Friday friend night..

Friday came with the rain gently hitting the window. Happy it wasn’t snow. Sadly I know it will happen. Thursday night, my friend texted me and asked if I would like to get together with her on Friday night? Very spontaneous for us because she is a planner. We enjoyed dinner out at one of our favorite places. The restaurant was busy, but we were able to stay seated for a little over an hour. We are regulars. We think they like to see how many times they will fill my coffee cup. (haha) Yes, no alcohol for us. Coffee and water are my poison. Water with lemon is hers. We have such great conversations and laughs that it’s not needed. We decided it was time to give up the booth; either of us was ready to call it a night. So we decided to get in my car and take a drive so we could chat a bit longer. We manage to talk and laugh for 5 hours. This dinner started at five 😊 spontaneous was such a good thing to do. Now we have decided it would be a good idea to get together whenever. We both know there will be days where we will have to plan. But have realized that this is going to be our new regular on our new journey of this chapter of our life.

This whole parent thing is so changeable. We start first with just going out drinking, dancing. Working, no taking care of children to then having that responsibility and it consuming us. That if you do not pay attention to it, you can lose sight of so many other essential things as well. We tend not to imagine our Children growing and living their own lives. Then when this day comes, we tend to be shell shocked. And we are finding a way out of the rabbit hole to ourselves, once. Again and for some, this is comfortable others like my friend and me no. It is a learning experience. We are finding out so many new and similar things about one another; it’s quite interesting. I do know it will be an exciting and memorable time for us.


Today I manage to wake a bit earlier. And get myself out of the house before my son actually woke . I went mudding out of our driveway . Sliding here and there. Yes it’s mud season in New England. The snow is melting making the snow not so pretty looking anymore mixed with the mud a white color car is not a good color for my driveway. I drove into town as the sun beat down into the car warming it . I arrived at the Post Office to collect our mail and looked at my car that was caked with mud all around the tires … I wondered what was making a flapping noises as I was driving I believe it was the mud flying off the tires🙄 after driving through town taking in our quiet little town . I can see people sitting at the pharmacy /soda bar enjoying coffee and chatting. People walking in and out of our little market. With bags of food. I headed home . As I walked into the house I was greeted by my awaken son. Blending up his protein drink he loves so much. I gave him a hug since he had some good news that came in the mail . One of the several colleges he applied to came back congratulating him to their College. Not his top choice …..he’s still waiting to hear . BUT was happy to see the big envelope with the congrats all over it. He said he was on the right track. And I’m happy to say he did his laundry ! ( hahaha) yes I was for the most part doing it before Basic but those days are over. That I’m defiantly not sad about.? Because it was almost in the 50’s I hurried with getting the Shepard’s pie made for dinner so I could go out on the deck and absorb some sun. Then came back into watch some of my General hospital …. it’s so good right now I wanted to see what was going on. The Shepard’s pie I think came out good everyone ate it including my son who is on his own food program. My daughter after working her shift came home and helped herself to a plate and finished it all. Stating it was filling. I believe she enjoyed it.

It’s 9:30 at night now after the beautiful evening sunset which I give the credit to my daughter for captioning it . The guys are asleep . My daughter and Miss Abigail getting ready to head downstairs to their place. We watched some of the I Heart Radio Awards on tv . Seeing the performers we wanted we are done with it now . Oh the music these days . I really do not understand how they are famous…. some are good like the ones I stated my daughter and I enjoyed . But the rest oh boy.. now we do the task of shutting everything off .. the tv , lights , dryer will shut it’s self down when it’s done. Hopefully I can sleep . I’m wide awake . Wish me luck.

Snow …

It’s been a pretty calm winter snow wise , for the most part the ground has been more bare then covered in white, but that could soon change according to the forecast . Fri to Monday looking nasty. It’s now the mid afternoon on a Thursday The laundry is rumbling away. Food supply in the house is good daughter grabbing a few necessities as she leaves work tonight . Mail is checked . So now to settle in the next several days thankfully my daughter has Fri and Saturday off ,if need be her shift is very short on Sunday she can call out or most likely they will tell her not to come in. I have enough to keep me busy here and my daughter does as well it’s my other half that worries me🙄 most likely he will be like Miss Abigail and just sleep away until it stops and has to go out and plow. Plus my son may keep him busy texting him or calling him since my son has a three day weekend at the base and has his phone. New England never know how the weather will be here.

