Good morning!

Good morning everyone hope everyone’s having a good week . I can’t believe it’s Wed already . Been a less running around week then lasts . Last week I felt I needed to keep running around to keep my mind from thinking , wondering. And when that only helped a bit I just gave in and decided …. it’s okay to just stop and if my mind started thinking and wondering fine . Running from it was not going stop it. Things are different .. quieter .. less busy and yes I miss my son so much and it’s fine to feel that . And shed a tear or two or three ..(hahaha) so this week I realize after giving in to my feelings I’ve had a calmer week , I’ve kept busy no chance in that not happening house still needs to be kept up errands still need to be run and suppers still need to be made . But my mind as let me concentrate on reading and coloring . My husband and I are enjoying are shows together and we are joking more learning to be us again . Always have been but now it’s more joking just laughing to our own little things. . My daughter is still at home but has been out with friends and boyfriend and work so haven’t seen her much . I know soon enough my son will be home but I know this experience of his has started a shift in a change of how things will be .around here for all of us.


Good Morning!

Good Morning woke to no snow Yay!! so happy I’m hoping that it will start feeling more like Spring now . ready to feel the sun on my face and see the beautiful stars at night . Last night read some in between the comings and goings of my son and his friends to finally things quieting down which believe me I was fine with 🙂but it was funny when it got quiet and my hubby walked out to the darken kitchen after us settling in bed for the grab a glass of water and he thought he saw Lights flashing it was cell phone lights and then could see shadows of two boys sitting on our couch in the dark on their phones eating cereal .. my son no where in sight ..finding out he was in bed trying to sleep and his friends didn’t want to go home yet so they sat in our living room for awhile ,well I’m happy they feel comfortable at our house …🙂So that was my night hahaha well it’s time to get things done for the day have a good day everyone as I just noticed what time it was. 🙂.

Noises in the night…

Good Morning the sun is shining the ground is bare in my yard but I believe that will all be changing soon ….the weathermen are not sure what it will be that’s coming in Thursday night to Friday night.. some are saying not much , some are debating a Not’eastern which this time of yr it could mean a foot of snow to buckets of rain or both so this will be interesting …will see.

Last night my daughters boyfriend came over late … he works nights so he’s on a night schedule sleeps days up all night even on days off to keep on the pattern. ..being that he works nights he arrives at our house at 10 some nights …my daughter decided to go down do a few things since she had just arrived home from work and it was 8:30 so was going to wait for him down in her place with Miss Abigail and so around 10 she came up said she was going out to grab a bite to eat with him that Miss Abigail was sleeping on her bed she would shut our door so she would stay down there . Well It was around 11:30 and I had texted my daughter earlier about something on Twitter I saw yes I love Twitter , knowing she was out I figured she would read it sometime. …any how it’s was 11:30 I heard a slam like a door ..her door it shuts loud and then some banging around so I was like oh there back … about 10 mins later I was about to fall asleep my daughter texts back about my text. I said oh you didn’t stay out late …she wrote back whattt? Still out , on our way back. I’m like oh okay .. so hmm I don’t know what I was hearing my son was home but had been sleeping for an hour or so , I do not think it was him . Unless The full moon had Miss Abigail doing laps down there .. it was so strange . I should of woke my hubby but he was sleeping so good and I’m always hearing noises I just couldn’t wake him. I think I’m going to go with the kitty being restless … but will be making sure my daughter is locking the door when she leaves … so puzzled🤔

Good Morning!

Good Morning! I woke to a cloudy cooler day .. forecast was for snow , our ground is bare . Tempts are past freezing and going up so if anything we get is rain maybe freezing rain tonight which that I do not welcome .. both kids work at 4 an5 till 8 and 9 so I hope it’s rain that wins out . My son may not work if they couldn’t make snow at the ski resorts that won’t keep him home he will find something to do Im positive about . My daughter may stay home after work if boyfriend is off tonight.

Im sitting here enjoying my coffee listening to my kids bang around in the kitchen making food and getting coffee and news is on the Head of the NRA is on speaking out about the gun law. All I’m going to say is he is making some avid points . Im not going to get into it just have to say guns kill people because it’s the people that pull the trigger who should not have access to a gun . We need to fix who buys guns .also one more thing I do not think they need to sell semi -automatics to every day civilians only army , police should have them. Ok I’ve said it.

This school vacation I must say has been pretty quiet yes the comings and goings still but for work the gym, hikes with friends and friends hanging at the house. ..So far no late nights wondering where my son is . My daughters been working a lot so she hasn’t been out to late as well. There’s still summer …. well it’s time to get things done hips hurting not liking it going back to being cold again. So it will be an easy day .. homemade corn chowder and grilled cheese for supper tonight. 🙂

Good Morning

imageGood Morning it started off as a rainy morning but as I sit and enjoy my coffee and look at Miss Abigail sleeping away I can see the sun starting to shine through the dissipating clouds . Everyone is off to work and school last week befor Christmas . Amazing it’s almost here . I’m ready for it well mindfully I am still needing  a few thing s to get. I’m just not into it and that’s okay there are yrs we all have that we sometimes embrace it and then sometimes not. My kids are older and their minds are on so many things I think they are ready for it to be over as well. My son found a new job so he is starting this weekend working at our local ski and mountain bike resort . He is so happy besides running this is  his other haappy his Christmas break will be spent their working  plus snowboarding with his friend that work there as well . My daughter is ready to get back to saving and enjoying her friends and possibly new boyfriend . So yes they are occupied🙂 My hubby took the week after Christmas off  so that will be nice to spend some relaxing time with him . If you read my last post . Thankfully  I went to bed earlier so that felt good . Need to some how get onn a better schedule but I do not think that will happen so many things have changed and I think my sleeping pattern has too. Im learning that I need to let go of the old and embrace the new that has already changed with downsizing our supper to half the time my hubby and I just eating together and the kids eating when they get home rule is the kitchen closes at 7 at the latest if they  want me to make something for them or help them a bit . Its a start have a lot of new patterns to get use too. 🙂

Good Morning!

Good Morning ! Just now having my coffee , put some laundry in and cleaned the kitchen up a bit of the breakfast dishes from the guys before work and school. Cool crisp air coming through the windows Fall mornings are here.  Happy to say that my Son and his cross country team won their first meet ! So happy for them especially being such a smaller team we where all worried about will see still a long season to go but what a great start. Nice mention in our Town paper this morning of them nice plus. Well going to finish enjoying my morning coffee and finish this laundry .. never done. 🙂

Good Morning!

Good  Morning ! Enjoying my coffee with some news. Quiet morning even Miss Abigail is not around must be downstairs in her and my daughters place , much cooler where she is . Defiantly will not miss this humidity . As I get older I have noticed I’m liking  the heat less. So I just noticed that one of our only birdfeeders we have up has now been destroyed by our visitor the bear again. It’s been a wild summer with them they have been doing havoc with a lot of neighbors yards . Good thing Miss Abigail is an indoor cat. Well guess I should start my day coffee is finished and news is well what it is.  See you soon.