Lazy Sunday..

It’s been a very cold lazy Sunday it’s going on mid afternoon and all I’ve done is shower have coffee and then made some Chili and now simmering in crockpot and some cornbread to go with it for supper and now my husband and I are enjoying Sunday football on tv. A cup of hot chocolate or tea sounds good write now. Need something warm to drink . I should read my book but feeling that lazy 🙄 maybe later. Sometimes you just need a day of nothing. To rejuvenate . Miss Abigail is doing a good day of that snuggled in her chair sleeping away. Just love that furry girl . Wrote another letter for my son to be sent out on Monday with extra stamps and envelopes he asked for . Miss him dearly. I hope it’s going better . I believe no phone call for two weeks. … just happy I can at least write to him . Enjoying the letter writing too much (hahaha) letters are about two pages long . I need to shorten them. I just get writing and before I know it I have two pages. Well time to check my chili and maybe start the kettle for some tea and open my book. 🙂


It’s Thursday night Football . The Patriots are playing the Colts. I like football , do I understand every play no… should I know yes. 🙄living in a family that are football fanatics yes I should . As I watch it I’m adult coloring as well such a combination well My hubby and son are watching it and shouting at the plays. So that’s good they have each other. (Hahahaha)so I do not have to pay total attention to it, I just say something when the Patriots get a touchdown. Which they just did again! I enjoy the commercials they play in between the game there different ones when games are on . I know I’m such a girl. I guess Though I’m going to head into the bedroom and watch the show A million little things that I recorded last night and color . This show is really good it’s new this Fall it deals with adult suicide it’s pulls at your heart strings but at the same time it’s so informational and warm . Well back to my show and I hear the guys in the living room razzing with each other boys will be boys🙂

Football! Super Bowl 🏈

It’s Game day and the teams are headed to the stadium the sport spokesmen are telling us on the TV my hubby is excited as he is himself planted on the couch nice and comfy and ready hahahaha yeah he will be yelling at the tv in about 3hrs as I will be putting the wings in for cooking as the chili is cooking at the moment along with a cake that is baking in the oven . Then I will settle in and watch , I love the commercials there the best on this day. The snow has started coming down a bit happy we decided to stay home so then if my hubby wants to have some beers I do not have to drive us home from relatives in it . My daughter works a baby shift as she calls it 4hrs so she will be home at 6:30 . Now to keep my son home or planted at someones house for the night. Oh the challenge. I think I rather be on the football field then that challenge 🙂 who will win?

Growing up….

Tonight was my sons last high school football game and thier Thanksgiving. Game and would you know tonight was the night he gets an injury and it had to be his knee … he is a runner track and hurdler and I feared this when he said he wanted to play football his last season of high school . He was doing so well yeah some cuts bruises body soreness and was fine but he went down on his knee in the last quarter and was done ,sitting on the ground holding his knee while medics came to the side line to check him out. I wasn’t at the game with my chronic hip issue couldn’t walk where the field was located, too much so I stayed home and listen to it on the radio and my husband sending me texts .

I end up getting a text from my husband stating they where at the hospital to get it checked out I said should I come he said no I will update you hmmm ..I have realized my son didn’t need me any other time I would of rushed anyways to get there but something told me to listen to my husband and wait for updates within an hr he updated just sprained their wrapping it and he needs to ice it rest it elevate it and use crutches for a couple of days if it gets worse see our doctor. Thankfully no pain meds and they where on their way home . Such a strange feeling for me to sit back and wait and calm as well . Funny thing he came hobbling through the door and sat down and said mom I’m starving I see you bought pizza could you make me a plate hmm now that hasn’t changed as he’s laying his head on the table and this I tell you was also after my husband dropped him off at school to grab his car and see his team and coach who where back at his school from the bus . Now he’s in bed and sleeping so I guess maybe he needs me but just little less. I guess that’s an okay thing🙂

Adult Coloring!

I Everyone after a busy Last Boosterday week for my senior with all the festivities the dressing up costumes School color day,  pep rally float making and then the football game and a very sore son , but feeling  ok  even if he wasn’t he wouldn’t stop going So anyways and last but least the Homecoming dance  on Saturday night . Happy all the kids had fun and stayed safe. Today was a relaxing whateverkind of  day after food shopping … finished my page and started a new one to relax so it was a nice day to sit outside do some adult coloring while enjoying the sun , here is the page I finished and then the page I have been working on.  Love coloring.

Friday Nights

It’s 11:00 at night after my Sons football games I’m so wide awake and hoarse now🙂 my husband as well it was so fun tonight I forgot how football games where … so going to miss this when him and his friends graduate . We all just cheered and the cool night air with the scent of French fries ifrom the snack bar just made it a perfect night and the fact that my sons  team won 26 to 8 .was even better. Plus he was in his glory when he made the 1st t touch down of the night . He wanted that bad I quote ! so proud we are of our boys. the boys of fall. If you like country Kenny Chesney has a song called the boys of fall and it’s about growing up playing football look it up it’s a great song and video, when my son played youth football they played it  at   the banquet with pics of our boys and it brought tears to my eyes and now when I hear it to this day it still does. Now it’s time for me to settle my son is home and showered and in bed so I think I will do the same . Good night every one.

Ahh nice … content

It’s a cold night one of the coldest since Fall started . Nice and toasty under my electric blanket with my sleeping husband.. already long days early mornings for him with work this week ,..  yes I have it on 🙂 it’s one of those nights where everyone is home and settled in my daughters friend is over so thier content down in her place with  Miss Abigail   ,happy there not out for once and my son is already sleeping  . It’s a nice change from the comings and goings half the night. My husband and I watched our favorite Thursday night TV shows love the come back of Will and Grace it’s so funny it’s such a great pick me up show . Laughter is good. So now TV is off and  once  again no moon so the room is dark but that is okay it’s nice it will make for a good sleeping night. Tomorrow is under the lights Football game so we will go and watch our son play. Then a busy work weekend for him and his Senior pictures taken as well . I think my hubby and I will go get some pumpkins for carving  and apples for some fresh apple pie and a pumpkin spice latte stop as well that is the best part 🙂 and yes food shopping will have to be done always need that chore done not one of my favorite things to do I hope I can get some good photos up of the foliage in my part of the world , it’s now starting to look beautiful it’s just where you go so yes hopefully this weekend I will post some, well  my eyes are getting heavy so time to get some sleep . Sweet dreams everyone.