Today‚Äôs Trend…

Today is hot chocolate day! As you can see I’m enjoying some in my favorite mug given to me as a gift from my children. Your probably asking what is that white goop on top if not I will tell you anywaysūüôā it’s Marshmallow fluff I love it in my hot chocolate it gives it a creamier taste so delicious. So here’s to hot chocolate day!


Favorite part of my day….

It’s once again night time and yes I’m in the dark. If you read my last post I wrote in the dark‚ėļ..the fan is gently running bringing in the fresh cool night air..rain is coming ¬†you can smell it .the fan is humming ¬†I think the sound is relaxing to miss Abigail she is laying with us tonight love this fur ball. I should be sleeping but ¬†I am wide awake then ever always¬† liked night time better it’s a strange thing I guess I just find it peaceful I read better I like to write and yes I like to talk hahaha which is not good for my husband because he is not a night person…soon school will be out and no routine well it’s less over the yrs now that I have only one left in school and is a junior so he is very independent. Doesn’t like to talk in the morning so I do not have to get up ¬†he does his thing..¬† but still needs to be pushed and set straight at times so my job is not done yet.Soon I can sit on our deck with my daughter and look at the star’s and see how many falling stars we see have a little wine as well and hear the ¬†peepers but for now the fan will have to do . Oh I think the boy’s are out that is what I call the coyote’s I can hear them in the distance now howling to each other¬† they must be hunting. In all the yrs we lived here I should ¬†be use to them but it still sends a chill through me when they howl such a Erie sound it makes you want to be inside well they have stopped must of found what they where ¬†hunting for so tell me what your favorite part of the day I would love to know.

Yes Soap opera (Soapy’s)

20160302_132144-1-1Yes I watch Soaps …. actually one soap¬† my favorite¬† Days of our lives . My favorite hour of the day¬† at 1:00 and people who know me well do not call or talk to me at that time. I started watching this when I became pregnant with my 1st child and I decided to be a stay at home mom so that is 20 yrs so far of watching this amazing daytime show I rocked her and then my 2nd child my son to sleep watching this . and ever since then its just gets better and better its like a good book romance drama yes you name it. and now I tweet as I watch it with my twitter friends yes I call them my friends everyday good amount of us tweet as we watch it it’s great we laugh we share our sadness and happiness through our tweets and yes and unhappiness too . Today was an end of an era the rich madman villain head of the the family dynasty who has been on since 1982 did a farewell episode amazing flashbacks and memories the characters talked about it was actually sad because he was such a great actor but decided due to health reason time to say goodbye and it was just amazing how it came to an end. good by Stefano Dimera…….