Just hanging round!

imageI was walking down our hall and happen to look out one of the windows of our spare room and saw this😳 I’m like what is that ?I slowly got closer and there it was this silly squirrel just hanging around eating berries off the tree . Never saw such a thing ,pretty much his tail is holding him there. I had my daughter grab her phone and she slowly made it to the window to capture this .so the credits go to my daughter  for the photo.I was afraid if I moved he would notice and move as well. They are every where I’m afraid when Spring comes we will be over run by squirrels . There popluation is growing. At least he’s a happy little guy🙂


Proud Mom!

imageThe photo is blurry taking from far away …the guy in the middle is my son. Very proud of him , he won all his running events  at Friday Nights Meet And he beat his own score from last yr. so proud of him . He loves track it’s one of his passions and stress release. I hope he can do this in college if not there is always a track around to run on. He has worked so hard building himself up he’s has a good built on him for a runner (the picture doesn’t show it )  but he is a fast runner still. He was tired when he came home around 11 the meet went until 9:30 but  grabbing their gear and loading the bus then riding back to the school for their cars in the nasty fog we had  it took a bit and then unloading  the bus it was yes 11 by the time he walked through the door. Then was up at 6 this morning to head to MtMonadnock one of our highest mt around to hike it with two of his buddies . They made it to the top and said all they could see was fog being so high up but it was a great work out. Always up for a challenge those boys.Oh to be 17 again, the endless energy the world felt like we owned it, the feeling of anything was possible oh that feeling .Do I feel old😂  Well what can we do … Well it’s time for the football game going to enjoy it with my hubby ❤️

Full house❤️

Ahhh it’s a Saturday night a very cold one at that and my house is full ..meaning we are all home plus two of my daughters friends are over . Nights like this have been becoming less by the minute usually there is always someone that is out. So I tend to cherish these moments as I hear my son playing a game online with one of his buddies laughing way or a sudden bang of movement in my daughters place as I lay here next to my sleeping hubby . Such. a Cozy feeling as I drift off to sleep and then awaken by the morning light and the hustling and bustling of my son getting ready for work and the beautiful scent of fresh brewing coffee because my hubby always gets up before me. Then my day begins.


The house is calm and cozy a nice change ,everyone’s home and settled in doing their own thing but their home . Just enjoyed the lighting of the the tree in Rockefeller Center on TV with my hubby .now he is asleep and I’m adult coloring for a bit . It’s nice to color when I’m not stressed or thinking just enjoying🙂 it’s coming along I think I like it so far ,well I guess I will color a bit more then off to sleep ,my eyes are getting heavy . Night everyone in my part of the globe.

Happy Place!

Ahhh…. it’s  a chilly 4 in the afternoon ,the outside is turning into night. Nice and cozy on my couch with a hot cup of coffee and my Adult Coloring book and TV land Station on playing all the old but goodie shows, watching The Golden Girls my favorite luckly it’s just I and Miss Abigail curled up in the chair by me  sleeping. My son hanging out with a friend in his room my daughter working and hubby hiking ,my family doesn’t like this show . So for now  I am in my happy place❤️

Little Surprises

I had my candle melt warmer going in our bedroom . When I came in to the room tonight to get change to settle in , this glowed above my ceiling a  heart the  warmer doesn’t have   heart designs   on it they are circles so I thought this was worth taking a photo of , the yellow is the lighted hallway. I love when things like this appears especially hearts , we, can never have enough reminders to love more❤️

Adult Coloring!

I Everyone after a busy Last Boosterday week for my senior with all the festivities the dressing up costumes School color day,  pep rally float making and then the football game and a very sore son , but feeling  ok  even if he wasn’t he wouldn’t stop going So anyways and last but least the Homecoming dance  on Saturday night . Happy all the kids had fun and stayed safe. Today was a relaxing whateverkind of  day after food shopping … finished my page and started a new one to relax so it was a nice day to sit outside do some adult coloring while enjoying the sun , here is the page I finished and then the page I have been working on.  Love coloring.