guard until Feb or March.. today will be a calm day out of the sun as much as possible until the temps cool down a bit I believe my decks are reading 100 at this time on them.

The Weekend was a beautiful of coming and goings , spent Friday with my sister and her family for my nieces 6th grade graduation and then after enjoying some time after with them arriving home late , then Saturday food shopping and then back out for dinner at Kobe’s sushi and hibachi Chinese bar with my sisters family . What a fun night of food flying through the air hopefully making it into your mouth hahaha , fire , performing good food and drinks and laughter . We laughed so much my face hurt! Then we left after hours of more chatting laughing to walk out to a beautiful night . My niece I believe didn’t want it to end so she suggested we all go for an ice cream. I will admit I didn’t want it to end just yet as well. Off we went to get ice cream and enjoy more laughter . Arriving home late once again . My kids where not able to go my daughter had to work and my son had another graduation party to go to. . Hopefully next time,

Sunday came and it was fathers Day my kids gave him gift cards and my daughter who works in a floral shop bought him a Phoenix fly trap plant . My daughter found it interesting and said she had to save one because they sold fast . My hubby loves things like that . He does our flower gardens around our house with the help of my daughter . I do not have a green thumb. After we went for a ride he spent his gift cards and took the day as it came no where we had to be . As evening approached I made my hubby and son and I a steak dinner sadly my daughter had to work . Then we enjoyed the steak while keeping cool in the air conditioning watching the 3 rd Transformer movie ….. must say the first one was the best. So it was a nice ending to a beautiful weekend . Plus I finished the book I have been reading ! Win win hahaha! Had to add that in . Now to find another book🙂


He did it❤️

It’s been a good proud, happy, fun laughter filled day and now everything is picked up everyone’s gone home my son has gone to be with his friends to look back on this memorable day last day of being together as a class .. hubby is sleeping and I’m with Miss Abigail curled up in the living room chair for once .. needing some down time for myself before I settle in bed.. hmm so many things going through my mind. With in just hrs I now look at my son and I am finally able to face that he is a young man now .. no going back to high school in the fall no Booster Days no Football game … track meets .. no class color day ..etc. its pretty mind blowing. Big thing … what do I do now? All I have ever known is to be a mom , to do play dates with them , Halloween trick orc treat go to meets, bottom line take care of them , now both my kids have graduated and I will be in a different roll now . It’s scary actually , I will need to figure this out some how .. I will have plenty of spare time .. I guess my son and I will both be on a new journey …

All Settled..

imageIt was a nice Easter / Birthday with family well for the most part sadly …there’s always one family member that is hard to deal with and you want to put them in their place but you know that you will just help them be who they are so keeping silent towards them shuts them down … Oh so wrong it is …why ? But any how made it through and the day ended with my hubby having a nice Birthday and all of us with  full satisfied stomachs 🙂 and that lazy tired feeling ready to go home and  get  in comfy clothes and get cozy the cold temps that are back for the moment helped. My son left half an hour before us so when we arrive home we found him already in comfy clothes sleeping on his bed the house had a chill to it so I covered him up . I know he’s not a little boy but it’s just who I am can’t see someone sleeping without a blanket on them so I cover them up ,I think he was okay with it he moved a bit and cozed into the blanket a bit more still sleeping. Just my thing…. My hubby and I tidied up the house a bit after leaving in a rush this morning  then we changed into comfy clothes reheated some  of the food up my mother in-law packed us to bring home  settling in front of the TV My daughter hubby and I and of course Miss Abigail too. A pleasant sunset to end the day as we ate , Now we re all settled in our beds hubby and I are finishing the musical Jesus  Christ Superstar on tv.  It’s good never seen it before . Very interesting. .almost over so going to finish watching and then get some sleep. Good Night everyone🙂


Just because 🙂

when it’s a Monday evening a storm is coming in your waiting for that School cancellation call and your feeling like a light supper .. your daughters boyfriend shows up and is sitting at the table with you and your daughter realizes as we are all chatting away what where eating… grilled cheese, smiley fries and chocolate milk and bursts into laughter as we follow suit knowing why 😂 we are eating a kids meal when you just want chocolate milk and smiley fries … why not hahahah and your daughters boyfriend is laughing with us . It’s one of those nights ,Then my son comes in with his friends and his friends are talking away and when that never happens because their so non talkative with parents haha been a memorable evening around the kitchen table . One more memory to hold in my heart .

