Thinking , ideas …

I started thinking tonight … yes not a good thing. 🙄 so I wasn’t going to go all materialistic this Christmas ..BUT! The more I thought about it my mind got me thinking more then I already son wasn’t really going to have any items to open on Christmas for the most part his gifts will be In the form of paying for his Christmas leave flight from an Aunt ,money from his Grandmother since he didn’t give her a list and his focus is on Basic Training at the moment. I was going to do food gift cards and some money ..yes doesn’t sound too bad oh I know. but the more my mind started thinking .. it’s fun to have somethings to open so now for an hour I have been scrolling through site after site trying to come up with some things and well much harder then I thought .. ughh ! But I think I got it .. an electric razor since he took my husbands that he liked so much and I found the same one online . A throw pillow with a hiking mountain scene for his room . Loves decor for it. A single air mattress when he goes camping don’t ask (hahaha ) or a gaming chair ( still deciding ) he’s mention one . Then some gifts cards for gaming to relax his mind and body till he leaves again. And I can wrap the gift cards in a little box . I think that works perfectly . Now to order online this week. Oh then I found a cute cat pillow and a coffee mug for my daughter that I think she will love . She had a list so has presents to unwrap from people. But couldn’t resist the cat pillow. My husband and I will do somethings after Christmas for us a nice date night out at our favorite Pub which will be pleasant . I use to love Christmas when the kids were younger and toys were fun to buy and way cheaper . Then as they got older it began to get harder and more expensive. That it seem more like a chore then fun . So I think this year is more practical mixed in with some fun. Well I at least hope so…. oh now to stop my mind from thinking and tell it to stop.🙂 I’m am thinking but it’s about thinking of getting some sleep. So I guess since I’ve been online half the night it’s time to get off here so that’s what I’m going to do. Good night everyone!



Just about ready for Christmas just need to stop thinking if it was enough .. yes I know I have posted how it’s not about things but I’m a mom and I can’t help not to think about it even though I know they have enough anyways . I have to laugh the other evening I had said to my son I know your in between jobs and really have not much money , he looked at me like oh no so I went on , you know that old I pad that you have sitting in your room for about a yr unused? if your going to not use it you could give that to me . He. Says ” what that you would take that as a gift it’s old . …ok all of you must be thinking the same thing hahaha it is but for me it’s just enough and bigger to write on my blog with and less heavier then the laptop. So he looked at me and said okay in a drawn out way . Let me clean my things off of it as he did and then he says “so he said he would need my password to my iPhone acct okay then the problem began …… I am not good at remembering them so I went looked for my password book oh did I mention I’m not very organized aw well 😥 so I look at it and gave it to him he say ok well no it’s not that. Then around and around we went with every password I could think of I changed it and didn’t write it down again. He “says wow actually this is nice I miss this ” I m like oh no you don’t or fine then I guess you can buy me something well he was like”no I can figure something out hahaha so all said and done he did figure it out and I wrote the new password down . It’s not bad a bit slow but not that bad and it still takes excellent pictures . I told him I was simple he said yes you are but not in the password department 🙂oh how true he is but what was so funny was the look he gives me when I do stupid things he just does the roll of the eyes and the same grump face since he was two , I love it!❤️ something never change.


I know I have written about this subject  before but need to say it’s so worth repeating. My Son was enjoying the day snowboarding at one of the bigger ski area’s that him and his friends never had been too so I was happy he was doing one of the many things he enjoys. My Daughter had a later shift in the day for work so we decided to enjoy a relaxing lunch at our favorite place to eat, Panera the best I had their zesty creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese she had a chicken soup and macaroni and cheese …yes very simple and yes we could of made that at home hmm …maybe but not as good as them and the atmosphere is so pleasant and relaxing even when it is busy and today was one of those day but what do you expect when something is good people go there. so we took our time and enjoyed . love the simplicity of this to some this would be nothing but to me its just who I am simple I wish more people could just sit back take in their surroundings like I saw today people chatting away smiling or reading a book as they enjoyed their meal. life should be happy and enjoyable and not stressed and rushed and full of judgmental opinions and anger shall I go on ? …yes I know I’m asking too much but can we at least try. I know life is full of all kinds of ways just seems we need to enjoy the life we are given as a gift.