Going away family party..

Today turned out to be a bittersweet family going away party for my son . After tackling the busy drive of leaf peepers everywhere making driving some what crazy with my daughter , treating ourselves to a mocha ice coffee being that we were a bit early helped ,coffee makes everything better well almost everything (haha) picking up the over abundance of Chinese takeout for the party then arriving home with the help of my son setting the food out for everyone to dig in . As we enjoyed the food the younger cousins went in and out to the bonfire my husband and brother-in-law had going . After we all went out and enjoyed a lot of laughs around the fire… the guys decided to throw around the football . It was a easy going day and memories for my son to take with him for the 6 months he will be away . It’s unbelievable how it’s already 9:30 at night … now the days will fly by . .. and it will be Wed early morning driving my son to the local base where he will be leaving from . He’s ready but when family started to leave and hugged him and tears in families eyes I believe I saw something of sadness in my sons eyes as well . As much as my son plays such a tough guy he has a very big heart that only a few and lucky ones get to see . I m one of the luck ones that have and I know he will miss us . I know we will all miss him too . 😥 that being said I’m going to now get ready for bed say my prayers and get some sleep.


Oh how I love the laughter! I believe there is 6 teenagers crammed in my sons room ones a girl but all good her brothers here too her brother is my sons good track buddy who is now in his 2nd yr of college and his sister is graduating with my son. they all showed up to ransack my kitchen making food and to hang out . Ahh love nights like this as long and little it lasts I’ll take it. Basically when the food runs out 🙂 my hubby and I are in the living room watching our shows . I know as much as my son was tired and wanted to rest for his race tomorrow I think he is happy that their all here . We are too 🙂 it’s a nice Friday night.

Free time… what to do?

So another quiet weekend ..yes this is probably now going to be the new norm. I should be enjoying it , okay I was but now with each passing weekend even some week days it’s sadly out of my comfort zone. Yes I said that. I am just so use to doors slamming shut music blasting through walls running around cleaning up after everyone and now the house is always clean doors and walls quiet just the sound of the house creaking or my husband snoring hahaha well with the cold temps at the moments movies have been our new thing snuggle under the warm blankets in the comfort of our bedroom , going  for rides again for a coffee or just riding I know ….why am I finding issue with this? a lot of people would love this free time.  I’m just such a take care of someone or something kind of person. It’s just what I do . but now I need to rewire my brain hahaha and try to get use to this so I am going to get back into reading books again I use to love reading but it took me forever to get through one . I am thinking of summer with my husband at the drive in movies and sites to check out that my hip will allow. More summer evening at our favorite eatery sitting on their patio. Okay I can do this hahaha can anyone give me some suggestions like good reads , movies,  activities? would love some ideas .



I know I have written about this subject  before but need to say it’s so worth repeating. My Son was enjoying the day snowboarding at one of the bigger ski area’s that him and his friends never had been too so I was happy he was doing one of the many things he enjoys. My Daughter had a later shift in the day for work so we decided to enjoy a relaxing lunch at our favorite place to eat, Panera the best I had their zesty creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese she had a chicken soup and macaroni and cheese …yes very simple and yes we could of made that at home hmm …maybe but not as good as them and the atmosphere is so pleasant and relaxing even when it is busy and today was one of those day but what do you expect when something is good people go there. so we took our time and enjoyed . love the simplicity of this to some this would be nothing but to me its just who I am simple I wish more people could just sit back take in their surroundings like I saw today people chatting away smiling or reading a book as they enjoyed their meal. life should be happy and enjoyable and not stressed and rushed and full of judgmental opinions and anger shall I go on ? …yes I know I’m asking too much but can we at least try. I know life is full of all kinds of ways just seems we need to enjoy the life we are given as a gift.