It’s quiet now just hubby and I in the living room watching our show The Voice! My hubby is happy no work for him tomorrow they told him not to show because of the storm. So now we wait and see what the kids are doing school …work don’t know but I guess I will finish the smiley fries🙂hahaha smiley fries and chocolate milk kind of day .

Kitchen table..

The kitchen table .. is not just for breakfast , lunch and dinner , it’s a place for endless nights of doing homework. it’s the best place in house to enjoy a hot cup of your favorite coffee ..tea or whatever your liking is. As you enjoy a simple chat before heading out to start your day . Or a quiet moment to talk over a bad day . For me it’s the place where many moments memories are made good or bad but especially the good , the kitchen table holds on to all our laughing silly or deep conversations about life . It has heard many happy birthday songs and held many cakes of all occasions to enjoy.It hears our dreams as we sit with our cups of coffee warming our hand s and chatting about those dreams we want or we should of persude . The kitchen table is like an old friend that is always there to sit around to comfort our so many thoughts and yes that what I feel as I know it’s my favorite place in the house . The conversations get less and less as we grow and sometimes as I’m sitting here yes with my coffee and staring out my window I can hear the laughing see the tears that have been shed here . .. and I notice a slight carve into the old tattered wood where my kids I couldn’t say which one 🙂 where there’s a pencil marking when I may not have been looking someone tried carving their name or a marker stain and I smile thinking oh this table hasn’t heard the last of the laughter or deep conversations they’ll be more but of a different older time when they come home .. deeper voices .. more confident grown adults looking to enjoy a cup of coffee and a nice conversation.❤️

Once again …

Once again it’s the weekend . To me it’s another day okay that did not come out right, having the chronic disability I have has its moments of disappear For example today the sun is shining and my mind feels like it could run miles but my hip says otherwise … it’s hurting today more with the temps changing . My hubby went grocery shopping for me ,thankfully . I know I should be happy I do not have to do it but instead I feel not useful ,weak I hate this feeling . I know that the things I can do I should be thankful for I’m here I’m with my family I can cook for them I can talk with them but when they go off and do something as simple as a hike or my sons meets  or an all day shopping day with my daughter where I can not stand for long or walk for long periods of time is so frustrating . I know they understand but it’s hard and soon my kids won’t need me to cook for them or need laundry done  it’s already has been less  well my daughter does her own  and  my son does it on occasions ,  I know all good how it should be it just lets me feel useful .crazy thinking …I know.

My hubby is going through is own changes he is going to be 50 in April and is dreading it , to me age is just a number . I know he is thinking of his dad who will not be here for it since his passing this past August. He would just love to forget that day , So more then ever he is wanting to keep moving keep busy running hiking and sadly the things I can’t do with him and when the track meets and football games are over he will not know what to do with himself  even more .  I’m hoping to get up to Maine with him and sit on the beach , eat out at our favorite spots there ,  do more with just the two of us why not we sit home at night with each other  hahaha  we where going to go to the drive – ins last summer just the two of us but every time we had the chance they where showing a kid movie ,   Of course. Will play it by ear one day at a time for now to get through this winter and its ever changing weather . I have always been a reader Over the last several yrs I have not been as avid but now with more free time I’m picking it back up  and have a list of books I want to read . My hubby is not a reader . When it’s time to relax for the night it’s watching tv and then he falls asleep .. I love the adult coloring books , my daughter got me interested in them when she bought me my first book and now I’m hooked . I have several now. On nights  my

hubby falls asleep or I can’t sleep I read or color. My daughter laughs at me when I show here the finish page she will and I quote her “so you couldn’t sleep last night ”  🙂 Or how long did you wait up for Seth . Yeah she’s got my number 🙂  Getting back to the subject it’s hard when you want to do something but you can’t oh I could try but I know I will pay for it for days .there are things that are worth the pain but all in all its hard when your mind feels young but your body feels old.


Sunday fun day…if you call a day of pouring rain and hitting every pothole driving because this rain is not helping the roads this time of year …then okay it’s a fun day hahaha this is a pic from the inside of our vehicle going through drive thru for a quick easy supper on the way home from my Mother -laws house. My son and their track team actually ran in this today I’m not surprised they do crazy things hahaha so it was my hubby and daughter and I that went and yes we got a coffee🙂 now it’s once again a quiet evening at home my daughter left for a friends house and thankfully my son checked in to let us know him and his friends are getting food out after their run so my hubby Miss Abigail and I are home and watching the Winter Olympics. .. and it’s still raining … ahh getting use to these nights…. hmm maybe 😉