Monday Photo!!!


What a beautiful 3 day weekend. My Monday Photo reflects my weekend. beautiful weather and night so we broke out the fire pit and had a fire and enjoyed out first taste of s,mores for the 2016 spring /summer season and enjoyed every bite . I personally love the roasted marshmallows . My daughter saw a fallen star. and made a wish have to make a wish. the moon was out and amazingly bright casting shadows through out our yard helping my pups as you see to keep  a loyal watchful eye out for the night critters  in which he did spot and we had to stop him,  love when he lays his eyes on something and does the pointing position. We do not know what he saw we just saw the shadow of something run off probably just a fox. they come around at this time. We stayed out till midnight  the sound of the crackling of the fire and the sound of the peepers in the distance towards the swamp near our home was relaxing. This is the best time of the year in my book.


three day weekend and beautiful!!!

So it’s a 3 day weekend and the weather is gorgeous! also the start of April vacation for my son. so this week he has off and has already started with doing things…never a dull moment with him. He left on Saturday evening with friends for Boston to watch the Boston Marathon. Him and his friends are runners for their school they do indoor and outdoor  track and field and cross country. Him and his friends have ran in a couple of local races in our town , this will be fun for them to be in Boston and watch the race. a great experience for them  I keep checking in on him yes that’s what mothers do…. I am not overly checking in but just here  and there. I am trying to keep myself busy but with this weather it’s not working I am sitting on my porch swing and soaking in the sun. The house is clean enough and no where to go. My daughter is working but has told her dad and I  that she is bringing home s’mores  goodies so we will  start a fire in our fire pit and enjoy some s’mores then when here boyfriend gets out later tonight they can enjoy on their own and put it it out after. so now it begins nights out by the fire ,looking at stars sleeping with windows open …love!!!! and my Son running with friends ..crazy.  but my favorite time of year.