Photo Monday!

This is my Photo for  Photo Monday the picture looks a bit tattered hahaha  yes it’s the original games very happily well used . My husband and I use to play Yahtzee all the time before we had kid’s  and when they would finally settle down for the night when they where little . Now Uno we played a lot with kids they loved it .Actually my Son still enjoys it he plays it when his friends come over and their sick of being on their phones which I love ! . Friday night it was just my Son and I home which was a rare occurrence  hahaha well for about an hr or so and we played Uno it was a nice moment. this is what I treasure and hold in my heart moments like this, just spontaneous . Then over the brutally cold weekend my husband and I played Yahtzee for the first time in yrs so that was another moment and now with the big 2017 Blizzard coming our way tomorrow morning   my husband is home  and my Daughter should be maybe I can gt her to play. My Son of course will be going to friends tonight since school is cancelled already and sleepover and be snowed in with some friends ….teenagers .  I must say these games just get so neglected this day in time with all the technology that has taken over, it’s nice to be unplugged for awhile and enjoy what we grew up on . I am so happy my kids where born in the time board games where the in thing so they still can enjoy them.  One of the other board games that we enjoyed was scrabble . Need to play that some time . Well enjoy my picture and if you have a favorite game let me know send me a comment back would love to know.20170313_190303

Photo Monday being silly..

So this a bit late posting but it’s just been one of those day, .it’s hard getting back into the swing of things after school vacations because I take advantage of having  less of a routine and late nights and late mornings.  but we all need to do that time to time.. okay so here is my Photo Monday it’s a bit silly but there is a lot of emotions that comes with this photo . One it’s my oldest my beautiful daughter and I using her snap chat this is one of the filters becoming a deer 🙂 the second emotion  that comes to me is love because it was one of her days from work and she spent the day with me  we enjoyed a ice light lunch out and then had a delicious Starbucks Latte then  headed  home and took silly innocent pictures I think the other ones we took we almost had ourselves on the floor laughing so hard . I am so happy I have such a great bond with her My son and have a great bond also but it’s on a total different level and he is 16 so goofing with mom is strange I quote him 🙂  I hope you like it and I hope you do silly things with your kids once in awhile I recommend it you will enjoy it so much and the memories you will be making is the greatest gift.



This is what my Son  and I enjoyed as  we headed out to the car for school . My photo does not do it justice ,the colors where so vibrate It made a great start to  our day especially it being Friday.   As always weekends are still busy with many responsibility’s   this life likes to keep us busy , busies good but can’t forget some fun relaxing time as well  which I hoping to fit in . I hope everyone has a beautiful fun weekend and finds time to relax and have a little fun.


Tv night…

We are all settled in for the night, my Tired son is sleeping and my husband and pups are laying in bed watching The Voice Premier with me  it is so awesome tonight !! my daughter is messaging  me every second as she watches it too, love the stories these performer’s  have and their voices  are unbelievable. and the judges you have to love them it’s a good clean show and a lot of fun.we need more shows like this . my other favorite  TV night is Wednesday , Love the show The Middle another clean happy fun and funny show. then I am good till Saturday  when I watch Ghost Stories with my daughter that is a more serious but creepy one  but  interesting of what they find. It’s sad not a lot of shows to pick from anymore … but what we watch is all good what is some of your favorite shows? love to know.

Thursday Flashback!!!!!

    I am starting a new thing on my blog every Thursday I am going to post a flashback photo. I thought this would be a great flashback to start with …with  the Screenshot_2016-02-25-12-54-22-1nasty rain we have had my way for the last couple of days.  I use to love this as a kid but you do not see many do this anymore it’s sad it was such a simple pleasure to do and catching the rain on your tongue, now I’ve learned that at school it’s not allowed well at least at the elementary schools my way… how once again things have changed….so enjoy my photo.