It’s going on 8 :00 at night … where did this day go… I just get done posting the day before what will I do now with both kids graduated? Hmm …let’s see I haven’t had two minutes to think about it today. Yes I guess being on my phone off and on all day doesn’t help to get things done in a timely manner .. been texting or messaging with this friend of mine so every time I would start something around this house after yesterday’s graduation my phone would buzz in my pocket .. yes I sometimes carry it around especially when I have the music playing loud ( love loud music while cleaning) so if my phone went off I would hear it . This friend of mine kept sending me photos or talking about the graduation , she was on a roll today with the chatting. I think I may suggest we get together for coffee or tea and chat (hahaha) as I write this she keeps messaging me let’s see I manage to get the laundry done the the paper plates cups etc put away. clean the cooler out hoping as I opened it there would be least one strawberry wine. cooler left, nothing… that was disappointing 🙄anyways I wiped everything down and then said heck with it I’ll order out for wraps tonight. Need to keep those on hand to just make at home. I figured since it was so cold and rainy out , only in the 50″s today and it’s June unbelievable … I would get done with what I need to do and then read my book that I have neglected too long, or watch a show on Netflix I had started last week. Hmmm no that didn’t happened, let’s see I still have time to read for a bit , kids are out ,hubby is sleeping suffering badly from allergies since he came home from work . I guess it is a good time as ever . Iwill do that. Must say though I’m happy this week is over it was such a crazy ride with my sons moods ,I’m hoping with being out of high school it changes things ,time will tell he’s off with his friends after going food shopping for himself .I believe getting himself or should say keeping himself fit .Friday he goes for his first part of training till Sunday for National Guard so I believe he will stay over that whole weekend . Well time to settle and enjoy my book.🙂


He did it❤️

It’s been a good proud, happy, fun laughter filled day and now everything is picked up everyone’s gone home my son has gone to be with his friends to look back on this memorable day last day of being together as a class .. hubby is sleeping and I’m with Miss Abigail curled up in the living room chair for once .. needing some down time for myself before I settle in bed.. hmm so many things going through my mind. With in just hrs I now look at my son and I am finally able to face that he is a young man now .. no going back to high school in the fall no Booster Days no Football game … track meets .. no class color day ..etc. its pretty mind blowing. Big thing … what do I do now? All I have ever known is to be a mom , to do play dates with them , Halloween trick orc treat go to meets, bottom line take care of them , now both my kids have graduated and I will be in a different roll now . It’s scary actually , I will need to figure this out some how .. I will have plenty of spare time .. I guess my son and I will both be on a new journey …

Pleasant surprises.

I must say as crazy as this week has been I am finding more of a contentment with this new norm approaching .. my children now both out of high school , more in charge of themselves ,I’m finding a bit more of who I am again before kids ….yes defiantly different.. older , yes that’s a given, but more what I want to do then what I have to do . Yes of course I still need to keep the house up make meals for my other half and is it a have to no but yes I like a clean house and cooking is my thing 🙂 I’m having more time for me which is nice being with chatting with friends , writing , love my blogging friends I have a great group I love reading and commenting on . I’m reading more getting out more . Without the feeling of worrying I need to get back and take care of things . So yes this is a new journey and I need to stop looking back in which case is one of the things I do way to often and trying my hardest to change. It will come, well just noticed the time looking at midnight, started this post a bit late … was chatting with a friend earlier that took my evening up . Time for sleep . Good night everyone 🌙

Supermarket Conversations…

Good Morning ! Rainy cool morning so have the big mug , taste good.. on Sunday my hubby and I went to tackle food shopping .. oh the dread it’s my least favorite thing to do. Being a holiday weekend the supermarket was packed …. we looked at one another us both shaking our heads as we headed in . My hubby and I split as we went different ways grabbing things off the list. When then in a moment I was caught off by surprised by a friendly embrace from a lady I know through our kids friendship. I kind of made a screaming noise (hahah) then we just went into a laughing moment as our hubby’s approached us looking at each other . Let’s just say we fit a lot of random subjects in between the excuse me the glares the roll off eyes from customers around us just wanting to do their shopping and leave .. thinking crazy people what are they doing. 🙂let’s say our grocery shopping went pretty quick when our hubbies took off with the list and the carriage and her and I chatted away until it was time to say we will get together for tea after the graduation ceremonies were over . I think that was the most pleasant food shopping I’ve had in awhile🙂


