A beautiful sight!

Today our friend came back , she was roaming around our woods and front yard during the fall time . My daughter and I where driving up our driveway yes up our driveway is like a small country road I will have to post a photo sometime. So as we are  driving she pasts  in front of us thankfully a good space away and went  into the edge of our woods we stopped to get a picture .she was beautiful she just stood their wagging her little tail and happily staring at us there was no fear in her eyes I think he knew she was safe.  I can’t tell you how long we sat there admiring her this beautiful animal God   created and blessed us with her presence again it seems she made  our home hers for the moment because as of this evening she is still roaming and eating on our land and staring as the kids coming  and goings in there cars. This amazing beautiful doe. we are so happy to have her back she brings a good energy with her .I hope she stays around a bit longer .


As I laid in bed last night wide awake at midnight one word echo’s in my mind WHY?? a word that could have so many unexplained  unfair sad answers or maybe no answers at all some asking why can be petty reasons but for ever reason could it be a right answer is there a right answer anymore? hmm truly hope so. I bet there is one would know the answers …God.. or would he?sometimes I feel like we are so out of touch with him and he looks down on us and he see’s all this hatred the dark path that people are are walking down and he is shaking his head. If we do not get off this path can he will he help us ? it’s a bothering question. I know today is Good Friday and Jesus suffered and died on the cross for us for our sins. I do not know about you but what Jesus did for us makes me want to be a better person, a good person and I hope this Good Friday will make this possible for all of of  us since there is so much more hatred in this world. I  know this is a a request that at this point is so unrealistic,but one can only hope.



The Quietness….

I lay here in the warmth of my bed , darkness all around me except for a shadow of light from the moon above.  The sounds  of a trains whistle  in  the distance breaks the quietness  that  is comforting but almost unsettling…. The quietness comes back my eyes are feeling heavy soon sleep will be upon me . So I say my prayers to the heavens above thanking God for all the blessings he has given me…then I turn gently to my side trying to not awake my husband who is sleeping softly next to me, has I lay there. sleep takes over me and I fall gently to sleep…..

The Nail……

Let me tell you about this nail , It’s not just any kind of nail It’s very special to me before I explain why let me tell how I came about it. On Valentines Day my family I went to church in honor of an anniversary mass for my husbands Grandmother who was a very special person in all of our lives. This day was special in so many ways …I stayed firm and my teenage son had nothing to say but was going …a battle that has been forever which is hard to take . So at Mass the Deacon spoke and he talked about love.. life and living getting harder.. times of lack of patience and just a lot of negativity ..this was amazing he hit on all the emotions I was feeling negativity lack of patience and then he took the nail out of his pocket and told us his father gave him a nail when he was younger and said put this in your right pocket and every time you say something bad about some one or hear someone saying something bad and you agree put this in your left pocket and when you   say a bad word put it back in the right pocket and so on….and at the end of the day think of how many times you may have had to do that and each day try to change what made you do that and see how less that nail moves and that means you are trying to at least be a better person. well I do not put it in my pocket…I keep it on my bedroom dresser next to a photo of my kid’s and it’s the first thing I see so I use it has a reminder to have the patience for my teenage son and to be a good person for them to follow and for me also knowing I am trying .Also  to not judge others for their actions even if  I disagree to just walk away …easier said then done. so I  just use it  as a guide to be a better person I know I can be happy with.20160303_153926

21st Anniversary!!!

Today is mine and my husbands 21st Anniversary, I am in awe of how fast that came let’s see if you add 6 yrs together before getting married we have been together 27 yrs. where did that time go it’s not a blur but more like  book that is  left out in the wind and the pages flip  rapidly  through and you can’t grab the book  in time before the wind looses your page . life has changed a lot since we got married …yes that is what happens that is what is suppose to happen, we get married or not we have kids or not we focus on our careers or not whatever the path we choose or where god leads you.. my husband and I worked a lot and we chose to buy a house that needed a lot of love and care and we knew we wanted to marry we jumped on it  so we worked through the week and weekends were spent working on the house with the help of family and friends ..  and we  spent our weekends with friends or at our home with home cooked meals  snuggled on the couch with a good movie and snacks money was tight but it worked  we had two dogs we got has pups and they were our babies. life was good we had fun  and then one day I found I was pregnant which nothing we planned on or was   against just didn’t think this  could ever be possible because with my health issues and that is where God chose my path with this blessing of a beautiful baby girl and I a stay at home mom. yes it was a little hard financially at first but that what I chose and  it worked out in the end and then five years later I received my second blessing my handsome baby boy and my doctor said okay no more you have two healthy kids a girl and a boy …I agreed never imagined this would be possible I became busy things changed rapidly like life does but you never imagine. I was busy being a mom and I  took the role very seriously I love being a mom love taking care of my family and then guess what?? They grew up and I found myself less busy less chaotic less the cool mom but just a mom that quote my son who I am not his friend but his mother…hmmm okay.. yes boys have a mind of their own and have all the answers well mine thinks so. My daughter graduated works a lot and spends time with her boyfriend but we get our lunch out day.:)  my kids are beautiful and turned out to be good kind people ,so since them getting older I have been so  focused on so much of who am I? and thinking I lost myself and my husband but each day I am learning and finding out yes I have change yes my husband has changed….we grew up and as I sit here writing I think I haven’t lost myself Im still back to writing like I have always loved to do but didn’t have time and reading more and socializing again but without the kids. I was so worried how our marriage would be now but it’s calm content and we are happy and learning the next chapter in our lives and god willing we keep learning.




A day well spent!!!

It was nice getting out after a day  spent in after our snow day on Monday. Woke up to a winter wonderland the fresh snow look beautiful especially with the beautiful morning sun making the snow covered trees glitter and the the sky couldn’t have been any bluer. The day started with chocolate chip pancakes of course …it was national pancake day so then my daughter and I  headed out we had a late relaxing lunch at our favorite restaurant Panera’s  the best as always so nice and fresh and filling never can go wrong eating there. Then it was off to Barnes And Noble bookstore where  we went separate ways as usual when we go there looking at books of our own liking and myself looking at Adult coloring books  I so love to do . after that we ended our day out with of course a latte at Starbucks can’t beat the white chocolate with a pump of raspberry in it so delicious !! you must try it. coming home no sunset to capture but that’s okay can’t have everything God gave us a beautiful day and I feel blessed to have shared this with my daughter . I hope all of you had a beautifScreenshot_2016-02-09-19-07-16-1ul day.Screenshot_2016-02-09-19-06-19

A New Day…

A rainy foggy day in my location but all is good Laundry is done dinner is set and enjoyed my hour of my show Days of our lives  with my twitter friends . just love them, love our tweets 🙂 and soon my sweet daughter is  bringing me home a mocha latte so yummy!  My Sons brings home his  report card Beautiful!! he made it on Honor Roll ,Love… life is good see  it   is all about the little things that keep me happy. life is short and God gives us a new day as a gift so the way we honor them is by making them a good day and being happy no matter how simple it is. I have learned so much in the past yrs and one of them is to never take anything for granted . I just wish more people could learn this. life is a gift and I intend to cherish that, do not get me wrong I have my moments but we are only human I try everyday day that I’m given to be a better person  and to instill that in my Kid’s . Isn’t there  enough hate in this world? that we could spread a little  more love?