It’s Friday and a very warm one ,we hit 68 today it was nice to have it feel like Spring . Tonight it’s just my hubby and I kids are out my daughter with her boyfriend and my son had a date which I was happy to hear .I do not think it’s anything serious I just want him to be happy and move forward can’t wait for all the Prom thing to go by so overtly played ..any how the warm weather brought the peepers out so my hubby and I went out on the deck to listen . I recorded the night sounds hope the video works for all of you . This is what I’m hearing laying in bed with our windows wide open . It’s so nice . Love having the windows open at the moment. Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚



This is what our Friday afternoon became …yes snow April 6th ..crazy then by evening the sun came shining in and now it’s night and it raining and cool out. The kids are out so hubby and I are watching tv and chatting .. it was a day of decluttering the house as I watched my soapys yes have a 2nd one I’m getting into . Gives my mind a break from thinking about all the college things and it’s nice to take a break from it. My daughter was off today but was busy cleaning her place and doing laundry. . I’m finding that my Facebook days are limiting more and more everyday I just can’t take all the drama and that’s not because of the kids on it but adults … πŸ™„ I feel like I’m back in high school again and I just can’t.

I’m happy I reached out and chatted with a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile on the phone . Our kids grew up together she lives with her family in another town about an hr away if that . Her youngest is also graduating as well this yr so we talked about her daughter and my son . Then just talked about whatever , it was nice it’s hard when you get older and your friends are busy with their family things too so I will take what time I can get with my FRIENDS yes I’m emphasizing t hat because we are friends not just because our kids went to school with theirs because they didn’t . In this town I live in half the people are friends just because their kids are friends so sadly the parents form a clique even more if the kids are in the same sport together and sadly some of theses parents are not nice not trustworthy and the drama is crazy so when I’m on Facebook this is what I see and I like and need to stay out of it and my son likes it as well . This is his world I do not remember my parents in my friend world they had their own separate friends and so I could just be with my friends . Yes I do keep in touch with the parents my kids hung out for safety reasons but their not the people I would share private things with or it would be spread throughout this town πŸ™„ my hubby and I are private we are nice but we mind our own business . I must say everyday of your life your still learning something hahaha and I’m learning this new chapter one day at a time and trying to keep my sanity intact πŸ™‚ I guess I will finish a show with my hubby , my son is home now and my daughter should be sometime soon . Good night everyone.


Oh how I love the laughter! I believe there is 6 teenagers crammed in my sons room ones a girl but all good her brothers here too her brother is my sons good track buddy who is now in his 2nd yr of college and his sister is graduating with my son. they all showed up to ransack my kitchen making food and to hang out . Ahh love nights like this as long and little it lasts I’ll take it. Basically when the food runs out πŸ™‚ my hubby and I are in the living room watching our shows . I know as much as my son was tired and wanted to rest for his race tomorrow I think he is happy that their all here . We are too πŸ™‚ it’s a nice Friday night.

Once again Friday!

Good Morning once again it’s Friday. The weeks feel like they are flying by as quick as the weekends… can it slow down just a bit ? I know I stated in my last posts how I wanted them to to get to my sons graduation , BUT I want time with him before this summer as well πŸ™„ once summer comes he will be off and running … working friends more gym I won’t see him even as much as I do now but so much less . My daughter will be running just as much … it’s what it should be I know no stopping it.

Last night I tried reading and I think I waited too late my eyes got heavy I couldn’t get into it and my hubby had the 80″s channel on so all the 80″s hits where playing and the videos oh my …. well the book was put down and we just sat their in our bed just singing away okay I know how foolish it sounds hahaha you should of saw my son when he walks in to the house returning from the gym and it’s 10 at night and your parents are singing away to each other and laughing this was his face πŸ™„ hahaha yep he just kept on walking to his room. Hey we love our 80″s πŸ™‚ my daughter as well came home and just laughed at us and then went to her place … well except she left Miss Abigail who kept scratching at our bed so I had to text her to come get her or my hubby wouldn’t have been sleeping last night . She so loves to bother him . Time to finish my coffee and get things done errands to run fun stuff … no .



Yes it’s Friday …same ol for me the usual laundry dishes prep for supper and yes a quiet house for the moment. I am only happy about it because it gives my son two days away from school . It’s been a long horrible week in the eyes of a 17 year old and okay his parents as well having to see is sadness and feel is wrath…not fun, Girls …..What I hear is only through certain resources so I do not know the whole story but knowing this girl who has been off and on in his life for 4 yrs and played games I cant even imagine when I was 17 isΒ  just shocking ,then his best friend breaking the bro rule we all know what that is …well once again in my day there was one you know don’t date your best friends ex .. I would not want to be a teen in this day in age, so its been a long week my resource tells me that their not sure if their dating or if so if my son knows ..well live with him and you may get the idea he knows banging doors and for him taking a lot of runs , yes he is in training Spring track and field starts Monday. …but he is doing a lot more running which is always been amazing release for him.

Thankfully being Friday he woke up and actually talked with my daughter and I while eating breakfast before school. I’m just afraid it will change by the time hes home this afternoon after school . Ready for him to graduate and see how different life is and he will not have to see her.Β  sadly we still have to get through a prom which he said he didn’t want to go to which is fine with me . His friends are trying to set him up with girls to go with ,will see. I know there is worse things in life but when your 17 its the worse thing in life sadly. yes we have all been there but its so hard when you become a parent and you feel their pain.Β  being a parent is not easy and really do believe in this day in age its a lot harder.well need to make a late lunch have a great day everyone. I’m hoping for one.


It’s Friday! and another week that was cut short with the storms that came in on Wed and Thurs .. making for an unorganized week…its just about noon and I’m just sitting down to enjoy some coffee … it was bill day so bills had to be called in and then I figured I should throw a load into the washing machine then clean up the kitchen mayhem ,now the house is good and supper will most likely be just my hubby and I , my son will be home sometime after school errands, gym maybe… unless he gets sidetracked by his friends to go out if not he has his own food he will make for himself since he’s on a certain diet since outdoor track will be daughter you never know …works till 2 so will most likely run with friends. All good . Hubby and I will find something to do ,knowing him he will want to go for a run after work then after that he will be wiped out from that so he will shower then eat and settle relaxing maybe will watch a movie . I’m okay with whatever.

I must say it was a strange evening my son came home at 4 in the evening and and chatted for a bit then fell asleep on the couch for an hr got up and ate and then went to his room we thought he was playing his game when I went to ask him something he was in bed laying there of course on his phone but was in bed, he said he was feeling lazy so decided to get comfortable in bed . My hubby and I stayed out in the living room watching tv and chatting about our day till 7 when my daughter came home and said she was headed back out with her boyfriend and would bring Miss Abigail down and she could settle there so hubby and I decided okay will settle in bed , by that time it was 8 so we watched our shows. And luckily I heard no noises downstairs as I usually do when she isn’t home hahaha don’t ask read my past posts πŸ™‚ then around 10 we heard a noice or two or three so hubby said check and see if she’s home I think I see all the cars here so I did she said yes so we where like okay good … so we went to bed I’m telling you why me I m laying there and I swear I heard and it felt like someone walked in to our bedroom the floor creaked and so I looked up and around thankfully my hubby thought he heard it too and called out my daughters name …hmm nothing not in the kitchen . Just so strange … I just do not get it. But it’s getting a bit ridiculous… πŸ˜‚ well time to fine some lunch and check on the load in the washer. Have a great day everyone or evening depending where you are in the worldπŸ™‚