This is what our Friday afternoon became …yes snow April 6th ..crazy then by evening the sun came shining in and now it’s night and it raining and cool out. The kids are out so hubby and I are watching tv and chatting .. it was a day of decluttering the house as I watched my soapys yes have a 2nd one I’m getting into . Gives my mind a break from thinking about all the college things and it’s nice to take a break from it. My daughter was off today but was busy cleaning her place and doing laundry. . I’m finding that my Facebook days are limiting more and more everyday I just can’t take all the drama and that’s not because of the kids on it but adults … 🙄 I feel like I’m back in high school again and I just can’t.

I’m happy I reached out and chatted with a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile on the phone . Our kids grew up together she lives with her family in another town about an hr away if that . Her youngest is also graduating as well this yr so we talked about her daughter and my son . Then just talked about whatever , it was nice it’s hard when you get older and your friends are busy with their family things too so I will take what time I can get with my FRIENDS yes I’m emphasizing t hat because we are friends not just because our kids went to school with theirs because they didn’t . In this town I live in half the people are friends just because their kids are friends so sadly the parents form a clique even more if the kids are in the same sport together and sadly some of theses parents are not nice not trustworthy and the drama is crazy so when I’m on Facebook this is what I see and I like and need to stay out of it and my son likes it as well . This is his world I do not remember my parents in my friend world they had their own separate friends and so I could just be with my friends . Yes I do keep in touch with the parents my kids hung out for safety reasons but their not the people I would share private things with or it would be spread throughout this town 🙄 my hubby and I are private we are nice but we mind our own business . I must say everyday of your life your still learning something hahaha and I’m learning this new chapter one day at a time and trying to keep my sanity intact 🙂 I guess I will finish a show with my hubby , my son is home now and my daughter should be sometime soon . Good night everyone.

Saturday … 

Saturday started with sleeping  in ..then enjoyed my coffee with the amazing write up o’my sons and his  football team  in the local paper , so proud !  My son was thrilled but sore all part of the game he went to work and came home and was ready to go hangout with his friends so I think he’s good. My hubby spent the day working on the barn while my daughter and I went to get a few essentials we needed and checked out some books we thought would be a good read , you can never have enough books . Now home settled in bed with my husband watching tv and reading . It’s a quiet night It’s nice . Tomorrow will be food shopping and get ready for the week and my sons last High School  Booster Day week lots of festivities planned for thier school ,each class has a different theme they dress up as each day through out this week showing school spirit by how many participate then on Friday there’s a parade with the floats each class made and a. Bonfire then the big. Football game. Then to finish it off the homecoming dance .  This has been going on forever I enjoyed it so much when I was in Middle and High School I loved it, it was a time we all could share with our friends ahh the memories I hope my son enjoys this week . I know this is all so  bittersweet my son and his friends are ready to graduate but not ready to leave thier friends . Or the way they have lived for yrs . We all remember those days ..yes different for everyone . My daughter was always ready to leave it all behind . My Son like I stated bittersweet.  Okay everyone going to get some more reading in before I call it a night . Have a good night or day wherever you are in your part of the workd.🙂

Active night…

After a typical Monday day getting back to the work and school week and the lovely task of housework which is never done, you know laundry dusting weekend clutter etc .. then making supper which was stuffed peppers  I must say came out pretty good. So tonight was an active one not the quietness my hubby and I  have been settling into lately it was the comings and goings of my son and his friends and now they have decided to stay the night and my daughter went out with  one friend but another friend asked to come here after work till my daughter came home and now she is staying over . I love when the house is full of friends it’s such a great feeling I hope there will be a lot more of this, this yr till my son goes to college  . My husband is awkward about it hahahaha but not l! I’m happy my daughters friend feels comfortable to come here on thier own   and my sons friends are comfortable to leave and come back t makes my house seem homey to them. That’s really all that makes me happy.  🙂it’s just these simple moments that I  cherish .