Good Morning Everyone. It’s Friday the sun is shining and no snow coming to my area, a plus because I do not enjoy the snow, for my Son I would take it so he could snowboard ….I believe this season he has only snowboarded twice. I am a proud mom he is on his way to making it to the the state championships in his indoor track Team at school I am proud of all the kids they have worked so hard . Tonight he has a meet my husband will go it’s a late one so it will be busy and really no place to sit so with not being able  to be on my feet for 3hrs I will be with him in thought and he knows this. I laugh because he tells me it is just fine I get nervous when you and dad are there .so when my husband goes he is out of sight. …just got to love him this boy is so independent and his drive to  do things makes my head spin. I never imagined when I had my kids how time would just fly by one day  I am changing diapers and sleepless nights to graduations jobs drivers licenses and still sleepless nights waiting for their safe return home. I will take it. everyday is a new moment a new challenge a new memory. my life feels like a beginning to a new chapter.