Can we just not judge… justbe happy

Okay so I was doing something I despise more then anything , Grocery shopping. I am at my local grocery store and I have my list ,  my cell for calculating so I can stay on my budget that doesn’t always go as planned, at least I try …right? so I am going isle to isle with my list and someone walks by I scoot out of their way and smile well that was a mistake they just glare at me like what are you so happy about …..okay so I take a deep breath and proceed on . oh my as I am shopping their was this guy must of been in his late 50’s or more shopping with his older mother and the poor guy seemed like he was being lead on an invisible leash, well sadly every isle I took they seem to be in it so I said Oh my gosh I just can’t seem  stay out of your way now at the time his mother is down the isle a ways and I was just trying to be nice he just stares at me she comes walking up as fast as she could looks at me with  dirty look and asks him did you find what we needed he answered  after that I  felt like a fool for tying to joke with him so I just decided to be  quiet..I was just trying to shake it up a little with this chore I dislike,  then as I am about done with my list my favorite song plays over their radio my daughter if she was with me would of walked away from me hahaha at the age of 5 she could see this song by heart always  o played it in my car. It was from Celine Dion the  Titanic theme song My  heart will go on….now if you know me then you would know I have to sing it when it plays  so I was like oh no hahaha so I was in one of the  isles by myself at first so I was singing it quietly to myself and grabbing what I needed well this  women is in front of me looks at me and I just  stopped singing and I explained I was singing the song so she wouldn’t assume I was talking to myself well does anyone just laugh or just smile and say something nice like oh it’s fine ??? oh know she just looked at me like I had  lost my mind. Oh my I was just trying to make the best of doing something I despise ..does anyone have a sense  of humor or can just be decent ? no I guess not I guess we are just suppose to walk around either like a zombie or have a crabby face planted on our faces I know …sounds like I am judging but  I am  just trying to state a fact ..I do not know why that person may have that face but everyone  doing that hmmm do not Son does say why do you always have a smile on your face well I wouldn’t say always but for the most part I try and why not. whats the point of living if you can’t be happy. I think it’s sad I know some people may be going through something buy everyone I run into.. I guess that could be my luck.