My Weekend..

Good morning after a beautiful sunny warm weekend we are now in the 50’s and rain coming in. It seems to be the pattern. The weekend went better then I predicted. Once the family arrived and our gathering got started it was full of a lot of laughter ,talking, music and just plain fun 🙂 I think I just want everything and everyone to be good and happy. Something I need to just let go and just be… some habits are hard to break . I will keep on trying tho.  Today back to the norm. hubby back to work as well as my son will be this afternoon. My daughter has the day off so we will get out together and grab somethings needed for supper tonight. Then settle in to reading more of my new book … haven’t had much time to read since I received it. For now I will leave you with pic’s of my weekend and finish my coffee so I can get this day started. 🙂

Photo Monday!

It’s Monday already and already mid day. It’s a sunny and in the middle 40’s not bad. It feels nice coming through the windows. Had a nice weekend . A fun Saturday evening out to eat for my nieces 16th Birthday. We went to The Texas Roadhouse a lot of fun . Country music playing in the distance a lot of food! And the waitresses and waiters line dance off and on ,if it’s your birthday they bring out a horse saddle on wheels and the birthday person sits on it and the one waiting on your table yells out today is this ones birthday can you give out a big yahoo! And let’s say we hit a Birthday night a lot of yahoo’s😂 so my photos are from over the weekend . I hope you enjoy. And yes the weekend ended with a beautiful sunset.

Thinking , ideas …

I started thinking tonight … yes not a good thing. 🙄 so I wasn’t going to go all materialistic this Christmas ..BUT! The more I thought about it my mind got me thinking more then I already son wasn’t really going to have any items to open on Christmas for the most part his gifts will be In the form of paying for his Christmas leave flight from an Aunt ,money from his Grandmother since he didn’t give her a list and his focus is on Basic Training at the moment. I was going to do food gift cards and some money ..yes doesn’t sound too bad oh I know. but the more my mind started thinking .. it’s fun to have somethings to open so now for an hour I have been scrolling through site after site trying to come up with some things and well much harder then I thought .. ughh ! But I think I got it .. an electric razor since he took my husbands that he liked so much and I found the same one online . A throw pillow with a hiking mountain scene for his room . Loves decor for it. A single air mattress when he goes camping don’t ask (hahaha ) or a gaming chair ( still deciding ) he’s mention one . Then some gifts cards for gaming to relax his mind and body till he leaves again. And I can wrap the gift cards in a little box . I think that works perfectly . Now to order online this week. Oh then I found a cute cat pillow and a coffee mug for my daughter that I think she will love . She had a list so has presents to unwrap from people. But couldn’t resist the cat pillow. My husband and I will do somethings after Christmas for us a nice date night out at our favorite Pub which will be pleasant . I use to love Christmas when the kids were younger and toys were fun to buy and way cheaper . Then as they got older it began to get harder and more expensive. That it seem more like a chore then fun . So I think this year is more practical mixed in with some fun. Well I at least hope so…. oh now to stop my mind from thinking and tell it to stop.🙂 I’m am thinking but it’s about thinking of getting some sleep. So I guess since I’ve been online half the night it’s time to get off here so that’s what I’m going to do. Good night everyone!

Movie Night!

It was another scorcher of a day and looking the same for tomorrow… hubby went to work and the kids and I slept in a bit longer then usual .. then dragging ourself out of of bed one by one we proceeded with our day. As the day drifted into evening my daughter at work still and the nightly news depressing as usual .. my son decided he wanted to watch a movie so he found Marvel Guardians of the galaxy . I’m not usually fond of those kind of movies but this one was really good it was funny , suspense, action and it was a good change . This was fun and a different pace . So happy he suggested it . Now it’s late and my hubby and son are sleeping, my daughter is with her boyfriend now and I am thinking I will get some sleep a bit earlier tonight. So goodnight everyone. If you get a chance to watch it. I recommend it.

Inside my window ..

Good morning the sun is shining today ! So happy . Enjoying my coffee and The Today Show with Miss Abigail. I guess she decided she would come upstairs and watch the show with me . Well I just learn some new words or should say language people say and use on social media.. let’s see if I remember them. There was the word Lit that I’ve heard my kids say and their friends say. I believe that would be like awesome and cool was in my day (hahaha) then the next word was Gucci .. which people use as good ( their good) hmm okay .. then dime meaning your a 10 🙄 oh and the last word smash . Hooking up with someone. Well times have change (hahaha) that was fun tho how they talked about them. So when my daughter comes up from her place later and says hi mom how are you I’m going to say Gucci and see if she has heard that word or laughs when she here it coming from me. ( hahaha) it’s fun to do that with her then my son daughter will laugh . My son will roll his eyes .. ..Not much to do today so if the sun stays out I may get outside and enjoy some reading on my swing . Well for now time for some breakfast . And finish my coffee .

Yes Finished!

The weekend was a balance of busy but relaxing moments. Pretty much another on and off rainy warm weekend. We seem to not be able to catch a break.. At least my other half had a dry race on Saturday then in the afternoon to falling asleep there was rain and a lot. Pleasant for settling in after a busy fun morning to read my book as my other half relaxed as well feeling pretty good after his race but tired. Then Sunday Church services with lunch out after with my in laws and then we decided to get food shopping out of the way . the day was ours after that ,since it was raining it was a good day for throwing in the little bit of laundry that accumulated over the weekend then on Monday I wouldn’t have to worry about laundry and finishing reading my book . Yes a good day for it I’m happy to say I finished the Outsider by Stephen King !!! It was so good but so mind blowing . Now onto another book ,my daughter bought me for my Birthday the book Sharp Objects by. Gillian Flynn I’ve been watching the HBO series of it and it’s intense and I know the book will be even more and after the Outsider I need to mix it up a bit and read a romance novel before starting Sharp Objects (hahaha) so my daughters going to read it while I read To The Moon and Back by Karen Kingsbury. Just finished watching the 5th episode of Sharp Object tonight So yes need a romance storyline for a bit. It”s only 9:30 and I’m already feeling tired I think I may call it a night hoping it doesn’t back fire and I become wide awake. .. Goodnight everyone. .