Just the two of us…

It a rainy Friday night the house couldn’t be anymore quieter .. my daughters out off and on through out the weekend celebrating her friends birthday .My son will not be home until Sunday . ..out on an outdoor hiking trip and sadly is out of cellphone range . I hope both kids stay safe . My hubby and I just watched a movie we found , it was a comedy how can it not be funny love Jack Black …now settled in bed . The house just seems more quiet tonight Miss Abigail has been anti social all day sleeping behind our couches or sleeping downstairs when my daughter was not home this afternoon because of work and now settled on the couch in our living room instead of with hubby and I in bed I think the dreary rainy day put her in a mood .. I know I need to get use to this it’s just Winter is not the time to get use to new things and quietness is not my friend. I would even welcome the noise of the boys ( coyotes) running and howling through our woods to stir up some noise … ūüė• sadly the outdoors is just as quiet as the night before. Hopefully soon my daughter will be home and my son is settled in with his buddies in the cabin they said they would be sleeping at and their laughing and having a good night . My hubby and I are watching the Winter Olympics now on its last weekend. Sunday will be the closing ceremony . Then our tv shows will be back on. Soon I hope sleep will settle in I think my hubby is hoping for the same . I know he’s thinking of the kids too. Doesn’t matter how old they get once you become a parent your always a parent and your heart is always with them‚̧ԳŹ


Friday Nights

It’s 11:00 at night after my Sons football games I’m so wide awake and hoarse nowūüôā my husband as well it was so fun tonight I forgot how football games where … so going to miss this when him and his friends graduate . We all just cheered and the cool night air with the scent of French fries ifrom the snack bar just made it a perfect night and the fact that my sons  team won 26 to 8 .was even better. Plus he was in his glory when he made the 1st t touch down of the night . He wanted that bad I quote ! so proud we are of our boys. the boys of fall. If you like country Kenny Chesney has a song called the boys of fall and it’s about growing up playing football look it up it’s a great song and video, when my son played youth football they played it  at   the banquet with pics of our boys and it brought tears to my eyes and now when I hear it to this day it still does. Now it’s time for me to settle my son is home and showered and in bed so I think I will do the same . Good night every one.

Friday !

Its Friday ! bills are paid house is clean laundry’s done and put away and stuff shells baking for dinner..a well productive day and I even fit in an hr to watch my favorite soap opera. Now I just relax and wait for whoever comes home for dinner oh I know my husband will it’s my kids that I’m thinking of, our  front door swings open so many times a day now with their comings and goings I stop counting.  Ahh the life with grown kids.   I think being a Friday  night it will be a quiet one for my husband and I  no sitting out under the stars the rain came in has they predicted so I think will settle in and watch a movie , movies we have that we have been wanting to watch. Okay everyone have a great  rest of the day in my part of the globe.

March Snow….again

Screenshot_2017-03-24-14-40-29-1¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† So once again it snowed thankfully it’s melting well on the driveway but the ground is covered again. I am so happy it’s the end of March its been a long winter and a long¬† couple of weeks. I am¬† ready for Spring.¬† I am sick of feeling closed in I want to be outside in the warm sun, sitting out side on a warm night looking at the beautiful stars, .enjoy my morning coffee on the deck swing. summer rides ,¬† drive-ins¬†¬† So tonight on this dreary now rainy Fri night going to make supper for everyone then¬† settle¬† in at home and watch the final chapter of¬† Grim with my husband. will see how the rest of the weekend goes looks like a rainy one.

Friday Night……

It’s Friday night, whats that mean to you? well for me let’s see we are all home My daughter is down in her apartment my son in his room with his bedroom walls rocking from his music. and my husband and I are in our bedroom he is watching television while I am on my laptop. oh can’t forget my pup is at the foot of the bed sleeping, yes sound boring I am¬† sure to some… to me it’s contentment I you told simple is what I like I will take any moment we are all home together¬† and safe .At the beginning¬† of the week when school started back a young married couple in their middle 20’s I would say a local couple two towns over from where we live was in a horrible car accident I can’t say if horrible even defines how bad.. they were headed I believe to work at 5 in the morning and some how hit a tractor trailer truck…nothing was left of their poor car .. I believe they died on site, sad thing is they left 3 children all under the age of five. the whole situation is devastating , for whatever reason this happened doesn’t matter it just shows how short life is and how fast it can be taken away . So hug your love ones tonight and if your spending a Friday night like I am be thankful you are able to.